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Sunday Funday: All About That Food

September 6, 2015

Are you a deep-fried fiend or more of an international foodie? Either way, we have you covered here at the LA County Fair. There are at least a dozen ways to spend a Sunday Funday with us, but today we decided to indulge in some of our newest food concoctions, like the Michelaguas (refreshingly delicious),…

Fair Food Friday : Heat Wave

September 14, 2012

Most days at the Fair we like to switch things up… check out the latest from the creative minds at America’s Kids or hang out with the brilliance emanating from Genius or maybe even taking a stroll through the Garden Railroad. But on Fridays we are always, without fail, all. about. the food. It’s called…

Our Friend, the Funnelcake

August 7, 2012

Funnel cake has been a fair food staple since the beginning. The crisp, powdered sweet treat can be found at amusement parks and fairgrounds throughout the world. Did you know that the funnel cake actually originated as a mid-morning snack in the Pennsylvania-Dutch region? Can you imagine digging into all that sugar before lunch?  Not…