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  1. the hiring staff is TERRIBLE. i’ve left over 10 messages and they never call back. when they finally answer the phone, they say they’ll call back in 30 minutes and they never get back to me. ridiculous.

  2. I’ve attended the fair every year since I was a young boy. Now my family looks forward to going to the fair every year. This year, however, I experienced the rudest employees ever.
    I took my grandson to the children’s ride area and there was a miscommunication between two employees. The ticket taker started arguing with a guest over her miscommunicating with her co-worker and she called the guest an expletive when there were children standing next to her waiting to board the ride.
    Later, while my son and his friend were waiting in line to get some drinks, two employees reffered to them as an expletive.
    Maybe you should spend some of the money from the outrages vending prices to better educate your employees.

  3. We love the fair we attend every year. Entering foods and crafts for the contests. Love the fair. This year my children are finally tall enough to enjoy the carnival side. So last night Aug. 12,2012 we got our wristbands and went at it. WARNING TO ALL PARENTS!! The ride TANGO looked fun like any other thrill ride. Well my 9 year old son was hurt pretty bad! As he hung up side down little did I know he was being strangled during the entire ride. There are marks on his throat to prove it. Thank the lord the ride only lasts 30 seconds or so. I made a report at the info booth that jus so happens to be
    sitting right across from the ride. Please raise the bight requirements for this ride. It really sickens me what could have happened to my son.
    Worried as hell mom in Devore Hights CA

  4. I was 27 the first time I went to THE FAIR. And my life was changed for the better. I adore the fair. On Facebook I have a photo album titled ” Eating My Way Through The Fair”, so I have to say eating all of the fair good is my favorite memory.

  5. Thank you soooo much for the Hot Blog on a Stick Spaghetti Ice Cream (+giveaway). We were winners and it was very nice of you to be so generous. We had a good time. Also, when we went to pick up the tickets, an especially nice man insisted on opening the door for us… he turned out to be the president!
    Thanks again,

  6. I’m really disappointed this year how the fair has blocked the area where you located the luminasia. Our family and others I hear love walking up, taking pictures and relaxing up there. I understand you have a light show up there, but maybe you could at least have in and outs with the paid admission. Hope that’s not going to be every year. Second you have NO advertisement for your tribute bands. That’s an insult to the band’s you hire. Kiss tribute band was there Aug 30th and I didn’t know. Who else is going to be there that people will miss? Advertisement on your website would be nice.

  7. We looked forward to this event all year, Every year, and I’m sorry to say that is no longer true, as we went eariy as usual, and wear turned away by a lady at the parking lot enterance who told us “first day discounts had been discontinued, and admission prices had been raised.” We can not afford to attend any longer.

  8. Don’t shop at the Yard Art Int. The first words out of the vendor’s mouth was a lie. My husband and I are in our 60’s, I on a walker, he on a cane. We were following behind the parade and picking overthrown Mardi Gras beads out of the bushes and trees where we had seen them fly. I reached to take the green beads I had seen thrown into the booth and the vendor came from the back of the booth and said, “Those are part of the display, you can’t have them.” We said, “That’s bullshit and you know it. You certainly don’t wish for customers if you simulatneously embarrass and lie to potential customers.”

    • Hi Leslie! Thank you so much for your comment. We are truly sorry to hear about your negative experience while at our grounds. We will forward this message to the appropriate manager. In the meantime, if you’d like, please go ahead and call Guest Relations at (909) 865-4320.

  9. Are there any horse events left at the Fair? Couldn’t find anything on the website. Always enjoyed the horse show and exhibits; if they’re all gone I think I’ll skip it, for me it’s not worth the price of admission and parking and the crowds.

  10. How many free concert tickets do each person get ?

  11. Please keep animals in the zoo area happy and not in distress.
    Monkeys, giraffes, zebras even the flamingos seemed like something was happening to them,
    Long hours with put food or water?
    That’s animal cruelty.
    I didn’t want my children to see that!

    • Hello, our animals are all well taken care of by experts in their fields. They all have plenty of food, water and shade. If it ever gets too hot for our animals, we take them “backstage” to air-conditioned or cooled off areas where they can rest. Thank you for reaching out.

  12. If anyone else out there is being inconvenienced or wronged by the O’Reilly unlimited ride wristband offer don’t feel alone. There is absolutely no communication between the stores & Fairplex & they’re holding us Customers responsible ? When I called & spoke to Jennifer, the Lead Supervisor, she could Care less ! MORE WASTED TIME & EFFORT, guess that’s what I get for trying to save a little money . . .

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