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Calling All Kids & Teens: the Fair Wants Your Art, Crafts, Robots

March 22, 2012

And cookies, and collages, and wands, and hats – everything you can create for the America’s Kids’ contests and competitions. Entries are open for all categories, so start planning on winning a blue ribbon. America’s Kids’ theme for 2012 is “A Living Library of Fun.” It’s all about books and favorite stories. So whether you…

Going Back to the Time of Knights, Damsels and Castles

July 7, 2010

Good day good sirs and ladies! How fare thee? I, the mistress Fair-ey Blogster, doth agree to indeed bring cheer through the sharing of delights regardeth A Time Long Ago…Ok, my Old English Renaissance speak is pretty plague-sore. What I am trying to say is I want to whet your appetite for this year’s Fair…

70 Days 'Til Pure.Fun.

June 25, 2010

Holy cow! Does the counter on the L.A. County Fair website really say 70 days until the Fair?! Yes, it does. That’s only 1,680 hours away (actually, about 1,677). And have we got a show in store for you! We are so excited about the new attractions, Fair favorites (Hot Dog on a Stick! I…