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February 25, 2010

contestHowdy hey to all my L.A. County Fair blog followers. It has been a long time – we’ve been working hard since the last day of the 2009 Fair to prepare a fantastic 2010 Fair! You definitely will not be disappointed! We have tons of new things in store – but more on that later. I am here to tell you to get your best recipe, paint your best art work and create the best scrapbook page ever – then enter it into one of the Fair’s contests and competitions. Just about every contest is now open for entries – in America’s Kids, Culinary Styles and Tapestry.
America’s Kids’ theme for 2010 is A Time Long Ago, centered on Mtiger-cakeedieval times. Contests include a Build a Knight craft and Fairy Tale writing. There are also decorate a crown and create a shield competitions. With a theme like this, there are so many ways to be creative and bold! What fun!
Tapestry has great contests in knitting, arts & crafts, clothing & textiles, jewelry, pottery and the ever-popular quilting. There is also the Men Knit, Too contest!
My personal favorite – Culinary Styles – has some great categories this year. Enchiladas, cupcakes, homemade pizza, best pumpkin recipe – oh my gosh! It’s going to be a major FoodFest! Some ol’ favorites are coming back – best cheesecake, salsa, all american pie. I love watching the judging on Culinary Styles – the contestants pace with anticipation, try to read the judges’ feelings in their facial expressions – it’s a hoot.
Deadlines are different for the competitions, so be sure to check the Web site for all the details.
So, wait are you waiting for? Sign up already!


  1. I’m so excited to hear that there are tons of NEW things in store! I go every year, but things needed to change for sure. It’s been so predictable for yrs. I know where everything is & practically all the vendors that will be there. Take away a lot of the cheap item quality vendors selling unnecessary knick-knacks & bring in more high quality, unique items. ALL the outdoor vendors that are under the tents & close to the rides can be all gone for all I care. Think shops at Seaport Village in San Diego for example & a lot LESS weekend swap meets. Toad in the Hole pizza was THE BEST pizza there & it’s been taken away the last 2-3 yrs! I sure hope to see it back as well as the Crocodile Potatoes w/ their delicious jumbo fried mushrooms, shrimp sticks & more! I don’t know why, but you removed te two best eating places there! Make the fair more upscale & less $1 swap meet. Glad to always see policemen there. I haven’t seen or heard of any fights or other violent things happening, so that’s great! I know a LOT of others who feel exactly the same way I do about my above comments!

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