GIVEAWAY [CONTEST CLOSED] + Baby Animals at the Fair!

GIVEAWAY [CONTEST CLOSED] + Baby Animals at the Fair!

September 9, 2018

Every year we welcome adorable baby animals to the world, right here at the LA County Fair! They learn how to walk, moo, oink and bahhh right in front of our eyes. These adorable newborns are located in the Farm, where you can also watch milking demonstrations, pet goats in the petting zoo or eat some tasty critters in the Bug Barn. While they are much cuter in person, here is a sneak peak of some of our new babies.

Kisses for mommy sheep!

These lambs are just learning to walk, and won’t leave their mothers side. 

These babies are pigging out for lunch and basking in the sun. Oink!

See the calf eating a mid morning snack? He was born just a few days ago. 

Do these eyes just scream, “Come see me at the Farm!” or what?

We have our winner! Congratulations to Jake Hernandez.
Thank you to everyone who entered! More contests coming soon!

Win a family four pack of admission tickets and ride wristbands!
To enter, leave a comment below sharing what animals you love seeing at the Fair.
A winner will be randomly selected on Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 4 p.m. PDT.


  1. I think it’d be cool to see goats. They kinda freak out my little cousin so it’d be funny to see him around them.

  2. Baby goats are the best

  3. I love seeing any baby animals! They are the cutest when they are little. I personally like piglets because of their squeal and curly tail. I also like to see the baby chicks and how they grow so fast.

  4. I love seeing the safari animals when they’re on display! Takes me over seas! 🙂

  5. My favorite animals are the horses. Wish I had my own.

  6. I love seeing all of the baby animals because they are just so cute, but my favorite is definitely the adorable little piglets!

  7. I enjoy seeing all the chicken. Especially the ones with hats and funny feets!

  8. I love seeing the lil baby pigs with my nephew, last year he had so much fun seeing them and then being to go and pet other animals is always fun and watching demos of staff holding animals for the kids to see is always a treat!!!!

  9. Me and my kids like seeing the family of pigs and all the goats and the cows also.. I like the Clydesdales for many reasons

  10. Last year a lamb was born right in front of us ! Awesome experience !

  11. I love to see the cute calf every year if they have one. They are so sweet and playful!

  12. I love seeing the pigs and their babies because there are so many of them and are cool to watch as they nurse and play!

  13. I love seeing the pigs & the baby goats, they are extremely adorable! But overall, I enjoy seeing every animal at the fair.

  14. I love all the babies, but especially the baby goats and sheep and pigs and cows… Well, like I said, all of them!!!

  15. Pigs! Big pigs, little pigs, all pigs. If you’re a pig I need to put my eyes on you!

  16. The lambs and pigs!

  17. All the baby animals, calf’s, piglets and lambs.

  18. I like the baby goats and their big tummies!

  19. Pigs are my favorite as I like watching the pig races too.

  20. Lambs and pigs for me!

  21. I like to see the little lambs, goats, pigs and baby chicks. The big animals are great too, but babies are just too adorable!

  22. I haven’t had the chance to go to the fair, but it would be great to take my family this year and we would love to see all the animals! Pigs are my sons favorite animals! Horses would be nice to see if they’re any.

  23. My family has been going to the fair for nearly 20 years. Always enjoy seeing baby animals. sometimes you can even pet some.

  24. The little pigs (the races)

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