Dogs, pirates, beer… It's Pets Ahoy

September 26, 2013

Pets Ahoy is a riotous, swashbuckling adventure with the furriest, friendliest animals at the Fair and their not-so intimidating pirate cohorts.
Located behind Mojo’s African Safari, Pets Ahoy is a pirate-themed adventure that animal lovers of all ages will enjoy. Our Barking Buccaneers show has dogs big and small doing flips, tricks and catches in the air that rival that of a certain sea lion show down the way.

Not to be outdone by the dogs, the Port Royal Pirates of Prestidigitation do their best to impress you with their magic show. Word of caution: You may find yourself gasping with laughter rather than admiration by the end of the show.
If dogs and pirates aren’t your thing, you could just cast anchor at the pirate-themed bar where you can enjoy a cool beer or a refreshing cocktail before sailing away towards your next Fair adventure.
As for us, Pets Ahoy is our preferred spot to cool down in the shade and say hello to some pretty smart dogs and some pretty hilarious pirates!

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