Fun and Games at Esmeralda's Traveling Circus + Giveaway [CONTEST CLOSED]

September 12, 2015

Have you ever been to a circus and wished you would have stayed home and watched a movie? Yeah, I know that feeling all too well!
Fortunately for you, the circus located on Juniper Street at our Fair has a lot of cool things to see and do. Gotta love the Farm! 🙂 🙂 🙂
Here is a rundown of what you could find at Esmeralda’s Traveling Circus:
Camel rides – Most of us have seen and probably fed the camels at Mojo’s Crazy & Wild Lagoon, but have you ever taken a ride on one of these creatures?  If your answer is a no, take a break from all of our deep-fried food and head to the Farm area!
The Conjurer – Need your fortune told? Come visit our Conjurer’s fortune machine! P.S. Our fortune machine is not an actual machine – Conjurer is portrayed by a live character actor.

Mango & Dango – We love this theatrical circus duo’s sense of humor and their specialized technical circus skills.

Venardo’s CircusRingmasters, dancers, aerialists, jugglers and hand balancers all come together at this circus!
Tangled Threads: This dynamic duo will delight and amaze audiences everywhere through an ever-evolving repertoire that includes music, dance, stilt walking, juggling, clowning and much more.
Aerial Arts Circus Show:  Everyone loves a good act – especially if the aerial acrobats have mind-blowing and nail-biting mid-air tricks.

Now that you know more about Esmeralda’s Traveling Circus here’s your chance to enter our Blog Giveaway.

Esmeralda’s Traveling Circus Giveaway
Four any-day admission tickets
Four RCS ride wristbands
1 Parking Pass

To enter our contest, leave a comment on this blog post telling us why you want to attend the Fair this year! Winner will be announced Sunday, Sept. 13 on this blog at 5 p.m. 

Good luck, everyone!

Congratulations to Claire Michelson for being selected as today’s blog giveaway winner. Neither Claire nor her family have been to the Fair in the last 10 years, so we are glad to be welcoming them back.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who played! A few minutes could win you big prizes, so make sure you like/follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more contests and fun Fair photos/videos.


  1. I would love to attend the fair this year because all of the Circus themed acts look like so much fun! My family and I have never been to the Circus before and we would love to see some of the acts this year at the L.A. County Fair. All of the acts look very fun and entertaining to see up close, especially the the aerial acrobats, stilt walking, and the juggling!

  2. My fiancé and I have been going every year since we started dating September 23rd 2007 This will be our first year going engaged and want to keep this going. We enjoy going and have a blast everytime.

  3. Fried EVERYTHING! That is all. 😛

  4. A circus at the fair?!? I’ve never been to the circus! Two in one sounds amazing!! And the live fortune teller!! I’ve always seen those in movies and TV shows but to see one with a live a person!! It really does sound like alot of fun!

  5. I’m excited about the food, the rides and the animals! 🙂

  6. I want to attend the fair this year because it is a family tradition. It started with my friend going every year. We eventually started dating had our first date on Sept. 5, 2008 at the LACF. We have gone together every year since. We now bring our three children with us every year to carry on the tradition. Except for that one night out of the month, we have a date night. I would love for the family to see the Circus and all the other wonderful things the LACF has to offer!

  7. OMG the FOOD & the FUN

  8. I would love to attend the LA County Fair and be part of the Esmeralda traveling circus experience to see the ringmasters dancers, aerialist jugglers and everything the circus offers. And of course walk around the fair enjoy the food, drinks rides games and build memories of the 2015 LA County Fair experience

  9. Going to the circus has always been something which I very much enjoyed as a child. It still is as an adult because there’s always something new that amazes me and keeps me wanting to see more.

  10. I would love to take my kids to the fair this year we visit every year! We love everything about the fair especially the food funnel cakes and cheese fries have to be our favorite!!!

  11. My family always has a great time at the fair, would love to go for FREE this year 🙂

  12. I would like to take my kids for them to see the circus!

  13. First I’d like to start by saying love the fair my family loves the fair we want to attend the fair because it is a wonderful and amazing joyful place with beautiful sites smells food good music and fun would be awesome for my kids because my kids have never been to a circus and myself not since I was a kid what better way than to see the acts and at one of our favorite places in the world would be such an amazing opportunity for me and my kids especially in these hard times and my kids deserve it so much couldn’t ask for more loving caring and supporting kids in the world

  14. First I’d like to start by saying love the fair my family loves the fair we want to attend the fair because it is a wonderful and amazing joyful place with beautiful sites smells food good music and fun would be awesome for my kids because my kids have never been to a circus and myself not since I was a kid what better way than to see the acts and at one of our favorite places in the world would be such an amazing opportunity for me and my kids especially in these hard times and my kids deserve it so much couldn’t ask for more loving caring and supporting kids in the world

  15. I would love to take my kids to see the circus! I’ve always wanted to take them but have been apprehensive because my son has autism and I don’t know of it would be too much for him. The fair would be perfect because I already know that he loves the fair so he might be less afraid of the circus!

  16. I would love to attend the fair this year, my children would love to attend the fair.
    We love seeing all the exhibits and trying the food. My son especially loves the train exhibit. A must stop every year!

  17. The Los Angeles County Fair is one of my most favorite events every year. The rides, the food, the music, the lights, the animals, and the awesome circus….I can’t get enough. It’s a real family affair. Your circus is so much fun & a must see. I’m in love with Mango & Dango. Also, my bday is 9/30, so it would be awesome to celebrate my special month with you all.

  18. Need some family outing time. I live in the coachella valley and it’s been extremely hot. Haven’t really been out with the family since my second addition to the family arrived.

  19. Our family always has so much fun exploring the L.A. County Fair each year, and really, there’s so much to see that you can’t see it all in just one visit. Hoping to win these tickets, in order to gain another chance to visit — AND to get to bring my hubby along, who had to miss out on a visit last weekend. Pick us, please!

  20. Unlimited Rides and Luminasia sounds Perfect for the family.

  21. Me & My family attend every year, it is our family tradition! We love everything about the LA County fair! One year we witnessed a baby calf be born. It has been an experience our kids will always remember. Our best family experiences have been at the LA County fair, from the deep fried watermelon to meeting the Beautiful Budweiser horses! Our sons favorite is the Monster Truck show! We really wish we can attend this year but we don’t have the funds since we are having our sons 1st birthday party tomorrow. It will amazing if we can win and experience more precious moments with our kids! Good Luck to us!!! The Gonzalez Family (Fontana, CA)

  22. I would really love to see the circus.

  23. I would love to bring my friends with me…I have season pass and enjoy coming every year…I would love to bring my friends who would love to come but can’t afford it right now

  24. haven’t been to the fair in years

  25. I LOVE the fair, I’ve been going since I’ve been a baby, intake my kids every year and have 1 kids fair trip and have 1 adult trip every year! Can’t wait to go again

  26. I would love to go to the fair this year because its one of my favorite things to do and some of my best childhood memories are of the fair. I havent been in years but id love to go and have a night of fun with friends and to make new memories to look back on.

  27. I want to go to this years LA County Fair because I want my nephew to enjoy the animals, food, and exhibits that are all in my beautiful hometown.

  28. Hoping to make it to the fair to see our daughter’s photos and drawings on display at America’s Kids, catch a circus act, and see the animals.

  29. we have never been to a circus

  30. I want to attend because there’s always something new to see! Whether is new exhibits or attractions, it’s worth going and seeing everything!

  31. Two years ago we were able to see your circus at LA,Fair and they were very impressed with what they recall as the flying dragon man(fire and actobats)..twins are now 4 and it would be great to see this again and of course cotton candy!! THANKS FOR THE MEMORY

  32. Both my sons love the fair and the circus! They have been looking forward to the fair since opening day! I can’t wait to take them and spend an awesome day! Seeing those smiles all day long is the best!

  33. I would love to go this year’s LA County Fair. I want to visit the Popnology and Luminasia exhibits! It looks so fascinating and fun especially the latter part at night when all the lights are on.

  34. I love the LACountyfair been enjoing it for the last 18years. The Circus brings me good memories, last time I was at the circus was 30 years ago when my father was still alive. ♡

  35. I love looking at all the vendors. My kids tried the trapeze at the Fair in the past and would love to have them try it again!

  36. I will like to wing the tickets for my family,I’m a mother of 3 girls from 12,7 and 4.My housben work for minimum wage,so there for we can’t afford to take the girls to fair.They been talking about the circus and we will like to give them that surprised!!

  37. I would love the see this parade,and my kids never go to the circus they will get a to experience 2 for one

  38. Reason I want to visit the fair is to show my little boys especially the one with atopic dermatitis eczema is that the L.A fair is one of the best by far and most family enjoyable place to go-
    We want to visit the fair to enjoy as a family of 4- this years fair and make the best out of it -!

  39. I look forward to going to the Caro every year to make new memorie. For my family and I it has now become a tradition to go every year. We usually end up taking our Christmas pictures and calender photos at the fair every year! You just never know what new backgrounds and scenary you will find!

  40. Concerts and food

  41. Camel rides?! This is why I want to go to the fair this year. I want to ride on a camel! Also, spending the day adventuring there with my son would be amazing! Food, rides, shopping, and furry critters, what more could you ask for? 🙂

  42. The food! The best reason to go!

  43. We would love to go to the fair! We have four daughters and just moved here from Texas. Kids are super bummed that we are missing the great State Fair of Texas which we frequented every year. Show us why Cali is so great and please send our family of 6 to the fair! Thanks!

  44. I’d like to go to the LA County Fair this year because I haven’t been able to go the last few years because of a mixture of financial hardship and crazy work schedules. I’m finally at a point where I can get out and have some fun again, but it’s hard to get a group of friends together since everyone has different budgets. The LA County Fair is always amazing and fun, and I’d love to share the experience with my friends who think the “other” fair is the only one they need.

  45. I would like to attend the fair this year to check out Luminasia! It looks REALLY cool, and I’d love to check it out!

  46. I always look forward to going to the fair during the summer. It’s one of my favorite things to do during summer. I love all the things the fair has to offer. I am obsessed with fair food & the fun & games only enhances the experience!:) It is one of the events I can always count on to be memorable.

  47. I want to attend the fair this year because I always go and I like to see all the expos and the different exhibits because they are always cool, I always love the farm and all the different vendors. I also enjoy the rides and the food. The food is always great. And this year I entered into one of the competitions so I would love to see what I entered hanging on the wall.

  48. My family goes to the fair every year for the food, entertainment and shopping!!!!! We also love the wine tasting area for the adults and the carnival area for the kids!!!!

  49. my 9 yr old son and I were watching dumbo last night n he had asked my why I’ve never taken him to the circus..crazy that i would. see this post today.

  50. The Fair is the best way to end the summer! The food the rides the games OH MY . loads and loads of fun for you and your “special one”…..

  51. I would love to attend the LA County Fair for three reasons. First, I have never been there and I believe it would be an amazing first experience for my family and me. Second, money is extremely tight considering my brother and I are both currently college students. It would be nice to relax after tough weeks of studying. Third, I wish to make as many incredible memories as possible since tomorrow is never promised. Thank you for this opportunity!

  52. I want to get on the rides n try all there food!

  53. I would love to attend the fair this year to take my daughter to see all the lights at night and all the rides she will be able to get on this year that she was to small for last year.

  54. I would to try all the deep fried foods with my kiddos.. walk through all of the buildings and see all the vendors ( plus spend the hubs money on buying almost EVERYTHING there.. lol..

  55. I would love to go L.A. County Fair. First, to the Barn to see the new baby animals. Then to th Expo’s, have to see what new and up comming in kitchen gadgets.

  56. I would love to take my wife & kids to the LA County fair. I been working 6 times a week in a warehouse that hits 110degrees. It would be great to enjoy my day off walking around with my family enjoying the parades, animals, all the circus acts and the Luminasia exhibit. We really want to go this year but financially it has been rough month so far. It would be a blessing to surprise my wife and kids to a trip to the LA County Fair! My kids will have a fun time getting on all the rides and enjoying the whole experience!

  57. I would love to win the tickets so that I can take my son who hasn’t been back since 2011 because he suffered a bad quad accident and loved going every year. His last picture at the fair was with my youngest daughter, they both had the pig noses on from the pig races that he posted on fb saying she was his motivation!

  58. I would love to take all my kids to the fair and have some great food, see the camels, and ride some great rides

  59. My family would love this it would lift our spirits we lost our grandmother and my mom needs something that will make her smile , she lost her best friend /mother. Even it’s just for the day it has been really hard and my mom deserve to smile again it would help alot.

  60. I would love to go to the fair for all the fun and cool thing that are there. From all the yummy food to all the Live animals and everything in between. So much to see and so much fun to have!

  61. I would love to take my two boys!! As we drive down the 10 freeway my 4 yrs old always see’s the billboard asking, “mommy can you take me there”. I would love for them to experience the learning at “the farm”.

  62. I’d like to win so I can take my cousins to the fair! We’d love to try all the new goodies and work them all off walking through the expos until the sun goes down so we can get on the rides when all the lights are on and it glows with memories and burst of laughter! Good luck to everyone!!! #LACF

  63. My kids and I would love to go and enjoy a great time at the circus and have some great laughs together. There faces would be priceless looking at them ride the camels and other animals that are there. MY LITTLE MONEKEYS, WOULD HAVE A GREAT TIME THEY DESERVE..

  64. Love spending family time at the fair such a fun and exciting place!

  65. Times are tough and would like to keep our family tradition and enjoy every second of the fair.

  66. spending time with my son and getting to win prize for him in the games

  67. I want to go to the fair for the food, fun, and rides.

  68. I would really love to take my family. We haven’t been to the fair in over 10 years. Even after the recession, my family continues to struggle economically. These tickets would mean the world to us. Best of luck to everyone.

  69. Love this section of obscurity. You have to experience the wierdness to it all!

  70. Because I can’t wait to try all the yummy food!!!!

  71. The Fair has always been the greatest memories I have of my Father(especially him winning drinking cups by landing $.10 inside of them

  72. The fair are the greates memories I have of my father, and to give my children the same memories and experience is priceless .

  73. Love the L.A County Fair. Don’t get to go every year due to work and budgetary concerns, but I would love to take my family, watch my kids’ smiling faces as they enjoy the rides, try some delicious food and just have a really great time.

  74. I would love to take my kids to the fair because I know it would be something they would enjoy. Plus they always say how they remember how there grandma would take them and just splurge on them with whatever they wanted.

  75. I would love to attend the fair this year with 3 of my best friends. We all don’t get to spend much time together since we are all older, married & kids. We used to go each year, but now our schedules don’t permit that.. I’d love to tell them all hey.. i won tickets for US to go, now we have no excuses to all not go together- spouse free kid free!!! A real girls night out… and maybe get matching airbrushed t-shirts again like we did back then.. hahahahahaha

  76. As a college student with low budget, its very difficult for someone like me to attend the LACF since the parking is more expensive ($15) than the admission tickets; if you buy them from a local store like Cardenas or Ralphs ($12). That’s already $27 from my pocket. Take it consideration that’s my parent’s money since college is my only purpose right now. Not only that, wristbands cost $50 for a one day only, i could purchase 36 Ramen maruchas with that, and the food from the LACF just adds up. With this in mind, i wish to win the LACF tickets so i can take my friends and have a great time. I remember 3 years ago when my parents took me, we only visited the animal farm because of low budget. Even though we spent hours at the animal farm that was the best part of the fair, it brought me memories from my hometown and i wish i can do this again this year and maybe some extra fun with does RCS wristbands 😉

  77. My family loves going to the fair from the food to the sea lion show there is something for everyone. My 6 yr old has a blast and my 1 yr old does too. My husband and I wait all year to get some Ten Pound Bun and funnel cake!

  78. I would love to attend the fair because, I’ve made it a yearly tradition to go for my birthday (September 24th) but this year money is really tight for me and my family. I would greatly appreciate to win this contest for my family and I.

  79. I love to see the races, eat the different food, catch the shows with my kids, and this year I want to see Cinnamon at the petting zoo.

  80. Because it’s Grandparents day and what a better treat to take someone who has been taking me since I was a kid for years


  82. Curious who won.

    • Hello! Winner has been emailed but has not claimed prize yet. We will wait 24 hours before selecting another winner to replace 1st person.

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