Recycled Robots Rouse America's Kids

September 11, 2011

It was like a scene from a futuristic science fiction movie Saturday in America’s Kids as families competed againse one another to build the best robot out of recyled material. Families had one hour to create, construct and glue whatever recycled gizmos they had and turn them into the best robot possible. It was a field of aluminum cans, water bottles, caps, buttons, wires, you name it. If it’s able to go in your recycling bin, it was used. Take a look at our winners:


  1. Thank you LA County Fair. We had a really fun family day at the fair. We collected recycled items for a couple of months and the kids chose what they wanted to get ready for the competition. We appreciate all of the hard work that you do to put on the fair each year. We look forward to the projects and learning that takes place every year. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Thank You to Everyone At America’s Kids, We had a great time at the “Recycled Robot contest”, We look forward to every year at the fair. This years theme Surrounded by science is especially fun and your team did a fantastic job with the americas kids building.

  3. Thank you to the L.A. County Fair. We had a fun time constructing the Recycled Robot and we hope to join you again next year.

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