WINNER: Beneath the Sea Giveaway

September 25, 2013

We have a winner for our Beneath the Sea giveaway! Congratulations to Oliver for being the lucky winner. Oliver says he would rather swim with sharks.
“I’d take my chances with the shark. One mouth trying to eat me vs 10 tentacles grabbing and still trying to eat me!”
A wise choice in our opinion. Better to deal with rows of teeth than tentacles and a creepy beak! Oliver will receive 4 Fair admission tickets, 4 Hot Blog On A Stick tees and 1 Fair parking pass.
Thank you to everyone who participated! It seemed pretty even on your preferences of sharks and squids. Personally, I would say neither and choose an afternoon with a couple of dolphins instead 🙂
Stay tuned! We have a few more giveaways left…

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  1. Congrats & enjoy!

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