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September 14, 2012

Calling the U L T I M A T E Fair Fans

The Fairy Blogster is all about making her blog readers’ dreams come true and I, as a Fair to Remember, am happy to help make that happen! We decided it might be fun to give goodies away every day of the Fair!

Starting today, we will be doing a daily giveaway/contest with prizes including:

  • Two free admission tickets per winner
  • Two free ride passes
  • Food bucks for the Fair
  • Hot Blog On A Stick tees 

Really, we just want to hook you up with a fun-filled day (or evening!) at the L.A. County Fair and thank you for your support and readership. (We really appreciate each and every one of you!)

Make sure to check back here often for the daily giveaways–you never know whether you’ll need to answer some Fair trivia, give us your take on something or guess a photo!

Check back here later today for Daily Giveaway #1 🙂

Here we go!



  2. can I win first?

  3. Ooooo this would be great for our family!

  4. I’m so excited. I’m going to be checking all the time. I really wanna take my son! 🙂

  5. The fair is frickin awesome.. I want to win

  6. Sounds Wonderful Cant wait!

  7. FUN i HOPE i WIN!

  8. I would love to go my husband is sick !!! and we go every year to the friar!!This has been hes and my time …

  9. What a great opportunity!!

  10. Oh i so want to win this

  11. This is great!! I moved out here from Texas 2 years ago and have not had the pleasure to go the County Fair yet. This would be awesome!!

  12. I would rather eat deep-fried cookie dough every day for every meal for a month. Riding the tilt-a-whirl for that long would for sure make me regret it. Now the deep-fried cookie dough, that just sound like a dram come true! Thanks again for thjis great opportunity!

  13. Praying to be the winner.

  14. I go to there every year love the animals the showroom food of all kinds the flowers everyone tasting and much more unfortunately this year I’m unable to go for financial reasons 🙁

  15. I’d love to take my son for both of our first time!

  16. I live half a block from the Fair. I deserve the freebies because as residents of this beautiful area, we must put up with all the traffic, trash, noise, people walking on our yards and stealing yard decor, and the constant sound of emergency sirens going up towards the fairgrounds. I love the fair though! I deserve the freebies!!!

  17. My parents took me to the fair every year. I now have my own children and my mom will be here this year so we can take her. She moved away and it’s been some time since she’s been. Really excited for for this year .

  18. I find that the L.A. fair is bigger and better then the O.C. fair .I Hope I win corn dogs beware. 🙂 ha

  19. I NEED an awesome candy apple and the only place to get one is at the LA County Fair!!!! Please…Please…Please!!!!

  20. I love the LA County Fair! The fun never stops there’s just so much to do, see and eat. I’m so excited I hope I win so I can take my daughter.

  21. Please please please pick MEEEe!!!!

  22. That is fun. Great news to hear also! Yay

  23. this would be perfect for my bf and i…i cant remember the last time we went out on a date….

  24. I hope to win to take my kids

  25. this would be perfect for my bf and i…we havent been on a date in a long time…

  26. I would love to go to the fair this year if I didn’t have financial problems from stopping me.

  27. Can wait to take the kids to see the animals and eat good food…

  28. W.O.W. My kids and I would love a trip to the LA County Fair! I’ve been searching for a State/County fair for three (3) years that would be a fun, entertaining and enjoyable as our State fair in Wisconsin! I’ve been in Las Vegas and didn’t know LA County Fair existed. I plan on visiting the fair every year, since I’ve found a winner. Look forward to hearing from you!!!

  29. I would love to win these tickets and take my boys to the fair. Since losing my job last year it has been hard to not going anywhere. I finally have a job, with that I barely have enough to pay bills and rent not enough to treat my boys.

  30. This would be great to win, I haven’t been able to take the kids anywhere fun for a while.

  31. A win would be wonderful, my Girls want to go but I am just unable to afford it. I hope I do not miss the chance.


  33. Holly hotdog on a stick! 😀

  34. Awesome idea!! Great opportunity to win! 😀

  35. I love the fair! Its a family tradition! Thanks for the opportunity!

  36. I hope I win this. I have 5 kids and would love to take them.we have been going EVERY year. ( CROSSING FINGERS )

  37. I would rather be stuck on the tilt a wheel for 2 straight hours !! * Crossing my fingers i win =)

  38. Hope I can win so that I can go haven’t been in a looooong time..,

  39. It would be nice to go to the fair 🙂 A day all about having fun 🙂

  40. I would rather stay stuck on a wheel for 2hrs. I like deep fry but not on the daily basis.

  41. I hope I win so I could take my son for the first time.

  42. I would do the Tilt-A-Whirl for two hours, beacuse I have a mud run coming up…

  43. i love going to the fair!! hope i can win it would be lots of fun!! 🙂

  44. I would love to win for i could take my son that is disabled .We hace never gone.

  45. I would really like to win! My son, husband and I haven’t been since my son was 3 and he’s now 6. Were expecting a baby in feb. And with the loss of our last baby in January 2012 our son took it hard. He’s excited to be a big brother!! we would love to surprise our son with a fun day of great food and fun rides ( plus lots of shopping for mommy) at the fair!!! Im crossing my fingers I hope our family wins!!!

  46. Want to take my son never been

  47. My daughter (Katelyn) turns 8 tomorrow and really wants to go to the fair to celebrate. Help her have a sweet, wonderful N fulfilled day with free tickets to the fair!!! Hope she wins!!!

  48. how do you enter to win???

  49. My husband and I would love to take our girls to the fair and have them experience the things we did as a child. However, times are tough so we have to wait. I am soo excited that you all decided to give away tickets what a blessing and an opportunity for families like ours to experience a great family fun day. Thank you. I look forward to reading on more ways to win.

  50. Deep fried cookie dough

  51. I would love to go !! Ienjoy the Fair Alot!!

  52. A fair is always fun. The first time you ever attend is always the best. This year I am driving down from the Central Valley to enjoy the L.A. County fair. Hot Dog on a stick and a cold drink to start the day, then the slice em and dice em. I am on my way.

  53. That would be nice to win these. Family and I can go again. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Awesome idea LA fair! I would love to win


  56. I would really love to take my family to the fair and enjoy it . Being unemployed is hard especially when the fair is expensive to go in to

  57. I would do tilt-a-whirl for two hours straight on an empty stomach!!! WOO HOO!!!

  58. I would rather eat the cookie dough!! I would have to work out and take prilosec, but heck it would be worth a try!!!

  59. My daughter would like to go to the fair. She has been sick with different. I have demitsh . I want to have fun with her for at the L.A.Fair !
    Thank you

  60. I want to go to the fair so bad! My son is 10 and the animals are his favorite part.

  61. If I really had to choose, even though I would not like to do neither, I would rather eat deep fry cookie dough as a meal everyday for a month instead of being on a tilt a whirl for two hours straight. If I was on a tilt a whirl for two hours it would definitly ruin my day. All the spinning would make vomit…Although eatting deep fry cookie dough doesn’t sound that appealing either.

  62. I have not bee to the fair for over 12 yrs. Hope i win! My family would love this! Thank you!

  63. So how do we win something?????

  64. Hope i could win ive never been to the LA pomona fair…and .it has been my dream to be there…..me me me me

  65. honestly if i`d go to the country fair,for the first time and enjoy wiht my family,of course ,if we play that we won those tickets would be fantastic and inavidablen and thanks for givings us the opportunity to participate !!!

  66. I hope I can win so that I can take my parents. 🙂

  67. I would love to go to the fair and enjoy the fairist wheel.

  68. I would love to win something. Don’t care what it is. I would be grateful for anything. My daughter is 5, and would absolutely love the fair. She is a big animal lover. She would just die knowing she could actually pet some of them.

  69. Cookie dough! Drool!

  70. I hope I can win something so I can take my family of four. We haven’t been in about 8 years.

  71. I love the fair , love the entertainment and especially telling. My diet to stick it! !!!

  72. Pick me, I LOVE the fair and pepper jack on a stick!

  73. I would Definietly would love to win! I had to get laid off at the wrong time., especially with Lil ones and I can’t get my unemployment! Would love to take them so we can get out of the house!
    Good luck everyone!

  74. Eating the deep fried cookie dough would be a treat! Now the Tilt-a-Whirl…Couldn’t do that one!

  75. There are many ways to go to the fair for free at http://www.lacountyfair.com
    There are coupons for $5.00 admission past 5:00 p.m. Wednesday through
    Friday, coupons for free for seniors every Wednesday, bring 5 canned food items on any Friday for free admission, school supplies, books, depending on which Thursday you go will get you in for free. They are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the LA County Fair this year by giving away many free and discounted admissions to the LA County Fair.

  76. I would love to enjoy a trip to the fair on you! I love the fair…all the shopping, fun fried food, animals, games, and rides..and did I say shopping? I would really enjoy all these things!


  78. When do you announce the winners who have won on a daily basis? I would love to win passes!

    • Hi Amy,
      Yes we do! We typically post a giveaway and then announce the winner the following day. Check back here later this morning for our sixth giveaway 🙂

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