LA County Fair Supports Local Vendors

LA County Fair Supports Local Vendors

September 15, 2019

Here at the LA County Fair we know you all have your favorite spots for shopping, carnival rides and especially FOOD. We’ve brought in some of our favorite local eateries to try and change up the menu, and let to everyone know about these amazing spots you can try year round!

Making their way back to the Fair for their third year is a fan favorite, Mi Cafecito from Pomona.

“We always gets people who are surprised to see coffee at the Fair, but we’ve been able to see new and returning customers year after year,” Owner of Mi Cafecito Juan Vega said. “We love being in Mi POCO LA because it goes hand-in-hand with our culture and being from the Art Colony in Pomona, we feel like we fit right in.”

This year Mi Cafecito introduced a new drink to freshen up fair guests day. The Limonada Loca.

This is the perfect drink for these hot summer days at the LA County Fair and it is so dynamic. It is not just a limeade, it has a tamarind Mexican candy inside, along with flavored shaved ice inside that changes the flavor as it melts. The rim is also coated with chamoy to give an extra layer of texture and flavor.

Right next to Mi Cafecito you can find Dia De Los Puercos. This is a Mexican restaurant that has take Mexican food up a notch!

Dia brings all the favorite flavors guests love from Mexican food but add their their twist to make every plate an eating experience. This year you can choose between Tinga, Beef and Spicy Pork tacos. I highly recommend the Tinga if you like a good kick in your food! They have store front locations in Pomona, Claremont and Riverside.

Along with our veteran vendors, we have a few newcomers this year.

Scoops On Tap is an up and coming ice cream company that makes deliciously ice creams with a 21 and over twist!

Found right between Expo Hall 4 and 6, Scoops on Tap is serving up craft beer infused ice cream for all!

“I previously worked as a brewer and one day I brought home some beer and one way or another it found its way into the ice cream and boom, Scoops On Tap was born.” Founder and Co Owner of Scoops On Tap Sam Howland said. “We have gotten a phenomenal response from people here at the fair and it is exciting to see that people are asking where they can find our ice cream outside of the fair.”

Scoops offers a variety of flavors for everyone’s taste, including a few vegan options. Anything can be scooped into a cup, one of their many flavored and colorful cones or a frosty milkshake!

Last, we have a hidden gem out in The Farm serving up hot and cold crewed coffees for all to enjoy.

Iron and Kin Coffee Co. are another local favorite from Pomona serving up their specialty coffee at the Fair for the first time.

“After partnering with Fairplex on events over the past couple of eyears, we’re happy to finally be here at the Fair,” Owner of Iron and Kin Joshua Avila said. “People have been really happy to see that there are coffee options at the fair and we’re happy to see that they enjoy our coffee.”

Joshua said they’re serving up tons of specialty drinks sure to surprise anyone’s tastebuds.

These and many other vendors, from far and wide, come to the Fair every year to share their passion and love of their craft and we appreciate everyone one of them.

Try them all and let us know who is your go-to vendor at the Fair!

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