Healthy Food Options at the LA County Fair!

Healthy Food Options at the LA County Fair!

September 2, 2019

When you think about the LA County Fair, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The rides? The Exhibits? The Concerts? I know whats the first thing on most of our minds: FOOD!

For years the Fair has always been thought of a place where fried food thrives, but this year we have vendors, some old and some new, who have brought a different perspective on how you can eat while you enjoy the fair!

“I myself live on salads and fruits and vegetables and thought it would be fun and cool to bring something healthier to the fair,” Owner and Operator of Cafe Fresh Celia Smith said. “Not all fairgoers want to eat healthy when they get here, but I wanted to bring healthier options for my staff, fair staff and those looking for lighter and health conscious option.”

Cafe Fresh offers salads, ahi poke bowls. wraps and more with vegan and gluten free options! They also have a Chicken Cesar Salad Wrap that is part of the $6.50 Pop Value Menu!

Govinda’s Veggie Bomb, a new vendor to the LA County Fair, has brought an all vegan menu.

“We’ve done lots of events that have catered to established vegan eaters, so we wanted to bring our food to a wider audience where people might not expect to see vegan food,” Owner of Veggie Bomb Govinda Clayton said. “We’ve have a lot of positive feedback from people who have come by our stand and have been told it nice to see an alternative to the food that is offered.”

Aside from Veggie Bomb’s $6.50 Jack Fruit taco special, they offer bowls that include a bed of rice, veggies, a special house sauce and much more! They make “pulled pork” out of jack fruit to give the look and feel of meat, with all the benefits of keeping it healthy.

These along with many other options that be found across the fairgrounds can help you enjoy the fair with out the guilt of eating fried food!

You can find Govinda’s Veggie Bomb online at

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