Watercolors at the Flower & Garden Pavilion

September 15, 2016

The Flower & Garden Pavilion is one of my favorite exhibits at the Fair. Each year the Pavilion has a different theme and this year’s choice is one of the prettiest we have seen: Watercolors.

Upon entering, guests are greeted by a swirl of lights, as streams of colored ribbon dance from the ceilings. Every year the masterminds behind the Pavilion create beautiful pieces made of flowers, seeds and other plant life, depicting scenery in line with the theme.
The watercolors theme is apparent in the giant cascading waterfall and the giant lily pads in the pond. Dozens and dozens of brightly colored roses take up the center platform, and vibrant paintings, flowers and foliage decorate the panels on the sides.
Classical music softly plays to add to the calm, flowing atmosphere, making this my go-to location when the carnival, deep-fried food and crowds seem too chaotic for me.
Check it out the next time you’re here!

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