Discover #LACFCLASSYCOMBOS with Wine, Beer and Fair Food Pairings

August 6, 2014

Get creative with your food and beverage pairings at the Los Angeles County Fair. You can be your own beer expert and wine sommelier when you pair your favorite Fair food with the premium craft beers and award-winning wines available right here at LACF!
Popcorn, corndogs and churros are just the beginning. The unlimited array of food pairing options at the Fair opens your palate to a whole new explosion of tastes and textures that go beyond deep-fried Twinkies and lemonade.
Watch as our hosts take you on this unexpected culinary journey. Think you can do better than Arthur, Haley, Kara and Trent with your combos? Let your inner culinary intuition speak to you as you find the best food & beverage combinations. And when you do, share it with us using #LACFClassyCombos. Cheers!

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