Sunday Funday: Craft Beer Experience

September 15, 2013

Sometimes a Diet Coke just won’t do. Sometimes what you really need is a craft beer experience that will take you to the land of the relaxed and happy. And of course, the L.A. County Fair, being all about the relaxed and happy, has provided a place made just for you beer connoisseurs!
For the first time ever, we have introduced the Craft Beer Experience to the L.A. County Fair. All you need is your ID and credit card and you can taste and sip more than 20 craft beers to your heart’s content. Watch the video below to get the full picture:

The process is simple: swipe your credit card and get a wristband–like keeping your tab open at the bar. Once you have your wristband, all you need to do is select the beer you want to try, and hold your wristband to the scanner next to it.
Then it’s up to you how much or how little you want to try; you’re only charged for what you pour! It’s $10 per pint which amounts to about .62 cents per ounce. So if you decide that three oz. of lager is enough, but an entire pint of IPA is your cup of tea, you can have both without paying the full price of a two beers.
Sample, sample, sample, or have three types of beers in one. The choice is up to you!
Your wristband is good for the whole day so you can come back whenever you need a break from walking around.

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