Fair Food Giveaway 2013 WINNER!

August 21, 2013

We have our winners for the 2013 Fair Food Giveaway! The Fair Food Giveaway winners are …

Jessica and Samantha!

Jessica’s favorite memory of the Fair was her first visit: “The year I moved from the Midwest to Los Angeles, I was homesick. I loved LA, but I missed some aspects of home. My husband surprised me with a trip to the fair, since I always had fond memories of the county fairs back home. He had never been to a county fair, so we did it up right-funnel cakes, corn dogs, beer, rides, games, etc. It cheered me up, and became a tradition for us. Now, I’d never leave LA for anywhere else, and one of the reasons is it has a little bit of everything and everywhere!”

Samantha’s favorite Fair memory is of the Giant Slide: “My favorite memory from the LA County Fair is definitely when I first went on the Giant Yellow slide, I remember being a young girl and climbing what seemed to be a mountain of stairs all the way up to the top where you can see all of the gorgeous lights and colors of the fair, where you can hear the echos of all the laughter and music from around, and where you can smell a blend of the most wild and incredibly tasty foods they offer every single year. Once it was my turn everyone lined up on their potato sacks and we anxiously pushed off and away down that curvy and very fast slide! Every time we would hit a bump we would continue to gain speed, all I (and what seemed to be everyone) could do was laugh uncontrallably and scream as everyone’s stomach dropped after each bump! I love how it always turns into this unpredictable race and now at 25, I still make it a point to ride the slide each year.”

Each winner will receive two passes to the exclusive L.A. County Fair Food Preview Day. Congratulations Jessica and Samantha!

Thank you to everyone who shared their special memories of the Fair. It was wonderful to read them all — from families who have been attending the Fair for generations to those who met their spouses at the Fair and are now taking their own families, from memories of food and rides to exhibits and concerts, it has been a pleasure hearing about everyone’s experiences.

Keep checking our blog for chances to win free Fair tickets, Fair merchandise and other fun things!

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