Meet the Fair Crew

July 31, 2013

Thummer the Pig is L.A. County Fair’s official mascot. It’s not hard to find him during Fairtime. Just look for his float during a parade or hang around at FairView Farms for a spell and you’re sure to spot his smiling face.
We all know and love Thummer, but have you met the rest of the Fair crew? Daisy the Cow, Lilly the comely lamb and Blaze the Racehorse make up the rest of the Fair entourage and they are excited for the Fair too.
You might not see Blaze around… he’s usually busy training for our Day at the Races events and sometimes Lily gets lost like the sheep she is, but Daisy and Thummer are always there to greet guests without fail! We’ve found some photos of the crew from a few years ago. Still looking as young and sprightly as ever 😉


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