Daily Giveaway: Would you rather… **CONTEST CLOSED**

September 15, 2012

We have a winner! Congratulations to Nikki!!! You have received two Fair passes, two ride passes, food bucks and two Hot Blog On A Stick tees! We are looking forward to seeing you at the Fair.
And in case anyone was curious, Nikki said she would rather eat cookie dough all month than be on a Tilt-A-Whirl for 2 hours straight.
Thank you to everyone for participating in our first daily giveaway! Check back later this afternoon for our next contest. You never know, you could be next 🙂


Okay, it’s time to launch our first Daily Giveaway!
For your chance to win two Fair tickets, two ride passes, food bucks and two Hot Blog On A Stick tees, leave your answers to this question in the comment box below:

Would you rather eat deep-fried cookie dough every day for every meal for a month or be stuck on a Tilt-A-Whirl for two hours straight?

Answer in the comment box and we will select the winner at random! Contest closes tonight at 11:59 p.m. (PST) and the winner will be announced at NOON tomorrow!
Good luck!


  1. I rather be stuck in the Tilt-a Whirl

  2. Ammm yeah Hands Down A Deep-Fried Cookie Dough !

  3. Eat deep-fried cookie dough while riding the Tilt-A-Whirl!

  4. Def deep-fried cookie dough…

  5. Ill take being stuck on the tilt-a-whirl & deep fried cookie dough!!!

  6. I don’t want to end up like Morgan Spurlock, in Super Size Me, and get addicted to the cookie dough. So I would prefer going with the Tilt-A-Whirl, it’s only 2 hours and you are at least having fun for the first 10 minutes until you realize that you are stuck!

  7. I’d do the fried cookie dough and at least know Ill die happy eating amazing fried food from the fair ^_^
    Bold moves, with bold flavors ^_^

  8. Much rather be on a tilt o wheel for a few hours!!! At least after the fact i can go sit on one of those feet massagers !!!

  9. I would eat a deep-fried cookie dough every day for a month.

  10. I would rather eat deep fried cookie dough everyday for a month. Reason being who doesn’t like cookie dough by itself??? Nonetheless deep fried omg isn’t that what the fair is about?? All kinds of delicious goodies deep fried? Challenge accepted 🙂

  11. Are you kidding Me??? Fried Cookie Dough!! Hands down!! Lol!!! Awesomeness!

  12. Eating the cookie dough would work for me..

  13. the tilt a whirl hands down all that cookie dough would ruin my weight goal lol

  14. I would rather eat deep fried COOKIE DOUGH! I could live on cookie dough! Any kind will do!

  15. Deep fried cookies Forsure! 😀

  16. I would rather eat deep-fried cookie dough every day for every meal for a month.

  17. I would rather eat deep fried COOKIE DOUGH! I could live on cookie dough! Any kind will do 🙂

  18. Seeing as how the Tilt A Whirl is my favorite ride…. Tilt A Whirl for sure!!! 😀

  19. I would love Deep Fried Cookie dough Everyday for a month!!, Fair Food is fun !! And Yummy in the Tummy…..

  20. Eat cookie dough for a month!

  21. It would have to be the cookie dough.

  22. I’d DEFINITELY eat the cookie dough. I’m too scary to be stuck on a tilt-a-whirl! I can already see my life and my lunch flashing before my eyes

  23. As sweet as some deep fried awesomeness sounds right now. oh wait I meant cookie dough…..I must go with the Tilt-A-Whirl!! There is nothing like breathing in the sweet smell of fried goodness mixed with some grilled corn on the cob or delicious turkey legs, as the wind blows through your hair, with the amazing soundtrack of pure laughter and joy with some background music from the grandstand concert as the adrenaline is pumping through your body. Now that’s heaven!!!

  24. I would choose deep fried cookie dough, because cookie dough is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I would rather eat deep-fried cookie dough every day for every meal for a month. Riding the tilt-a-whirl for that long would for sure make me regret it. Now the deep-fried cookie dough, that just sound like a dram come true! Thanks again for this great opportunity!

  26. deep fried cookie dough!! alll day! everyday!

  27. Definitely deep fried cookie dough!

  28. Deep fried cookie dough every meal, every day, for a month? Where’s the downside here? I’m in!

  29. Tilt-A-Whirl. I think it would be fun to get away from the kids for two hours;)

  30. Depending on who you are stuck on the Tilt-a-Whirl with, it could be fun! So,I say Tilt-a-Whirl and take advantage of two hours of “tilting” and “whirling” (in more ways than one!) 🙂

  31. eat the deep fried cookie dough 🙂

  32. Stuck on the tilt-a-whirl

  33. Well considering that I work at a cookie company for 4 years straight, you’d think that I would never want to see if another cookies again lol but deep frying it just took it to a whole other level! 😛
    Plus, I would much rather puke from eating deep fried cookie dough than to puke all the other delicious grub I’d probably eat at the fair, onto the floors and faces of the innocent ppL riding on the Tilt O Whirl! Lol

  34. Though I’m pretty sure both will end in vomit, I’d rather eat the cookie dough

  35. i dont like cookie dough, so ill go with the tilt-a-whirl. being stuck for 2 hours dont sound as bad as having to eat the same thing for 2 months 🙂 yuk lol. its like a band aid the faster u yank it off the better 🙂

  36. I would eat deep fried cookie dough, I love sweets, yummy

  37. Definitely Tilt-A-Whirl!

  38. Deep fried cookie dough!!!! I’m prego so the weight I gain from it can be lost with the baby weight lol My son, Hubby and I would love to go to the fair again!!! Desperately need a family day at the fair!!!

  39. Deep fried cookie dough

  40. Can I do both? Eat fried cookie dough while on the tilt a whirl for 2 hrs. Since I have to pick one .. It would be Tilt a Whirl bring back childhood memories


  42. Definitely cookie dough… Might get sick of it, but what’s a challenge without some hard work!!!

  43. Definantly Tilt A Whirl!!!! Big fan of the ride already, and always wished i could stay on longer! haha!

  44. I haven’t tried the fried cookie dough yet, but I imagine it’s like a little slice of heaven that’s been dipped in some hell for flavor. But regular cookie dough is pretty doughlicious so I’d have to choose the dough diet. At the end of the month I’d surely be a dough boy myself!

  45. I would do both: Ride the Tilt-a-Whirl for 2 hours while eating deep fried cookie dough

  46. The deep fried Cookie Dough for sure!

  47. Tilt A Whirl all the way!!!

  48. Deep-fried cookie dough please!

  49. hmmmm…Tilt o whirl DUH! =]

  50. Cookie dough

  51. Tilt A Whirl all the way!!!!!!!

  52. I’m gonna pick the tilt-a-whirl. At least I can just vomit and get it over with after two hours. If I ate all the deep fried cookie dough, I wouldn’t fit on he tilt-a-whirl anymore!!!

  53. Deep fried cookie dough! Anything that is sweet and deep fried is yummy

  54. I guess I would have to go for the Tilt-a-whirl – after 2 hours I’d be so much thinner!

  55. Tilt a whirl tilt a whirl tilt a whirl!!!

  56. I would do the deep fried cookie dough for a month it would be an awesome diet plus very tasty. Lol 🙂

  57. Cookie Dough all week long….as long as I’ve ” GOT MILK “


  59. Tilt-A-Whirl for two hours straight … ok, so first though is deep fried cookie dough, but then I started thinking … every meal every day for 30 days! I don’t think so, so I would pick being stuck on the tilt-a-whirl for two hours straight. Even though I would probably throw up on everyone, lol … at least it’s done and over with and who knows, I might even loose some weigh from getting rid of all that waste!

  60. I’d much rather be stuck on the tilt-a-whirl! Its one of my favorite rides at the fair! 🙂

  61. Cookie dough for sure!! Num num!

  62. I think both sound like fun to me!!

  63. I would rather eat a deep fried cookie dough for a month because then I would know I had a daily treat, that I love, to look forward to eating each day!

  64. The Tilt A Whirl would be my choice! Because that way I can “brag” that I rode the rides for two hours straight at the Los Angeles County Fair!

  65. I’d rather eat the cookie dough, don’t think I could handle two hours on the ride.

  66. Tilt A Wheel for 2 hours straight… If I win I will do it.:0)-

  67. Deep fried cookie dough for me! It would be amazing but you would have to put me in a wheelbarrow along with my cookies! Now I’m hungry… Lol

  68. The cookie dough for sure!

  69. Deep Fried Cookie Dough 🙂

  70. Tilt a whirl!!! I can take a good nap on that thing!:)

  71. Me want cookie dough!!! “Om nom nom nom!!!

  72. I would Love to be stuck on a Tilt-A-Whirl for two hours straight. I love that ride. 😛

  73. I would eat the deep fried cookie dough!!

  74. Me and spinning things do not work very well together at all we are deathly allergic to each other. Cookie dough is my choice puking from over eating is better then puking from a massive head rush and a bad case of the dizzy spells. Plus you can never have too much cookie dough. : )

  75. Cookie dough for life!

  76. I would eat deep fried cookie dough everyday for every meal…although a tilt and a whirl would be a great thrill!!

  77. I dunno……..common sence hmmmm both would get me really sick and make me vomit. I rather just go to the fair! I wanna Win!!! 😀

  78. Go Tilt A Whirl, Woot!

  79. Deep fried cookie dough

  80. Tilt-a-Whirl for sure! That much fried anything would make me sick pretty quickly (not to mention I’d gain 500 pounds!)

  81. eat deep fried cookie dough

  82. The ever-present, annoyingly rational part of me is telling me to pick the healthier option: the Tilt A Whirl. But the ever-more-present IRRATIONAL part of me is rather intrigued by the temptation of fried cookie dough…

  83. I think I’d have to go with the Tilt-a-Whirl. Deep fried cookie dough as every meal for a month? I don’t think I could survive that.

  84. Tilt A Whirl or can i do half and half 😉

  85. I love the tilt a whirl for 2 hours straight!

  86. I would rather eat deep-fried cookie dough everyday for every meal! I LOVE cookie dough!

  87. I would Ride the Tilt-A-Whirl. Its my favorite ride anyway

  88. cookie dough it is for me and my family….

  89. stuck on a Tilt-A-Whirl for two hours straight

  90. Tilt-A-Whirl, of course! I always think rides aren’t long enough.

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