WINNER of the Fair Food Giveaway!

August 20, 2012

We have our winners for the Fair Food Giveaway! The winners of our Fair Food Giveaway are…

Jonathan Jennings and George Edgell!

Jonathan’s earliest memory is visiting the dinosaur exhibit when he was 11 years old. “I remember being extremely excited by all the people walking around and marveling at all the booths and attractions. However something on the map caught my eye:a picture of a giant dinosaur. My little eyes darted all over the place in search of what this dinosaur could mean, and then I saw it: A giant warehouse with a display of a destroyed plane and a huge dinosaur. There I saw multiple giant displays of dinosaurs from a giant T-rex sculpture to velociraptors. As a young dino enthusiast you might as well have taken me to the REAL Jurrasic Park. The incredible dinosaur display is definitely a memory I will cherish for a long time.”
George’s favorite memory is of him, his mom and brother going to the Fun  Zone and tossing dimes to win glasses and other prizes. They would always go home with bags full of goodies. His mother and brother have passed away, but the memories continue.

Each winner will receive two passes to the exclusive L.A. County Fair Food Preview Day. Congratulations Jonathan and George!

Thank you to everyone who participated. Reading about all of your memories was truly a wonderful experience. Keep checking our blog for chances to win free Fair tickets, Fair merchandise and other fun things!

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