Knight School: A Royal Education

September 24, 2011

Once upon time (Sept.3-Oct.2, 2011 to be exact), in a land far, far away (well, just Pomona… it’s not that far!), young gentlemen (and ladies!) trained to be gallant knights. They found a trusty steed, chose their weapon, selected their armor and fought their enemies with bravery. At the Knight School in the Land of Frogs, Princesses and Knights modern-day knights are being trained for battle. These aspiring knights receive equipment and training by some of the bravest in the land. While Knight School is in session during selected times (check your fun guide!), kids of all ages are invited to put on the gear and try out their battle skills. There’s also a daily falconer show you’ll want to check out too!

I dub thee Sir Fair!

Choose your weapons!

Fight like a knight!

Sweetie Pie the hawk.

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