Birth Announcement: Baby Calves Join Fair Family

September 15, 2011

Baby calf Rector

FairView Farms would like to announce the birth of two calves born to mothers Freight Train, 6 years old, and Licorice, 5 years old, Tuesday, Sept. 13. The calves arrived healthy, weighing 85 pounds each. They are expected to grow about a pound a day for the first couple weeks of life.
In honor of this week’s anniversary of 9-11, the calves were named Chambers and Rector, streets near the twin towers. To choose the name, streets near the twin towers were put in pink and blue boxes and school kids get to reach in to pick a name for the new additions. A calf born Sept. 15, 2010 is in residence in the Farm this year as a teen.
Rector will go back to his “home” (a ranch in Chino) today or tomorrow, but Chambers will stick around until the end of the Fair. Both calves are considered “brangus,” which is a cross between Angus and Brahman.
Check our Daily Fun Guides at the Fair for all the demonstrations and presentations unique to this amazing corner of the grounds. And you might get the chance to witness the birth of the newest member of the Farm family!

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