Yes, You Can Eat Lean at the Fair

September 3, 2010

Fresh peaches and strawberries ready for refreshing smoothies.

So you really want to stick to your diet while you’re running around the 2010 L.A. County Fair, where tantalizing temptations lie around every corner?
Actually there are plenty of delectable choices. You know how to “eat right” already, so apply the same principles to Fair dining.
Enjoy fresh grilled corn-on-the-cob – just peel back the husk and skip the butter – sprinkle on some parmesan cheese, a bit of pepper and salt, and you’re good to go.
• BBQ Tri Tip: Shopping Place, Pepper
• Big Bubba’s Bad to the Bone BBQ: Outdoor Living, Broadway
• Chicken Charlie: Carnival, Oak, and Shopping Place, Palm & Broadway
• Chuck Wagon: FairView Farms, Birch, and Carnival, Juniper
• Corn Shack: Carnival
• Outlaw Grill: Carnival, Eucalyptus
• Rib Ranch Eatery: Grandstand, Broadway
Water’s always good for you, but fresh fruit smoothies will give you a dose of vitamins and anti-oxidants while cooling you off.
• Maui Waui Hawaiian Blends, Home & Garden, Mojo’s Jungle
• Sippers & More, Multiple Locations
• Dasani Water, Multiple Locations
• Terri’s Berries-Smoothies, Shopping Place, Pepper & Redwood
• Smoothies, Shopping Place
Keep your strength up with some protein, and a lean choice is always chicken. Broasted or barbecued, peel off the skin to make it even more lean.
• Broasted Chicken: Outdoor Living, Oak
• Chicken Kabob: Grandstand, Broadway and Shopping Place, Broadway/Palm/Pepper
• BBQ Chicken: Multiple Locations
• Rotisserie Chicken: Shopping Place, Broadway & Palm
Speaking of poultry – turkey legs are another lean on-the-go choice. And you’ll feel like Henry VIII with each bite (but skip the skin).
• Turkey Wings: Shopping Place, Palm
• Juicy’s: Outdoor Living, Broadway & Birch and the Carnival
• Outlaw Grill: Carnival, Eucalyptus
• Babe’s: Kid’s Zone, Ash
• Chuckwagon: Kid’s Zone, Birch
• Jose’s Concessions: Shopping Place, Pepper
Famed Pink’s Hot Dogs has a turkey dog that you’ll find at its locations in the Carnival and Shopping Place at Juniper & Palm.
Baked potatoes with lean toppings complement your turkey and chicken, too. In fact, use either one as a topping for a satisfying meal. Baked potatoes can be found on Broadway near the Grandstand and in Building 4 of Shopping Place.
Steamed artichokes and vegetable kabobs are full of nutrients and have no fat if you resist tempting dips and such. You’ll find them on Broadway near the Grandstand and in Outdoor Living at Oak.

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