Our Body, Ourselves

September 2, 2010

Wow! I had the opportunity to go through the Our Body: The Universe Within exhibit this morning, before the doors open to the public, and yes, my first reaction was wow! There was some trepidation on my part – after all, these are human bodies and body parts. But any anxiety I had fell away when I walked in. It was an incredibly interesting experience set in a highly educational and museum-quality format (kudos to our creative team who did a great job on the location).
Our Body: The Universe Within consists of bodies, specimens and organs that have been preserved using a process known as polymer impregnation, or plastination. This process preserves tissues right down to the microscopic level. Our Body: The Universe Within allows visitors the insight to the inside: giving one a true look at the inner workings of the extraordinary human body.
Our Body coordinator Heidi Pinchal said she finds that the visitors who come to the exhibit walk away with a deeper understanding of themselves in their physical form. And while it isn’t suitable for all children, it can be a great learning tool for parent and child. What’s really great about our exhibit is that we’ve partnered with local hospitals and med schools who will have physicians and med students at Our Body to answer guests’ questions. Also, the hospitals have lent us some medical equipment so you’ll see a specimen of the heart with a stent next to it or legs with the knee cap plates that would be used to replace a bad knee. You might learn a little more than what your doctor tells you before a procedure!
This is the first time Our Body: The Universe Within has been exhibited outside of a museum setting. It’s a great opportunity for a larger number of people to get to see the exhibit. Tickets are $5 online and $7 at the door. Children ages 12 and younger will not be permitted without an adult. See my photos below:

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