Heaven on a Stick

September 27, 2008

I, the Fair-ey Blogster, have been so busy this Fair, i haven’t had a chance to indulge in the one thing I have been pining over – my beloved Hot Dog on a Stick. Well, I suffer no more! In between covering some contests, I stopped in front of that glorious white, blue, red and yellow stand that seems to glow with a mighty light, a gladly plopped down my $7 and ordered a hot dog on a stick and a lemonade! Aaaahhhhh! I heard angels sing with the first bit of the perfectly crunchy breading.
As the Fair-ey Blogster is a little shy, I had Gingy step in for me in the photo. Wow. We are so rushed with our busy lives, we forget to appreciate the little things – the beauty of a sunset over Santa Monica pier, the soft, silky warmth of a kitten’s coat, the delight in seeing your child wiggle her first loose tooth, a hot dog coated in breading them deep fried. What a wonderful world!

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