Yes, that’s what I said. Eighty days until the L.A. County Fair. 80. Eight-zero. Ate-eeeee! My list of what I’m looking forward to continues:

  • Hot Dog on a Stick (of course, had to put that first!)
  • Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum (cool Hot Rods)
  • Ice-cold chocolate milk at FairView Farms
  • Chamois sold in the Shopping Place (how do you wash a car without these?)
  • Little baby piglets in FairView Farms
  • Little baby goats in FairView Farms, who climb on top of each other like little goat mountains
  • Big Holstein cows in FairView Farms, waiting to be milked on site. I think they’re beautiful and they already have the two best fashion colors built in – white and black
  • All the rabbits in FairView Farms, so soft, so cuddly
  • The bugs in Fairview Farms, and I don’t mean the ant trail along the barn doors. I mean Mrs. Millipede’s Insect Barn. They aren’t cute, they aren’t cuddly (unless you’re a 9-year-old boy or girl who likes creepy crawlies) but they sure are interesting!
  • Apple Tower drizzled with caramel
  • A Jacuzzi at a great price
  • The horse shows at Cavalcade of Horses – so many beautiful horses!

 Ah, the list goes on. Now that we’re into summer full force, the days will really start to zip by. L.A. County Fair banners will be up across our neighboring cities soon. The End of Summer Concert Series and Adrenalin Nights acts will be announced in mid-July.  It’s all coming together!

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