Into The Looking Glass

Located in-between Jurassic Planet and the Flower & Garden Pavilion, The Atrium is one of our favorite little spots inside the busy Fairgrounds!
flower and garden la county fair
Enter the world of Wonderland. Fantasy-like creatures and colorful displays can be found within the lush flora and fauna of the Atrium. Alice in Wonderland fans might recognize favorites like the flamings and hedgehogs from that fateful croquet game.
flower garden la county fair
flower garden la county fair
The Dodo Den features brightly-colored birds like kestrels, parrots, owls and toucanettes.
flower garden la county fair
And of course, it wouldn’t be Wonderland without a Mad Tea Party, complete with sweet treats, quirky teacups and a couple March hares.
flower and garden la county fair
Guests who are looking to stay awhile might be interested The Wonderland Stage gardening workshops, where you can learn how to make your own terrarium, pot your very own DIY Flower Teacup centerpieces, and create your own Fairy Gardens.
If you’re more of an animal person, The Looking Glass Stage is the place to be, where our experienced specialists will tell you all about our majestic Wonderland creatures, and introduce you to some of them, face-to-face!
We hope you’ll take some time to explore the Flower & Garden Pavilion / Atrium during your visit to the Fair. It’s the perfect escape from the carnival crowds 🙂
And now it’s time for a giveaway!



Enter to win a four-pack of Fair tickets & ride passes as we close out the last week of the LA County Fair. To enter, just leave a comment below, telling us your favorite part of the Fair.

Winner announced Friday, Sept. 22 at noon. Good luck to all!

Giveaway + The Little Red Barn [Contest Closed]

Hey fair fans!

What’s cuter than animals? Miniature animals! And the Little Red Barn is full of them.

From miniature pigs and donkeys, to baby doll sheep and pygmy goats, the Little Red Barn will definitely make you wish you lived on a farm.

If you don’t feel like this little pig after you went to the Fair, did you really go to the Fair?

This cow jumped over the moon and found his way to the LA County Fair.

What goes better with mini animals than nursery rhymes? This is one of our favorite. We even have mother goose hanging out with a miniature hen, which is sure to take you back to your childhood readings of The Little Red Hen storybooks.

Come visit these miniature pals in the Farm at the Little Red Barn. They are waiting to greet you with snorts and hee-hawing.


Congratulations to our winners Gregory Kenyota, Tiana Mitchell and Alexandra Razo for being selected as our winners. Gregory said the baby sheep are his favorite, Tiana enjoys watching the racing pigs and Alexandra Razo loves the baby chicks because they are so fluffy.

Thank you everyone for playing!

Giveaway time! [CONTEST CLOSED]
What is your favorite animal at the Fair?
Comment below for your chance to win a family 4-pack of admission tickets, carnival ride passes, and one of our Fair stuffed animals!
Winners are selected randomly and the contest will close Friday, Sept. 15 at 3 pm PDT.

Beneath the Sea + Giveaway [CONTEST CLOSED]

We have a winner!
Congratulations to Dominick for being selected as today’s blog giveaway winner.
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What better way to cool off in this crazy heat than a little dip in the ocean?  Beneath the Sea is the traveling show with sea lions, rays, sharks, and even a mermaid!  Found near Red Gate, behind Thunder Alley, this is a world of adventure.
Watch sea lions cavort and play in the several daily shows that go on, courtesy of trainers Xania and Jimmy.  According to Xania, the show is actually a sea lion rescue that focuses on entertaining crowds while the performers educate you a little bit about the difference between seals and sea lions, and the importance of recycling. One lovely show girl is a South American sea lion that enjoys hamming for the camera and performing for big crowds!
Pet a real live Atlantic ray, and talk a little bit with their handler, Joe, about the care and keeping of these wonderful creatures.  For the last few years, Joe and his family have brought fair guests the wonders of these little critters, which you can touch and view up close.  This show is a rescue, too.  Joe rescues the rays from shrimping boats in the Gulf of Mexico, tours them for eight to nine months, and then releases them back into the wild!
Gaze in awe at the sharks, swimming in their tanks, and take a picture or two with the resident mermaid!  She’s available for pictures after her educational show in a wonderfully cool misty grotto.
Now, for a fun Blog Giveaway!

Beneath the Sea Giveaway
Four any-day admission tickets
Two RCS ride wristbands
1 Parking Pass

To enter our contest, tell me at least ONE of the sea lions’ names from the show. Winner will be announced Monday on this blog at 5 p.m. Best of Luck!
What are you waiting for?  Swim, don’t walk, on down and join us Beneath the Sea.

Fun and Games at Esmeralda's Traveling Circus + Giveaway [CONTEST CLOSED]

Have you ever been to a circus and wished you would have stayed home and watched a movie? Yeah, I know that feeling all too well!
Fortunately for you, the circus located on Juniper Street at our Fair has a lot of cool things to see and do. Gotta love the Farm! 🙂 🙂 🙂
Here is a rundown of what you could find at Esmeralda’s Traveling Circus:
Camel rides – Most of us have seen and probably fed the camels at Mojo’s Crazy & Wild Lagoon, but have you ever taken a ride on one of these creatures?  If your answer is a no, take a break from all of our deep-fried food and head to the Farm area!
The Conjurer – Need your fortune told? Come visit our Conjurer’s fortune machine! P.S. Our fortune machine is not an actual machine – Conjurer is portrayed by a live character actor.

Mango & Dango – We love this theatrical circus duo’s sense of humor and their specialized technical circus skills.

Venardo’s CircusRingmasters, dancers, aerialists, jugglers and hand balancers all come together at this circus!
Tangled Threads: This dynamic duo will delight and amaze audiences everywhere through an ever-evolving repertoire that includes music, dance, stilt walking, juggling, clowning and much more.
Aerial Arts Circus Show:  Everyone loves a good act – especially if the aerial acrobats have mind-blowing and nail-biting mid-air tricks.

Now that you know more about Esmeralda’s Traveling Circus here’s your chance to enter our Blog Giveaway.

Esmeralda’s Traveling Circus Giveaway
Four any-day admission tickets
Four RCS ride wristbands
1 Parking Pass

To enter our contest, leave a comment on this blog post telling us why you want to attend the Fair this year! Winner will be announced Sunday, Sept. 13 on this blog at 5 p.m. 

Good luck, everyone!

Congratulations to Claire Michelson for being selected as today’s blog giveaway winner. Neither Claire nor her family have been to the Fair in the last 10 years, so we are glad to be welcoming them back.

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2015 LACF Scavenger Hunt – #LACFScavengerHunt

Yes, you heard correctly! Our Scavenger Hunts are back, and boy are we excited to be giving away dozens of prices! Play with us August 22-23 and 29-30 to get your FREE LACF goodies.
How LACF Scavenger Hunt works:
Someone from our Marketing/Communications team will come to work on the weekend, pick up one of our Fair vehicles and drive out to different locations throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riveriside or Orange County with Fair admission tickets, concert tickets, carnival ride passes, lunch bags, Hot Blog On A Stick t-shirts and so much more! Sounds like a good deal, right? Well, it is! However, just know that it will require you to pay close attention to all of our clues and instructions if you want to win.
Speaking of clues and instructions, it is crucial for you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you don’t miss any of the photo clues we post at the different locations.
Clues will be revealed every hour, on the hour beginning at 10 a.m. each day of the scavenger hunt. Only two (2) LACF scavenger hunt locations will be active per day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Things you need to do:
1. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you don’t do this, you’ll miss out on great prizes. We will be using #LACFScavengerHunt, so keep that in mind when you are following us on our adventures.
2. Get moving! Every clue is equally important in this game because it will lead you closer to the prize destination.

What's inside these bags? Play with us for your chance to win really cool LACF prizes!

3. Find our LACF representative and collect your prize!
***Prizes will be give out on a first come, first serve basis. We will post a “secret” password on the final clue that you’ll need to know to prove you’ve been playing.
4. Take lots of pictures at the different locations and share them with us on social media using #LACFScavengerHunt!
Full LACF Scavenger Hunt Terms & Conditions are here.

We’re coming your way…
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WINNER!! FINAL Daily Giveaway!

We have our final winner for this season’s daily giveaway! Congratulations to… Michelle Orosco! Our last prize pack of two Fair tickets, two ride passes, food bucks and blog tees will be given to you to enjoy these last two days of Fair.
Thank you again to EVERYONE who participated. We wish we had enough giveaway prizes for all of you. It has been a blast hearing from you and we do love all of your comments 🙂 Keep checking the blog for the flurry of activity we have going on this weekend!
There are only TWO days of Fair left after this! This is our final daily giveaway of the season and we want to make sure you have a blast when you get here. As usual, this prize pack includes two Fair admission tickets, two ride passes, food bucks ($10 in value), a parking pass and two blog tees.
All you need to do is tell us (and this is a question we have asked here before…)

What is the official name of our blog?

We will announce the winner by tomorrow morning so if you want to enjoy the last weekend of Fair, this is the perfect time to do it 🙂 Go, go, go!

Daily Giveaway #8: Chicken Charlie Fun Fact

We have a winner! Congratulations Shelley to for being Wednesday’s Daily Giveaway recipient! Chicken Charlie’s newest creation is deep-fried cereal, along with his deep-fried cookie dough 🙂 We already can’t wait to see what he comes up with next year!
Friday is our LAST giveaway for these prize packs but check back later today for a chance to win. Thank you for participating!
We are on Day One of the last week of Fair! If you’re still feeling the need for some carnival speed or just haven’t gotten around to visiting us yet, the giveaway is a fun way to take a chance and see if you can score two free tickets, two ride passes, food bucks, blog tees and even free parking today!
There are plenty of things left to enjoy at the Fair and it’s no secret that Chicken Charlie is a well-known staple. For our eighth giveaway we are going to ask a little trivia question about the man and his inventions:

Chicken Charlie introduced two new deep-fried treats to us this year. One was deep-fried cookie dough. What was the second novelty?

Leave your answer in the comment box below. A winner will be selected at the end of the day and will be announced tomorrow morning.
Go, go, go!

WINNERS! Daily Giveaway Special #2 : Tell Us Your Thoughts

Congratulations to Yvette, Amy and Marcus for being selected as winners for the Giveaway Special!
Yvette’s top three include the Ferris wheel, deep-fried food and the zebras. Amy enjoys America’s Kids, Stingray Island and the Big Red Barn while Marcus loves the Hot Dog On A Stick fare, Dr. Bob’s Handcrafted Ice Cream and seeing all the animals!
Thank you again to all who participated. It’s the LAST week of the Fair and we want to give as many prize packs away as possible! Check back here today, Thursday and Friday for our final giveaways.
Only FIVE more days of the Fair! As before, this giveaway will extend from today (Sunday) through Wednesday when we choose a winner. This is our last special triple giveaway so we thought we would keep it super simple:

What are your TOP 3 must-dos at the L.A. County Fair?

Tell us in the comment box below! We will select three winners at random and will announce who won on Wednesday. We only have a few more giveaways after that so make sure to participate 🙂
Have fun and good luck!

WINNER! Daily Giveaway #4: Don't Stop Believin'

DSB takes the stage.

We have our winner for Wednesday’s Daily Giveaway! Congratulations to Kelsey!
Thank you again to everyone who participated. Check back here later today for our next daily giveaway–and as before, it’s still the complete prize pack of tickets, ride passes, food bucks and blog tees :)
Check back soon!
Only 10 days of the Fair left and it’s time for our fourth Daily Giveaway.
This weekend was a busy one (not to mention hot!) While the temperatures have gone down, the excitement is still on the rise. This Sunday I headed down to the Coca-Cola Stage to check out the Journey cover band DSB.
Lots of energy, plenty of talent and a perfect way to end the week. Rocking out to some of Journey’s best hits inspired this next giveaway.
So, for a chance to win today’s batch of free tickets, parking passes, ride passes, food bucks and blog tees, all you have to do is finish the second half of these lyrics in the comment box below…

“Just a small town girl…”

Have fun! 😀

Daily Giveaway: Would you rather… **CONTEST CLOSED**

We have a winner! Congratulations to Nikki!!! You have received two Fair passes, two ride passes, food bucks and two Hot Blog On A Stick tees! We are looking forward to seeing you at the Fair.
And in case anyone was curious, Nikki said she would rather eat cookie dough all month than be on a Tilt-A-Whirl for 2 hours straight.
Thank you to everyone for participating in our first daily giveaway! Check back later this afternoon for our next contest. You never know, you could be next 🙂


Okay, it’s time to launch our first Daily Giveaway!
For your chance to win two Fair tickets, two ride passes, food bucks and two Hot Blog On A Stick tees, leave your answers to this question in the comment box below:

Would you rather eat deep-fried cookie dough every day for every meal for a month or be stuck on a Tilt-A-Whirl for two hours straight?

Answer in the comment box and we will select the winner at random! Contest closes tonight at 11:59 p.m. (PST) and the winner will be announced at NOON tomorrow!
Good luck!