MonthSeptember 2008

Thanks for Everything! See You in '09!

As we close the gates to the 2008 L.A. County Fair, we want to say thanks to all our visitors, vendors, entertainment and everyone who played a role in this grand event. What a show! We had pirates, puppy dogs, Barbie, Spiderman, goats, pigs, hot dogs on sticks, deep-fried everything, shopping, whirly twirly rides – wow! There were many highlights and we hope you all had a great time! See you next year.

Where Are You? Last 2 Days!

So, it’s the last weekend of the L.A. County Fair. Better hurry up and get over here! The weather isn’t too bad – this evening will be perfect! Tonight we have LG World Championships of Freestyle Motocross, tomorrow night Gavin Rossdale and Lifehouse.
It’s your last chance to see A Pirate’s Life, all the animals in FairView Farms (I heard we have a 26 lb. rabbit out there!), ride down the Giant Slide and enjoy life a little.
We had our last parade today and the Fair-ey Blogster had a chance to ride atop the Pirate Ship float. Lots of fun, everyone had a great time, the crowd loved getting the Mardi Gras beads we tossed to them. See, why would you want to miss this?

Heaven on a Stick

I, the Fair-ey Blogster, have been so busy this Fair, i haven’t had a chance to indulge in the one thing I have been pining over – my beloved Hot Dog on a Stick. Well, I suffer no more! In between covering some contests, I stopped in front of that glorious white, blue, red and yellow stand that seems to glow with a mighty light, a gladly plopped down my $7 and ordered a hot dog on a stick and a lemonade! Aaaahhhhh! I heard angels sing with the first bit of the perfectly crunchy breading.
As the Fair-ey Blogster is a little shy, I had Gingy step in for me in the photo. Wow. We are so rushed with our busy lives, we forget to appreciate the little things – the beauty of a sunset over Santa Monica pier, the soft, silky warmth of a kitten’s coat, the delight in seeing your child wiggle her first loose tooth, a hot dog coated in breading them deep fried. What a wonderful world!

How Hellenic of Us!

The Trojan Horse Tournament ends tomorrow with the unveiling of the three trojan horses that have been constructed by teams of artists since the Fair began. Winners will be announced at 4:30 p.m. Saturday at the Millard sheets Center for the Arts. Since Sept. 5, three teams have welded, glued, taped and secured in other ways pieces of metal, wood and other material to make their masterpieces. Look:

First place gets $3,000; second, $2,000; and third, $1,000. Come out and see who wins.

Lots of Bull at the Fair

Tonight, Adrenaline Nights goes extremely extreme with professional bull riders taking over Fairplex Park. The Guilherme Marchi Classic Professional Bull Riders show begins at 8 p.m. Marchi himself is vying to keep his top spot. Including him, the top 5 rides in the sport will be here. Tickets are still available!!


Last night was the Great American SPAM Championship here at the L.A. County Fair and what delicious delectables the participants made! Coming in first place in the adult category was Gina Kratky with SPAM eggrolls. She moves on to the national championships in Hawaii! Congrats! Coming in first in the kid category was Mallory Sitz of Covina with her SPAM dip. So what’s the mystique with SPAM? Why is it the most beloved canned meat in the world? This is what the kids had to say:


The SPAM bit from Monty Python has always been a favorite of mine (I love you Terry Jones!) and helped make the gelatinous canned-meat delight a household name to another generation.
Well, we at the LA County Fair would like to think we are introducing the rectangular good-right-out-of-the-can specialty to yet another generation. That’s right – it’s time for the Great American SPAM Championship – with youth and adult divisions! This Wednesday, 7 p.m. sharp, at the Culinary Styles Gourmet Kitchen, presented by Sparkletts, judges will huddle and compare notes at they taste amazing appetizers prepared from the delectable, unforgettable, porkalicious canned crazed known as SPAM. The winner of the Fair’s competition will be headed to the national finals with an opportunity to be named King or Queen of SPAM! Past contestants here at the Fair have made some pretty interesting dishes – SPAM sushi, SPAM quiche and SPAM-stuffed pasta shells.
FYI, did you know that in the U.S., 3.8 cans of SPAM are consumed every second? Or that Hawaii has the highest SPAM consumption per capita in the world? Wow.

Last Week – Be There, Be Square

Can you believe we are rolling into the last week of the LA County Fair? How many times have you been here already, three, four, five? If you haven’t been yet, then shake a leg! It’s been great so far – attractions, exhibits, magic, food, shopping!! The End of Summer Concert and Adrenaline Nights series has been great (saw Berlin and the Bangles last week – Berlin was fantastic! Teri Nunn looked great, sounded great. Sang all my favorites! She went into the audience, atop someone’s shoulders, for the last song, “Take My Breath Away” from Top Gun). This week it’s Guilherme Marche’s Professional Bull Riders, the Gap Band, Motocross and on Sunday Lifehouse and Gavin Rossdale – whoo hoo!
There are still several ways to get great discounts on tickets so check out our Web page. It’s the last five days! Don’t miss out!!!!

Make Your Pearly Whites Whiter at the Fair

Did you know you can get your teeth whitened at the Fair? Walking around the shopping buildings, I found some interesting items. So here is my second blog on interesting products:
1) Teeth Whitening by BleachBright – for only $99, get a brighter smile in 15 to 20 minutes. Dental chair and everything. Can be found in Building 6, booth 6230.
2) Decorated Solar Lights – the coolest twins at the Fair, Bebe and Mimi run All Seasons Promotions, booth 6313 in Building 6. They have a ton of neat products, lots of sports things (great Xmas gift for the sports fan on your list – sports team Christmas wreaths), some Halloween stuff. I loved the solar lights for yards, decorated with simulated tree stumps and other fun things like fairies, frogs, gnomes. $65, real cute.
3) Also in Building 6, right in the middle, Mom’s Chocolate Chip cookies, made on the premises (smells soooo good) with Ghirardelli chocolate.
4) On Sycamore Street, for teens, decorate your own belt. Cool idea.
5) 10 Wicks – wicks are placed in wax crystals which look like glass. each wick burns for 10 hours, fragrance-free, no smoke, no soot. Buy just the wicks and crystals and make your own creation out of a vase or wine class, or buy a decorative wooden candle box from them. These are really nice, very elegant looking. Wax crystals are white, but can be colored. Building 4, check ’em out.