Hi everyone out there in the world of blogging! Let me be the first (ok… maybe the 2nd) to welcome you to the very first L.A. County Fair blog and to congratulate you on being in the loop with all the latest and greatest Fair news. Let me introduce myself… I’m Amy or to all of you, Fair-e-crafty…get it? Sounds like very crafty.

Every year our AMAZING Team puts together the most spectacular Fair I have ever seen and this year is no different.  For 2008 we have so many new attractions and competitions that you can almost taste the excitement.

Speaking of tasting things…. I must admit that one of my favorite things about the Fair is the food! But did you know that not only can you eat all of the marvelous Fair food during your visits, but you can watch and/or compete in our many contests and competitions in Culinary Styles??  I know… I’ve just opened another door to the wonders of the Fair… no need to thank me… it’s my pleasure!

Culinary Styles and Tapestry are both located in The Village on Broadway.  This marvelous neighborhood houses a huge portion of the Fair’s contests and competitions. Here the world is your oyster! You can spend an hour or even a day exploring the many wonders of the creative mind!

Have you ever wondered how people get the opportunity to display their fabulous works of art in The Village on Broadway?? It’s through our competitions, so log on to lacountyfair.com and view them all.  

So strap on your creative cap and join us in some of the Fair’s most fabulous competitions!  I’ll see you there!    


  1. WOW! Fairey Blogster, love the blog name, your name, and the blog site in general is so intelligently, witty, colorfully done. Awesome job, kudos to you. I click, click, and click around your site and everything is so organized and easy to find, thank you. I can hardly wait for the competitions Food, I am seriously thinking of competeing in the baking competition, not so sure regarding the quilting? Although I am pretty good, maybe. Looking to have a great time at the Fair with my whole family!

  2. love to see all the items that are homemade.

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