You Know You Want a Blue Ribbon

Sure, the Fair is still six months away but it’s not too early to be thinking of entering your best cookie or salsa recipe or your best photograph into one of our fun & exciting contests and competitions. Entries are open for all categories in Culinary Styles, Tapestry and America’s Kids. You look great in blue (ribbon, that is), so what are you waiting for?

Culinary Styles features preserved foods, baked goods and several specialty categories like cheesecake recipe, all-American pie, BBQ, cupcakes and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Every year the judges have a blast tasting all the goodies, and Fairguests love seeing who runs away with a first place. Deadlines for entry are:

  • Preserved foods – June 25
  • Baked goods and other featured contests - Aug. 2
  • Tablescaping – July 19 (hurry, this one fills up fast!)

Tapestry, which includes jewelry, arts & crafts, needle art and photography, has a June 25 deadline.

America’s Kids is themed A Living Library of Fun (part 2) – a continuation of last year’s fun adventure where books came to life. Competitions include magic shoes (turn an ordinary pair of shoes into something spectacular), build a model hot air balloon, creative cakes, build a scarecrow, crafts, writing and so much more. Deadline for America’s Kids competitions is June 27.

Details, including rules & regulations and entry forms, for all the contests and competitions can be found at

Ok, ready, set – cook and create!


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The most delicious food competition yet

Today’s food competition was all about the chocolate: Chocolate chip cookies and brownies, that is. Walking into Culinary Styles is like a waft of heaven with the warm, inviting scents of freshly baked cookies and rich, chocolaty brownies drifting towards your nose. I have to say, I envy the judges of their job yesterday!

Frank n Chips

In first place for chocolate chip cookies was David Miller, Los Angeles with his Gramercy recipe, a gooey sweet treat that made the judges coo in delight. Second place went to Jessica Kubel, Monrovia for her unique chocolate bacon toffee cookies. In third was Maya Howard, Montclair for her fun Frank n Chips cookies, getting into the spirit of Fall with a classic Halloween character.

The brownies were equally fun to look at. Danielle Buckland from Ontario snagged first with her Blondies brownies creation. Jessica Kubel took second again with her white chocolate mixture!

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Enter Your Creations in the Fair – Win a Blue Ribbon!

Hey howdy hey my L.A. County Fair peeps – been awhile, I know! The good thing about that is I now have a few new words to add to my lexicon of Fair exclamations like “winning!” and “tigerblood!”, although I may change that to “Thummerblood!” OK, maybe not. Anyway, we are getting ready for the 2011 Fair (Sept. 3 – Oct. 2)and first up that means our contests and competitions are open and ready to accept your amazing entries! Winning! (Dang, can’t stop saying that!).

Whether you are a cook, crafter, quilter, collector, artist or ceramicist – we have a contest for you. There are different entry deadlines for each department, so make sure you check out the rules and regulations on

America’s Kids, for our younger participants and families, is themed Surrounded by Science and features a number of contests encompassing science. Some of the competitions include Build a Molecule and Design an Insect. Don’t miss the culinary contests and agriculture and harvest fun. Family contests include family portrait painting and talent show. One year two sisters sang “Popular” from Wicked and it was truly…wicked! There’s the silly sock amoeba sewing contest and even a video production contest for all those future Spielbergs and Apatows.

In Culinary Styles we have all your faves – best pie, best chocolate chip cookie, cupcakes – so be sure to check out the website for a list of all the cooking/baking/preserves categories.

In Tapestry, enter a decorated Christmas tree or a scrapbook page. Tapestry also hosts the photography contest, so get your Annie Liebovitz on and start snapping.

Remember: different contests/competitions have different deadlines. So, hurry up! Enter already! Betcha’ my blue ribbon’s bigger than yours!

Keep checking back for more news on the 2011 L.A. County Fair.

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Volunteers stitch success of ‘Warm Up America’ project at the Fair

Knitting and crocheting fans donated more than 1,000 blocks to this year’s “Warm Up America” project at the Fair. For more than a decade, thousands of 7”x 9” knitted or crocheted blocks have been collected by Fair volunteers to assemble into beautiful afghans and distributed to homeless shelters all over Los Angeles and Orange County.

Sixteen blocks were assembled into each individual afghan, to create more than 60 blankets. Volunteers, including the three pictured here – Yolanda Mahler of Los Angeles, Edda Broderick of Claremont and Janice Ogata of La Crescenta – who worked in the Knitting Lounge located in Tapestry on the project.

Yolanda Mahler of Los Angeles, Edda Broderick of Claremont and Janice Ogata of La Crescenta volunteered for the "Warm Up America" project at the Fair.

Volunteers also taught crocheting and knitting to Fairguests who stopped by the Lounge – an inviting, homey, living room of creativity. In fact, said Broderick, not only afghans have been “built” at the Fair, but so do friendships that continue year-round.

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Tapestry Competition Entry Forms Due June 29!

tapestryArtsy-crafty folks need to download forms now to enter the 2010 Tapestry competition at the Los Angeles County Fair.

Forms may be downloaded from here, but must be mailed back with fees postmarked no later than Tuesday, June 29 to LA County Fair, The Village on Broadway/Tapestry, P.O. Box 2250, Pomona, CA 91769.

Fees are $2 per entry for works submitted in the featured Tapestry competitions:
• Arts & Crafts
• Clothing & Textiles
• Jewelry
• Needle Art
• Pottery
• Quilting

Specific class information for each competition is also available online.

Entry deadlines are also June 29 for Tapestry featured contests – Christmas Tree Contest, Men Knit Too, Quilt Block Challenge, Project Hatway Contest, Warm Up America, and Help A Child Smile.

Entry items must be delivered between 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, July 13, to The Village on Broadway/Tapestry at Fairplex, 1101 W. McKinley Ave., Pomona, CA 91768. Check in through Gate 1 off of White and McKinley, and follow signs to the drop-off area.

For more information, call Amy Pond-Cirelli at or at

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Hey Fair Fans! Time to Enter Our Contests!

contestHowdy hey to all my L.A. County Fair blog followers. It has been a long time - we’ve been working hard since the last day of the 2009 Fair to prepare a fantastic 2010 Fair! You definitely will not be disappointed! We have tons of new things in store – but more on that later. I am here to tell you to get your best recipe, paint your best art work and create the best scrapbook page ever – then enter it into one of the Fair’s contests and competitions. Just about every contest is now open for entries – in America’s Kids, Culinary Styles and Tapestry.

America’s Kids’ theme for 2010 is A Time Long Ago, centered on Mtiger-cakeedieval times. Contests include a Build a Knight craft and Fairy Tale writing. There are also decorate a crown and create a shield competitions. With a theme like this, there are so many ways to be creative and bold! What fun!

Tapestry has great contests in knitting, arts & crafts, clothing & textiles, jewelry, pottery and the ever-popular quilting. There is also the Men Knit, Too contest!

My personal favorite – Culinary Styles - has some great categories this year. Enchiladas, cupcakes, homemade pizza, best pumpkin recipe – oh my gosh! It’s going to be a major FoodFest! Some ol’ favorites are coming back – best cheesecake, salsa, all american pie. I love watching the judging on Culinary Styles – the contestants pace with anticipation, try to read the judges’ feelings in their facial expressions – it’s a hoot.

Deadlines are different for the competitions, so be sure to check the Web site for all the details.

So, wait are you waiting for? Sign up already!

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Join the Fun


Do you enjoy the thrill and excitement of competition? Does the sight of a blue ribbon make your heart skip a beat? If this is you, then you are in for a treat!

All contests and competitions for this year’s L.A. County Fair are now posted on our site, and there is a contest or competition for everyone. For those of you who are masters of the culinary kitchen, you can enter everything from baked & preserved foods to homemade wine, homemade beer, and even tablescaping! However, if your passion is for fashion, decor, quilting, knitting, pottery, art, scrapbooking, or even jewelry, then Tapesty is your place to shine.

Hundreds of people enter every year and you can too. Join us in The Village on Broadway and you’ll be amazed at how much fun you will have!

 If you are under 18, check out America’s Kids - there are amazing competitions just waiting for you!
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Hi everyone out there in the world of blogging! Let me be the first (ok… maybe the 2nd) to welcome you to the very first L.A. County Fair blog and to congratulate you on being in the loop with all the latest and greatest Fair news. Let me introduce myself… I’m Amy or to all of you, Fair-e-crafty…get it? Sounds like very crafty.

Every year our AMAZING Team puts together the most spectacular Fair I have ever seen and this year is no different.  For 2008 we have so many new attractions and competitions that you can almost taste the excitement.

Speaking of tasting things…. I must admit that one of my favorite things about the Fair is the food! But did you know that not only can you eat all of the marvelous Fair food during your visits, but you can watch and/or compete in our many contests and competitions in Culinary Styles??  I know… I’ve just opened another door to the wonders of the Fair… no need to thank me… it’s my pleasure!

Culinary Styles and Tapestry are both located in The Village on Broadway.  This marvelous neighborhood houses a huge portion of the Fair’s contests and competitions. Here the world is your oyster! You can spend an hour or even a day exploring the many wonders of the creative mind!

Have you ever wondered how people get the opportunity to display their fabulous works of art in The Village on Broadway?? It’s through our competitions, so log on to and view them all.  

So strap on your creative cap and join us in some of the Fair’s most fabulous competitions!  I’ll see you there!    

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