Shopping at the LA County Fair

I’m sure everybody knows a shop-a-holic, or two. Who knows, you may be the shop-a-holic. If you are, and if you have no intention of finding a remedy for this problem, I suggest you come to the Fair and take a look at our vendors’ products. Expo Hall 4 is filled booths to look at, things to taste, clothes to try on and novelties to take home to your loved ones.

Here are some of the things I saw earlier today when I stopped by the shopping halls:

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LACF’s Shopping Wonderland + GIVEAWAY [CONTEST CLOSED]

We have a winner! Congratulations to Jennifer Hall! Jennifer loves our emoji pillows, jewelry and bed!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest! Don’t forget to follow/like us on FacebookInstagramTwitter for more giveaways! #LACFNaturalHigh

Let’s be honest for a second, yeah?

I love shopping. You love shopping. We all love shopping!

So, if that’s the case, why not come to the LA County Fair and do all of your shopping in ONE place? Forget about going to multiple stores like we usually do when we’re looking for last minute gifts… we really do have everything you need!

In addition to all of the outside vendors, we also have four large shopping centers that include: Buildings 4, 6, 7 and 9. There, you will find dozens of booths to look at, things to taste, clothes to admire, and jewelry to try on. We like to think of it as our Shopping Wonderland!

Earlier this week, we walked through our shopping buildings to see what kinds of products were available to you, and boy were we surprised at all of the options. During our walk, we saw a lot of C R A Z Y  F A B U L O U S things, but we decided to focus on clothing, accessories, household items and toys – you know, the top 4 products that you, our Fair guests, have asked to see in our buildings year after year.

Since we know most of you enjoy picnics, jewelry and buying things for your homes, we decided to partner with American Home Remodeling, Correas Wholesale and PicnicPal to bring you one very special LACF giveaway:

LACF Shopping Wonderland Giveaway

4 Any-Day Admission Tickets
12 Single RCSFun carnival rides
1 LACF Swag Basket, provided by Correas Wholesale
1 PicnicPal - Food Protective Tent
1 Brand New Shower Head System, provided by American Home Remodeling

To enter, leave a comment below telling us your favorite products at our Shopping Wonderland! The winner will be announced Friday, Sept. 25 at 2 p.m. PST.

Here is what we saw during our walk through the buildings:):

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Last Chance to #discoverLACF

With only one day left to visit LACF, I decided it was time to go on the grounds and talk to some guests about their top four things to do while at the Fair— also known as LACF’s Fantastic Four. Ready to have some fun? I hope so, because we are about to go over some of fair-comers’ all-time favorite things to enjoy.

4. The Farm: Our farm was recently expanded to 5 acres, which means we have a lot more things for you to enjoy! In addition to petting over 150 animals and learning how ice cream and butter are made, you could cheer pigs as they race to the finish line, learn about Zonkeys and Zorses, or catch a live birth. I’m not lying about the live births…just watch this!

3. Flower & Garden Pavilion: Can you think of anything at LACF that smells better than our Flower & Garden Pavilion? Didn’t think so. This year’s flowers and plants are absolutely breathtaking and unique. See for yourself.

2. Shopping: LACF is home to the largest shopping place in the West, hosting more than 1,000 booth spaces and offering tens of thousands of items. No wonder more than 75 percent of Fair attendees come to shop while at LACF. From everyday home appliances to automobiles and spas, we have it all.

1. Luminasia and Mojo’s Lagoon: This brand new and unique Chinese lantern exhibit features thousands of lights in an extraordinary display of engineering and larger than life characters. As you walk through the exhibit you will see dragons, pagodas, coral reefs, a replica of the Statue of Liberty, and so much more! If you need something to do before Luminasia opens its doors at 6 p.m., you could very well stop by Mojo’s Wild and Crazy Lagoon. Some of the exotic animals you will see include but are not limited to crocodiles, camels, zebras, hedgehogs, monkeys and snakes. Definitely worth the time and seeing your child smile.

Remember to use #discoverLACF when you stop by the Fair in the next few hours or tomorrow. Happy last two days!

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Last Week of Fair! (Are you ready?)

Wednesday is the start of our last week of the 2012 Fair. This month just flew by; it seems like only yesterday that we were opening the gates, setting up the rides and exhibits and starting on the blogging for the season. Whether you are visiting us for the first time or one last time this year there are a couple things you should know about the last week:

1. If you’re all about the thrills at the Fair make sure to take advantage of our “All You Can Ride Wednesday” promotion–$25 gets you admission into the Fair AND unlimited access to the carnival rides. Click here for more details.

2. Friday is the final portion of Battle of the Bands! 8 of the 19 original high school/college contenders remain and will compete for cash prizes and a coveted spot at the 2013 Vans Warped Tour. Come out and support your favorites at the Coca-Cola Stage and find out who wins!

3. UCLA Day is this Saturday! If you’re a Bruins fan come out, watch the game and enjoy a Saturday with fellow alumni, faculty and/or classmates :)

4. Whether its the rides, the animals, the shows or the shopping that you want to squeeze in, this is your last chance to do it! Just don’t go as crazy as these guys did… or well, maybe you can.

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Sunday Funday Shopping

Amongst the flurry of activity going on at the Fair today, Plaza de las Americas has come to life with the Festival Latinoamericano de Arte y Folklore. The festival is going on from today (Sept. 2) until tomorrow and it’s jam packed with talented musicians, fun shopping booths and other activities. The Plaza de las Americas stage brings talent from all over South  America including Belize and Guatemala. With acts changing every 20 minutes or so there was plenty of singing and dancing to go around.

Plaza de las Americas Stage

Plaza de las Americas Stage

I especially loved looking at all the booths–so many colorful blankets, unique jewelry and festive pieces! Guitars, home decor and other items were also on display.

Earrings made with coffee beans.

This crafty little ornament caught my attention. The owls are adorable.

There were tons of other fun things to look at. Of course, it didn’t hurt that King Taco was right around the corner or that the tantalizing smells coming from the Chuck Wagon filled the air too!



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In order for you Fair fiends (hey, Gaga has Little Monsters, the Fair-ey Blogster has Fair Fiends) to get an idea of how we transform our 543-acre grounds into the world’s largest county fair, I’m going to share some transformation photos with you. While the conceptualizing and planning of each Fair begins a year or two or three in advance, the physical metamorphosis is a process that begins in earnest right about now – two months out. Since we have other shows going on at Fairplex up until close to the Fair’s opening, there is limited time to get our construction groove on. Sure, our team does what they can throughout the year to get ready for Fair. But, now, it’s Crazy Time! Take a look at the before:

The center of the grounds. In 66 days, this area will be filled with the thrills and adrenaline of Ray Cammack Shows’ great carnival. Right now it’s an empty space, although last Saturday it was used for FUN Decanted, the great wine, beer, spirits and food truck festival we had. The carnival area was moved closer into the heart of the fairgrounds last year. All shopping was moved to the Shopping Place, which guests really enjoyed – all shopping in one location. This year we’ll have 50 new vendors and more than 100 new products, including the Blizzie, which turns any drink into a slushy!

To your right here is the facade of the Wine & Spirits Marketplace. Looks pretty cool, huh? WSM houses the Fair’s wine education program, including tastings of our award-winning wine, beer and extra virgin olive oil and classes with some of the best wine experts in the world. It’s a great place to hang out for a bit, with gourmet food and Dr. Bob’s Ice Cream available inside.

Wilderness Ridge will allow our guests to explore the Great Outdoors. Here you’ll find lumberjack shows, Grizzly Falls and the new Welde’s Big Bear Expedition with live bears!

Looking north on Broadway. The Grandstand awaits horse racing and the End of Summer Concert Series. Outdoor Living will be on the left of Broadway with all the amenities for making your backyard great (spas, bbqs). The Sky Ride will take visitors on a leisurely romp up and down Broadway and Palm.

There is still much work to do. Return for some more “before” photos as the excitment builds (literally!) to Opening Day. Then visit the Fair Sept. 3-Oct. 2 and take your own “after” pix.

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Why, Yes, I Do Enjoy Shopping at the Fair, Thank You

Unfortunately for Mr. Fair-ey Blogster, I love to shop at the Fair. It’s my favorite thing about the Fair (with the exception of eating a Hot Dog on a Stick). I love to walk through the shopping halls and see what interesting items I can buy and what’s new. Got my mom a tortilla warmer a few fairs back and I always get a chamois.

The great thing about this year is that we’ve concentrated all shopping in one location. The Shopping Place will have vendors in the buildings and along the outside thoroughfares. I went out there this morning to get a sneak peek:

Check out more on shopping here.

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No GPS Needed to Navigate Our Fair

When you visit the L.A. County Fair this year, you’ll notice something is a little different. Actually, a LOT of things are different! We’ve been building, moving, grading, shifting and lifting many things around the grounds to make all areas of the Fair easier for our guests to navigate. We are shaping up beautifully and I think you are going to love the results! It’s like we went to a 12-month Day Spa and came back refreshed and ready to greet our more than one million guests.

The first big change you’ll notice is the carnival has moved a bit southeast. It will be located closer to the center of the fairgrounds, in between the Flower & Garden Pavilion and the grandstand. The Grandstand Pavilion shopping area and the bbqs and spas have moved to make way for the carnival. The fabulous Ray Cammack Shows carnival will be back again for its 26th year with all the great rides, games and food you’ve come to enjoy – just in a new locale!

For all you shopaholics like me, we’ve located all the shopping in one convenient spot – the Shopping Place. This isn’t completely new. The Shopping Place has always been located in the shopping buildings. But now ALL products and vendors will be in that neighborhood, including along the thoroughfares between the buildings. There will be the Shopping Shuttle Express, presented by Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics, that will take shoppers from Yellow Gate and back. The Grandstand Pavilion was removed to make way for the carnival, so all vendors who were in the pavilion are now at the Shopping Place.

The Sunset Cabana is gone, replaced by Outdoor Living, were all the spas and bbqs will be located. This is located on Broadway, near the clock tower.

A Pirate’s Life has moved to behind the Shopping Place, near Red Gate. Esmeralda’s Traveling Circus, a new attraction, will be on Redwood Street. Behind the circus will be the new Gypsy Camp, near the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel and Red Gate entrance. The camp will be full of unusual and strange sights to behold!

See? Lots of new things in new settings. I know you will love it! Forty-four days!

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Happy Holidays and What Do You Want in 2010?

That’s right – we aren’t asking you what you want this holiday season (although we hope you get everything on your list) but what you want to see at the L.A. County Fair in 2010. Our diligent Commercial Sales Department is very interested in wanting to hear what types of vendors you would like to see next year and what types of products would interest you.

Shopping is one of the best parts of the Fair – we have so many different things to choose from. So let us know what you like and what we can add if you didn’t see what you wanted this past Fair.

Our motto – Shop ’til you drop, baby, shop ’til you drop.

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T-minus 5 Days!!!!!!

Do you realize we are down to the last five days before the start of the L.A. County Fair?! Hope you don’t have any plans for Labor Day as we are opening Labor Day weekend – the first time ever! Beginning Saturday, you will have 23 opportunities to visit us.

Here is what you have to look forward to:
* Hot Dog on a Stick
* End of Summer Concert Series – Our popular live entertainment series begins with Al Green and in between we have Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, Leann Rimes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Beach Boys, Gap Band, Pat Benatar, action sports, Monster Trucks, Donna Summer – oh, so much fun.
*Jurassic Planet – Dinos come to life at the Fair.
*The best carnival around.
*Award-winning wines, spirits and beer at the Wine & Spirits Marketplace.
*Shopping, shopping shopping.
*Food, food, food – everything from the Meat Lover’s Ice Cream Cone to the Zucchini Weenie to Dino Ribs, everything on a stick, deep-fried, dipped in chocolate, international flavors…ah!

And so much more. This year we are synonymous with value – we have so many discounts and promotions, you don’t ever have to pay full price to get into the Fair!!

We’re so excited! Can’t wait to see you. Meet ya at the Clocktower. Or at Hot Dog on a Stick. Or at Tasty Chips. Or in front of the muttaburrasaurus. Or at Gateway to Africa. Or on the Zipper!!!!!!



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