Fair Food Friday: Dessert Heaven

Earlier this year we covered some of our favorite Fair food items, including the Affogato as a top dessert choice.

Now that we’ve had a few days to sink our teeth (literally) into the rest of our Fair food, we’ve compiled a list of our must-try desserts. Take a look, take a taste:

1. Deep-fried Bacon S’mores (Chicken Charlie’s) 

chicken charlies deep fried smores

Nothing could have prepared us for the decadent heaven that is Chicken Charlie’s deep-fried s’more. Marshmallow and chocolate, perfect offset by savory bacon bits makes this an easy top pick for our sweet tooth cravings. Find it at any of Charlie’s booths at the Fair!

2. Candied Apples (Terri’s Berries) 

la county fair desserts

Terri’s Berries features a colorful array of fruit treats, like chocolate-dipped strawberries, fruit smoothies, and one of our favorites — the candied apple! Find it right across from Chicken Charlie’s off of Broadway & Palm!

3. Mexican Funnel Cake 

mexican funnel cake

There are churros. There are funnel cakes. And then there’s this thing called the Mexican Funnel Cake and it is the best of both worlds and then some. Find it on Broadway near the Longboard Bar!

4. Bucket of Cookies (Cathy’s Cookies) 

chocolate chip cookies

A simple idea, but a genius one. Instead of buying a singular chocolate chip cookie, why not buy a whole bucket? Because you can never have enough freshly baked cookies! Visit Cathy’s Cookies on The Farm Road for some good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies (by the bucket!)

5.  Dr. Bob’s Ice Cream 

dr bobs ice cream

We would be remiss if we didn’t give a shout-out to the timeless Dr. Bob’s ice cream! Located near the Big Red Barn, Dr. Bob’s sundaes, cones and other sweets are one of our must haves at every Fair. Sometimes more than once in one season!

Other favorites: Cotton candy, soft-serve ice cream, the churro gelato sandwich, gourmet milkshakes, Chicken Charlie’s deep-fried Oreos and Klondike bars and, of course, the affogato from Fried-A-Fair.

Find all your food favorites using our Food Finder at lacountyfair.com! What are your must-haves? Tell us in the comments below!

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#LACFNaturalHigh Photo Round-Up: The Final Weekend Feels

HOW is Fair 2015 almost over? It seems like only yesterday we were standing in awe of Popnology, walking through Luminasia, and trying Chicken Charlie’s newest deep-fried food.

And yet somehow, four weeks later, we are here at the end of another great run, with a ton of awesome memories to look back on. Here are some of our favorite Fair shots that you all posted:

#LACFNaturalHigh Photo Round-Up Week 4

#1. This amazing photo, which is proof that life is better when there are swings involved:

Photo Cred: @kayla.hackett

#2. This beautiful flat lay of Chicken Charlie’s best:

Photo Cred: @stirandstyle

#3. Okay, so he didn’t actually visit the Fair, but we are so happy Snow the Shepherd got a little doughnut-love from us after his mom came home :)

Photo Cred: @snowtheshepherd

Shout-out to all the fantastic photos you shared that perfectly captured the essence of Fair. We loved seeing them every single day!

If you’re hitting the Fair tomorrow make sure you tag us (@lacountyfair) and use #LACFNaturalHigh — we would love to share in your LACF experience.

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Fair Food Friday: Desserts on desserts on desserts

Tonight we listened to our sweet tooths and went on a smorgasbord of pure sugar…

Dip n' Dots Frappucino

First up, Dr. Bob’s Ice Cream! We’ve been craving a triple-scoop waffle cone since day one and we finally made it over to the Farm for some proper over-indulgence. Yum.

On the way out we encountered our favorite discovery of the day — Dippin’ Dots caramel frappuccinos! Yes, it’s true. And yes, we will be back. (And yes, they taste just as good as the ones at Starbucks ;) )

Next on the list, crepes. Sweet, divine, out-of-this-universe crepes. Tucked away on The Farm Road is a little crepe stand serving a perfect variety of sweet and savory options. We chose the Red White & Blue, a.k.a strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream galore, with a little powdered sugar in the mix.

On the way back to our office we HAD to sample some of these little guys:

Sorbet is probably the “healthiest” dessert we have to offer at the Fair (besides Terri’s Berries) and it’s the perfect refreshment for a warm Friday night. Flavors: coconut, mango, pineapple, strawberry, orange and lemon.

After loading up on ice cream and whipped cream, the tart lemon flavors were the perfect contrast for our palates.

We haven’t event hit the carnival food yet, but we are determined to try the churro gelato and get our cotton candy fix first thing tomorrow (because those are totally acceptable breakfast foods, right?)

That wraps up our Fair Food Friday for the week.

What are your favorite desserts at LACF? Tell us in the comments below!

And as always, share your favorite Fair photos with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using #LACFNaturalHigh. Bon appetit!


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Fair Food Friday: Dinnertime at the Fair

We felt like a sit-down dinner tonight at the Fair and made a beeline for Maria’s Italian Kitchen. A/C and gourmet food seemed like a delicious contrast to the deep-fried fanfare and outdoor fun last week!

First up, Italian garlic fries, paired with the finest of fine sauces: ketchup. Salty, crunchy, 100% satisfying.

maria's italian kitchen For our next course, we went the healthy route with a fresh Italian Green Salad, comprised of greens, tomatoes, garbanzos, cucumbers, olives, carrots, pepperoncinis, cheese and a sprinkling of Italian dressing.

maria's italian kitchen And last, but not least, a heaping pile of spaghetti and meatballs, doused in marinara sauce and cooked to perfection. Bella notte, indeed.

maria's italian kitchen On our way back to the office we passed by Terri’s Berries and couldn’t resist a bowl of chocolate-covered strawberries. Fruit + chocolate = the perfect ending to this Friday night.

marias italian kitchenWalking around eating food on a stick has its charms, but sitting in Maria’s, with the carnival as our backdrop, was prime for this evening.

Where do you like to eat when you come to the Fair? Tell us in the comments below!

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Sunday Funday: All About That Food

Are you a deep-fried fiend or more of an international foodie? Either way, we have you covered here at the LA County Fair.

There are at least a dozen ways to spend a Sunday Funday with us, but today we decided to indulge in some of our newest food concoctions, like the Michelaguas (refreshingly delicious), deep-fried guacamole and the world’s largest of most food items on the planet. Check out our findings:

(FAIR HACK: Use our Food Finder on our website to track down your current cravings!)

What are you most excited to try? Tell us in the comments below! 


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Do Fair employees actually eat Fair food?

Fair employees are at the Fair every day. They walk by the deep-fried goodies at Chicken Charlies, smell the smoke emanating from turkey legs and are exposed to Dip n’ Dots, Pink’s Hot Dogs, 10-pound buns, kettle corn, cotton candy and corn dogs on a daily basis.

You may think you’re indulging when you spend a day eating Fair food, but what about those of us who actually work on the Fairgrounds? Sure we eat our veggies, fruits, protein and complex carbs, but you can bet we like to treat ourselves to Fair food heaven every now and again too.

Don’t believe us? Here’s proof :)


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BBQing it up at the Fair

Poultry, 1st place

The L.A. County Fair is all about fun traditions and we can’t think of a better (or tastier) national pastime than a Labor Day BBQ! Every year we host our annual BBQ competition, which is truly a family affair.

3rd place pork winner Raul describes his dishes to the judges.

From first timers to 18-year veterans, chefs extraordinaire set up their pop-up tents and grills and invite their family and friends to the Fair for an afternoon of grilling and eating in the hopes of winning a ribbon. Set against the backdrop of tractor pulls, a riotous Wild West Stunt Show and our urban farm, the setting is as unique as the dishes that are presented.

The four categories are pork, beef, poultry and fish.

Jason from San Bernardino took first place in the Pork category with his combination of mac & cheese and olive wood. His ribs left a nice, smoky flavor which also earned him the Best Use of Wood ribbon.

In first place for Fish was Kris, hailing all the way from Las Vegas, NV with her bacon wrapped jalapeno shrimp. Kris’ recipe included apple wood chips and hot chili garlic sauce. Her husband Mike also competed with his Big Pappa’s Tri Tip Rub.

Manuel stole first prize in the Beef category with his Tri Tip, Coleslaw and goat cheese. The perfectly cooked beef combined with asparagus won the judges’ hearts.

Poultry only had one entry, but in the words of one of our judges (Chef Leslie), this dish would have taken first for Poultry anyways. John’s turkey tenderloin, complemented by almond and apple wood took first prize and Best In Show. Congrats John!

All in all, the BBQ competition was a wonderful success! All dishes, from 1st to honorable mentions smelled delicious!


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