And the winner is…

 Thank you to everyone who participated in our Musical Theater Mania contest!

We decided to have TWO winners. The first person who responded and the first person who guessed our bonus musical.

Congratulations to Cuznwal and Cortney! You will receive two tickets each to the Fair as well as a Hot Blog On A Stick baseball tee.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! We plan to have plenty of promotions and contests throughout the Fair so be sure to check back with us often.

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Great Opening Day…And it isn’t Over Yet!

Hi All! We’ve had a great opening and it has just started. Dignitaries cut the ribbon to open the day and we just finished with our grand parade. Take a look below:

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15 Minutes Until Gates Open!

We are so excited to welcome all Fair-goers to our grounds! Whether it’s your first time or 90th, whether you come with your family or your friends (or alone, even!) we hope you enjoy your time at the Fair!

Check back here today and tomorrow for full coverage of Opening Day including Fair Food Friday, the ribbon cutting, The Wanted and more! We’ll also announce the winner of our Musical Theater Mania contest today :)

You guys are the best!

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Musical Theater Mania promo!

With the Fair opening on Friday (TOMORROW) it’s time to do some giveaways!

The Flower & Garden Pavilion London exhibit features the West End “Theatreland” of London. Four popular musicals are showcased including props and costumes.

Below are snapshots of each show. Can you guess which ones they are? Using the hints provided (and the help of Google), guess which props go with which show! The first person to comment and get all four musicals correct will win 2 tickets to the Fair AND a free Hot Blog on a Stick baseball tee!

Freebie hint: 3 of the 4 musicals were created by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

A. Show #1

Hint: This musical combines one of the most ancient stories in the world with go-go dancers, spies and… Elvis. Go, go, go Joe!

B. Show #2:

Hint: This musical debuted at West End and continues to be the second longest-running show in Broadway history and the fourth longest in West End musical history. What a Memory…

C. Show #3:

Hint:  This musical features one of the most iconic actresses in history. Though she herself is revered as the epitome of femininity, the character she plays is quite the opposite!

D. Show #4:

Hint: This popular musical opened in the West End in 1986 and continues to be the longest-running Broadway musical in history. The stage production was adapted into a film in 2004.

BONUS Musical: The English-version of this musical debuted in London in 1985 and currently stands as the third longest running musical in history. This musical will be turned into a film starring Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman and other big stars.

Submit your guesses in the comment section! Good luck!

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T-minus 23 hours…

…and we’re almost ready to launch! Rides are being polished, animals are groomed and the smells of BBQ and deep-fried everything permeate the air. We can’t wait to welcome you to our grounds for the 90th anniversary of the Fair!

We walked through the grounds today and thought we’d give you a brief look at all the activity going on. Check it out:

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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fairtime

T-minus 3 days ’til we open. It’s crazy around here – but a good kind of crazy! Check out these pix from earlier today (does it mean anything that I took a lot of shots of food booths?!):


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Good Wine Under $20 and Great Wine Classes at the Fair

The casual wine drinker often doesn’t realize that some really good, inexpensive wine is produced in the United States – it’s not all French and Italian vines that grow the cream of the crop. American-produced wines deserve gold stars. The New York Times recently created a list of 12 Great American wines for $20 or less. Take a look.

Speaking of great wines, the L.A. County Fair will spotlight some amazing wines at the Wine & Spirits Marketplace. Sniff, swirl and taste some of the finest wines and imbibe on award-winning beer at the Marketplace’s wine tasting bar and beer tavern. The wine bar features gold medal-winning wines from the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition. Wine tasting is $3 per taste or five tastes for $12; three tastes in a souvenir glass for $12; five tastes in a souvenir glass for $15; or enjoy a full glass of wine for $6-$12, depending on the wine. In the Beer Tavern, you can sample three 7-oz beers for $10.

A component of the Los Angeles International Wine, Spirits, Beer and Extra Virgin Olive Oil competitions, the Marketplace presents a wine education program that goes beyond just tastings. Each day of the Fair several wine and extra virgin olive oil classes are offered for the general public to participate in, each presented by experts in their field. Wine classes are $17. EVOO classes are $10. Pre-registration is required; register online at Classes include such topics as Wines of the Central Coast with Adam LaZarre; Gimme Some Sugar! Sweet Wines With Cheese with Michael Jordan; and Saké 101 – Japan and its National Brew with Toshio Ueno. See a complete list of classes here.

Of special note, Playboy Mansion executive chef William Bloxsom-Carter will share his food & beverage secrets, along with some other fun tidbits about working at the Mansion, on Sept. 19.

 OK, two free tickets to the Fair to the first person who responds in the comments section: who was the 2012 honorary chairman of the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition?

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This Time Next Week You’ll Be…Here!

I can hardly contain my excitement. We are on a daily countdown to the Fair now. Seven days and it’s go time. Remember, we open at 3 p.m. next Friday (Aug. 31). Admission is $1 from 3-6 p.m. Great after school or work reward. And with our new mobile app, it’s easier than ever to plan your day ahead of time.

To get you just as pumped for Fair as I am, I have a family four-pack of tickets for the first person to respond in the comments section – what are the names of the Fair’s three mascots? Ready, set, go.

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The Final Countdown

As of today there are exactly 8 days left until the Fair opens!

Things are definitely busy here on the grounds. The Fairey Blogster posted a few pics this week and things are continuing to grow! Rides are being built, bears are being moved into Wilderness Ridge, giant clocks are being installed in one exhibit, giant iPhones in another and Chicken Charlie is rolling up his sleeves and getting ready for a month-long deep fried fiesta.

Here are some ways you can be ready for Fair time, just like we are ready for you!

1. Download the (free) L.A. County Fair Mobile App for your phone and check out our list of entertainment and attractions for the day. You can save a lot of time with a glance at the app.

2. Purchase your tickets online! You can now purchase tickets via Facebook. Just go to our Facebook page and find the tab saying Buy Tickets. (There’s a giant arrow guiding you there.) Just select the number of tickets you would like and you’re set!

3. Work up an appetite! The last thing you want to do is show up to the Fair with a belly full of food…

What are you looking forward to this year at the Fair? Tell us in the comment section and we will be sure to blog about it!


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