#DareToFair Photo Round-Up: The Last Week

September 25, 2016

And just like that, we’re on our last day of the 2016 LA County Fair! Between visiting Stanley, exploring Jurassic Planet, and going into food comas on a daily basis, it’s no wonder time flew by. Here is our final photo round-up from your wonderful posts! #DareToFair Photo Round-Up: The Last Week 1. This cool…

Meet the Fairdevil!

August 4, 2016

There’s a lot of planning and effort that goes into the LA County Fair each year, from the selection of deep-fried food to the largest animals on The Farm. The driving force behind all of it? THE FAIRDEVIL. Meet Darnel Pinson, the official Fair Ambassador of Fun. He’s a behind-the-scenes creative mastermind of all things…