LA County Fair FAQs

To read the 2024 LA County Fair FAQs, please visit


Please note that this page is not consistently monitored. If you require an answer in a timely manner, please call the LA County Fair at (909) 623-3111. Thank you.


  1. The season pass for the first 2 weeks. Can you go all 14-days or only day during the first 2 week perked? Please clarify.

    • Hello! The First Two Weeks Season Pass is valid on May 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, and 12. These dates are the first two weeks that we are open.

  2. My friends and I bought our tickets at separate times but can we sit together? Can we move around at the concert?

    • Hello! Our concert area is assigned seating only. You will need to sit in the seat that is assigned on your tickets.

  3. Will the Garfield popup be at the fair every day?

  4. I attended the fair on Thursday May 9th. I am a senior citizen and have walking disability. Both my husband snd I waited 2 hrs for the tram I asked several people who worked at the fair nobody could get a straight answer. You pay a hugh price for parking and entrance. We lost 2 hours. I want my parking paid for on another visit.

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