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Art + Water + LA County Fair = One Fun Experience

September 24, 2016

What happens when art, the LA County Fair and water come together? Simple. A breathtaking art exhibition surrounding water is created for guests to enjoy as they visit this year’s Fair. The Millard Sheets Art Center’s 2016 exhibition The Art Classis: Oasis addresses water as seen through the eyes of Los Angeles artists. The interest in…

Clay Play

September 18, 2015

Did you know that you can take a pottery class here at LACF? Wander down Redwood street, where Thunder Alley is roaring.  To the right, behind the Millard Sheets Art Center, you’ll find it.  Tucked away behind a little courtyard where water gurgles is the ceramics shop.  There, student volunteers will help you make your…

Transgenic Animals – The Art Classic

July 13, 2015

By Guest Blogger, Patrick Bollinger A profile series on the artists and individuals of The Art Classic, one of this year’s exhibitions at the LA County Fair – September 4-27, 2015 “Manipulation. Biotech, cloning, Dolly. Creating our pets. New species, unique breeds. Intensified features and traits.” –Josh Levine from his artist statement. Josh Levine (aka Copyright 1972)…