GIVEAWAY [Contest Closed]+ LA County Fair’s Haunted 66

GIVEAWAY [Contest Closed]+ LA County Fair’s Haunted 66

September 2, 2018

Hey Fair fans!

We are back for another year of the LA County Fair with new and exciting attractions. Haunted 66, the Halloween Super Show is bringing you a spooky September at the Fair. Expo Hall 8 is the perfect place to get your fill of frights with interactive Halloween art, haunted carnival games and unique vendors.

Take a selfie with Michael Myers!


Don’t get carried away!


Haunted carnival games!


But don’t worry, it isn’t too scary for the kids!

Come check out Haunted 66 when you get to the Fair in Expo Hall 8.


Congratulations to our winner Barbara Flores! If she were to travel along Route 66, she would visit the Grand Canyon or go to Donut Man for a strawberry filled donut.

Thank you for playing everyone! Make sure to keep reading the blog, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (lacountyfair), for more chances to win!

Giveaway time! [CONTEST CLOSED]
Where do you want to visit along Route 66?
Comment below for your chance to win a family 4-pack of admission tickets and ride wristbands!
Winners are selected randomly and the contest will close tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 2 at 5 pm PDT.


  1. That would be awesome! fair sounds great this year!

  2. That would be awesome!!

  3. I’d love to visit the Grand Canyon along Route 66! It would be such a wonderful view and experience.

  4. I world love to travel to New Mexico through Route 66 and visit the Petroglyphs National Monument with my family !

  5. I want to visit Donut Man in Glendora! Peep their IG. They look so yummy!! Definitely a must if I get to travel on the 66.

  6. I wanna surprise my family with this giveaway because we barely get to spend any family time together. The LACF is a perfect place to enjoy nice weather, delicious food, and adorable animals! Winning this giveaway will be such an amazing moment for me!

  7. I was lucky enough to drive most of Route 66 on our way to Missouri from California and it was amazing! I collected many small magnets and pictures of our way!

  8. I’d love to win.. my boys love the fair.

  9. Please pick me for the giveaway

  10. I would like to travel all of route 66 from beginning to end making stops in old rustic hotel/motels to take in the whole experience. Please pick me

  11. I would want to go to Galena, Kansas, the town that was the inspiration for the movie Cars!

  12. A place I’ve always wanted to visit is The Cadillac Ranch In Texas.

  13. Shamrock, Texas for the Conoco Tower station! I love Art Deco, Americana and all things Route 66 – this place combines all three, it’s gorgeous! My mother was a proud Texan, visiting here would also remind me of her whom I miss very much.

  14. I would love to visit the whole road, but if I had to choose it would be the Route 66 museum in Clinton, OK.

  15. I would like to visit and stay at the Wigwam Motel in AZ!

  16. Top destination along Route 66 would probably be the Grand Canyon. It is something that the whole family can enjoy!!!

  17. I would most definitely take the historic route 66 through Galena. Crossing it’s historic district and making sure to pass by the famous Kan-O-Tex service station for a fun photo op for the kids.

  18. I will LOVE to take my son to Cadillac ranch’!!

  19. Definitely show the kids Oatman and the wild burros that wander the streets. Then end with a game at Wrigley Field!

  20. The LA County Fair! My kids get a kick that we live close to Route 66. I would love to take my kids to Calico ghost town! I went as a child and think my kids would like it.

  21. I can’t wait to check out the Haunted 66! Love Halloween. Taking my husband and friends!

  22. My destination would be the Grand Canyon as I would like to make a family trip out there with my kids and parents one day soon!

  23. Meteor Crater Natural Landmark!

  24. I would love to visit the starting/end point of Route 66 in Chicago!

  25. I have always wanted to stay on the wigwam hotel, those lil teepees look fun and would be a great start to traveling the route 66

  26. I would like to visit the Grand Canyon as I hear its beautiful!

  27. I would visit Petrified Forest National Park among other destinations on Route 66

  28. I would love to visit the grand Canyon with my sisters. It would create more great memories for us!

  29. Cadillac Ranch or Wrigley Field would on top of my list!

  30. I would love to go to the Wigwam Village Motel (museum). I think my kids would really enjoy it!

  31. a road trip would be awesome…. would go to Grant Park Chicago Illinois

  32. I would love to go to all the inspirational places for the movie Cars. That would be lost of fun.

  33. The Grand Canyon in AZ as I have never been there and would like to.

  34. New Mexico for the churches and cathedrals!!! I didn’t even know about them until I read about it on your blog!!! They look so beautiful.

  35. The Grand Canyon, I would enjoy the beautiful scenery with out cells phones and just take time to experience life out there with my family & dogs

  36. I would like to visit the grand canyon with my family

  37. I would to just get a motor home and drive along route 66 from the West coast to the east coast and see everything in between. That would be the life.

  38. Such a great theme this year. I would love to visit the Grand Canyon with my family hopefully soon. Good luck to everyone!

  39. It is a family tradition of 30 plus years to get everyone together and spend time at the Fair! Our whole looks forward to experiencing all the sights, sounds and food at the Fair! Looking forward to the 2018 Fair!

  40. OMG! OMG! #LACountyFair + #Route66 + #Halloween =Awesome!!! I wanna see the wigwam hotel! or maybe .

  41. Grand Canyon!

  42. My family and I would love to visit the Grand Canyon!! They are so excited to take a tour and ride the river!!!

  43. I love everything about Route 66, would love to bring the family to the fair this year

  44. Twin arrows trading post

  45. I would make a stop at the Wigwam Motel!

  46. Grand Canyon for the hiking and view!!

  47. I would make a stop visit at the Rainbon Rock Shop

  48. The Grand Canyon as I have never been and I would love to one day with my close family and friends!

  49. If I was brave enough definitely the Grand Canyon , but also The Donut Man because I have never been and I hear the donuts are delicious lol would love to try the strawberry stuffed one!

  50. Grand Canyon with my family !

  51. Free admission and rides would be awesome. Money has been tight since the water damage done to our house. It would leave more money for food and fun!

  52. Ooohhhhh haunted 66. Love the fair every year and this is just an added bonus!

  53. I would love to go through Chicago , and check it out and finally home to Cali , it would be amazing for my family

  54. I would love to visit the grAnd canyon ! My parents work really hard to provide for us and I think it’s time for all of us to take a break !

  55. I definately would love to check this haunted 66 out. Were a Mike Meyers fan.

  56. Grand Canyon!

  57. I dont even know! All of it! Lol
    Ill go with the Grand canyon

  58. My kids would really love Calico Ghost Town and would get a kick out of the Haunted 66.

  59. I would love to win!

  60. I would love to win! I have already been along 66 but I would love to go back and stop at all of the tourist traps again! (I messed up on my prior entry)

  61. I would absolutely love to visit Helendale, California. To see the unique and historic Bottle Tree Ranch!!!

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