Mojo's Wild & Crazy Lagoon + GIVEAWAY [CONTEST CLOSED]

September 14, 2016

If you’ve been following us on social media, you know that Stanley the Giraffe is one of our newest friends to join us here at the Fair. He, along with the rest of his friends, has made Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon one of our favorite exhibits!
mojos Upon entering from the carnival side, guests will immediately be drawn to Fiona’s Jungle Perch where a colorful mix of macaws, parrots and cockatoos happily reside, chattering with each other and our guests. 
Their neighbors at Lemur Lair are always fun to visit. These Madagascar natives always seem relaxed and calm, no matter how noisy their feathered neighbors get.
Of course, the real attraction is just beyond, in The Grasslands. Here, guests will find themselves face to face with Stanley and our zebras, Barcode and Stripes. Did you know you can feed Stanley?
stanley the giraffe
And Mojo the Capuchin Monkey rules over all from her post on Monkey Island, where she spends all day swinging from ropes, hanging from the top of her house and giving shows every day of the Fair.

la county fair mojo
Carla and Mojo at Mojo's Sweet 16 last year (2015)

Keep walking and you’ll encounter the scaly, slithery and slimy at Spike’s Reptile Territory, and any number of spiders, centipedes and other insects at Iggy’s Insect Encounter.
la county fair
Mojo's crew is always happy to answer questions!

la county fair
And last, but certainly not least, is the Enchanted Village where guests can see a Capybara, Coatimundi, Hairy Armadillo, Binturong, African Crested Porcupine, hedgehogs and a wallaby!
We  recommend checking Mojo’s Lagoon out twice: once before and after sunset.
You can see the animals best during the day, but at night, our whole exhibit comes to life as our nocturnal creatures become more active, Zor the Firedancer performs, and our Lagoon lights up with color.
And now it’s time for a Mojo’s Lagoon Giveaway!

Mojo’s Lagoon Giveaway


Congratulations to Denise Gonzalez for being selected as our winner! Denise would like to take her son to see all the colorful birds at Fiona’s Perch. Thank you to everyone who played! We will be having another giveaway soon 🙂

Enter to win a family four-pack of tickets, ride passes and a Dare To Fair Swag Bag below! All you need to do is leave a comment, telling us what animal you most want to see at Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon this Year.

Winner announced tomorrow (Thursday, Sept. 15) at 12 p.m. PDT. All winners are selected randomly and will be notified via comment & email.

Good luck!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to be able to see a giraffe pretty up close, as their my favorite animals in the world!

  2. TheAfrican Crested Porcupine.

  3. Hoping to win so I can take my lil family out on an adventure to the LACounty fair 🙂 fingers crossed looking forward to some fair fried food

  4. I want to see the hedgehogs! My daughter is so excited!

  5. Giraffe. My kids’ favorite is giraffe.

  6. I would like to see the zebras Barcode and stripes the most! I love animals! 😀

  7. I’m definitely excited to see Stanley the giraffe. It’s not everyday I get to come face to face with such an exotic creature or feed a wild animal.

  8. I would love to see STANLEY THE GIRAFFE!!! Giraffe’s are my favorite animal in the planet and I would love to take my brother to see the all the animals. Giraffe’s are such a loving animal and my brother would love to feed the giraffe!!

  9. My family and I look forward to see all the cute animals!!!!!

  10. Stanley the Giraffe!!

  11. Stanley would be the one I would most want to see. I have always been fascinated on giraffes and being so close to one would be great. The closest I’ve been to one has been at a zoo but nothing compares to an up close experience.

  12. I would love to see the monkey cause it reminds me of my son.

  13. I have to go with the African Crested Porcupine. Its just something about them that is super cute. Would love to have my family experience the Fair. Thank you for the opportunity to win tickets.

  14. My family would love to see some giraffes!!

  15. I work love to see and u know my kids also are porcupines, hedgehogs and of course all the monkeys…..Zoo animals are the best…

  16. My family and I are so excited to see the Enchanted village!!!

  17. I don’t know if I can choose one favorite animal. They are all so unique in their own way. But my 3 year old son James would love to really see them all. The fair is one of his favorite things to do.

  18. My daughter wants to see Stanley and pet him!!!!

  19. I love that we got to touch animals this year!! Love seeing and hearing about these beautiful creatures! ☺️

  20. I would like to see the hairy armadillo:)

  21. Stanley the Giraffe. I’d love a picture with Stanley and thanks for the opportunity. My birthday is in 16 days(September 30).

  22. I would love love love to see Stanley the giraffe!! I absolutely love giraffes!! They are beautiful animals 🙂

  23. My 3 year old LOVES giraffes so he would adore meeting Stanley! My 5 year old LOVES snakes so he would be so excited to see one!

  24. I would like to see Stanley the giraffe

  25. Oh my gosh! I’d love to get up close and personal with a giraffe!

  26. I would love to see the giraffe!

  27. My family wanta to see Stanley the giraffe!

  28. I would love to see all of tje animals! Visiting, petting, and feeding them is a lot of fun!

  29. I would love to see the giraffe or the colorful birds animals if i won the giveaway to the LA County Fair.

  30. I would love to see a hedgehog!! They’re so cute!

  31. Looking forward to meeting Stanley the giraffe I love giraffes ….. and my daughter is interested in the Hedgehog . Super excited can’t wait !

  32. I would love to see the porcupine! And all the animals that are there!! This would be awesome my 5 year wedding anniversary is next week and this would be a great way to celebrate!!!

  33. Most defenitly would love to see Stanley the giraffe! I love giraffes!

  34. The African Crested Porcupine of course … because it’s not only cute but I bet my son would love to see him too and my whole family would be excited to see all the other animals.

  35. Mojo and Stanley of course!!! A capuchin monkey and giraffe would be awesome to see up close and personal, the kids will love it!

  36. I’d love to see the lemurs.

  37. I definitely need to see Stanley the Giraffe. My son is super excited to see him as well.

  38. I would love to see Stanley the giraffe.

  39. I would love a selfie with Stanley

  40. I would love to see Stanley the Giraffe! And I would love to treat my grandsons to the fair! Thank you for the opportunity.

  41. My name is Cristina and this is my third time that I’ve tried winning tickets to the LA County Fair even though the odds are Slim I would love to take my children to see the insects .. I took both my children to the l.a county fair in 2013 they were small but oh do they remember everything and with my son who is almost 2 I’m pretty sure he would have a blast as well, I still remember the glistening lights and all the animals I still have pictures of the camels and Zibra that year… I still can see my kids smiles and how happy we got to be that day … I wish I could expierance this amazing moment again … I can honestly say that I don’t have money to take my 3 children this year and that’s why I tried super hard to win .. whoever wins I hope you enjoy every second of it because memories are the most wonderful thing you can keep close to your heart …

  42. My family and I would love to meet Stanley the Giraffe!

  43. I would love to see a Koala! They have such cute faces. Thank you

  44. I want to see a sloth! That would be amazing. My daughters and I love to see all the animals. Especially Stanley the giraffe. Just amazing!

  45. My family and I would love to see Carla and Mojo interact with each other! We love monkeys! And mojo is just beautiful!

  46. We would love to visit Stanley

  47. Mojo… I like watching them swing around, so graceful.

  48. My daughter would love to see orangutans, chimpanzee and giraffes. My daughter is homeschooled and learning about safari animals in her science lessons. Would love for her to see them in person!

  49. My family would love to see zebras!!

  50. Can’t wait to meet Stanley!!

  51. I would love to see Stanley the giraffe.

  52. I would love to see the monkey’s again!!!! We watched them climbing for over a half hour, and it was great to see how they use their while body to climb. They can manuever and hold on to the fence with their tales!!!!!

  53. Love them all, but may be most excited about that adorable hedgehog!

  54. I love all the animals in Mojo’s Lagoon! Can’t wait to meet Stanley!

  55. I would like to see Stanley the giraffe! 🙂

  56. The giraffe Stanley. He would,be great to see.

  57. The hedgehog and Stanley 🙂

  58. My husband’s favorite animal is giraffe so I’m sure he wants to see Stanley, but as for me I love your wallabies!

  59. My boys would LOVE to meet Stanley & Mojo the most!! Thank you L.A. County Fair & Fairplex for your Amazing Giveaways!! ❤️

  60. I am most excited to see the Lemurs! 🙂

  61. Stanley the Giraffe of course!
    My teenagers nickname in our house is Giraffe. .. I’d love to introduce the two!!

  62. Giraffes 🙂

  63. Stanley the giraffe, my little ones would love to see him

  64. I love monkeys!!

  65. I love love giraffes!!!

  66. I would most like to see Mojo the Capuchin Monkey!

  67. I would really love to see a hedgehog !! I have always wanted one and hold one !! And my little sister said she would love to meet Stanley !!

  68. My daughter and i would love to see Stanley the giraffe up close and feed him.

  69. Stanley the giraffe I would like to see

  70. Me and my family like staniley the giraffe and all the anmiles there were staniley is my birthday is oct 17 and iam pregent again and have too kids 3 and 5 and would like too take them again before it ends please

  71. I want to see the giraffe and feed it!

  72. I would love to see the lemurs! They remind me of one of my favorite childhood shows! (:

  73. I would like to see Stanley the giraffe

  74. My 3yr. Daughter wanted to feed the Stanley this past weekend when we went, but the line was always to long. She never got a chance to feed him. It will be nice to win so we can take her again. Give her another chance to feed Stanley! Please!..pick me! We want to see and feed Stanley!.

  75. I would love to see all of the animals, however I would head over to see & feed Stanley the Giraffe first:-)

  76. I would like to see the hairy armadillo and the wallaby!

  77. I wanna see the giraffe!!

  78. my kids and I would love to see Stanley the Giraffe. giraffes are our favorite animal.

  79. I’d love to see the porcupine or theven hedgehog! Really all the animals sound amazing! I’m an animal lover as is my husband and family. Thank you for taking us into consideration and Good luck everyone! 🙂

  80. I would love to see Stanley the giraffe with my family.

  81. My kids would love to see Mojo and Stanley!! We love monkeys and giraffes!


  83. I want to see the giraffe!!

  84. What I’m most excited about seeing is a Sloth!!! They are so adorable ❤️

  85. My boys are excited to meet all the animals at mojos Lagoon. They love going during the day and at night .

  86. My family loves seeing all the animals . We can’t wait to meet Stanley this year .

  87. I think for me and my youngest daughter it will be all the animals !!! Neither of us have ever been to a zoo, and her favorite animal is a zebra !!!!! We love all animals and hope we get a chance to see ALL THE ANIMALS AT THE FAIR!!!!!

  88. My daughter and I would love to meet all the animals at the fair. It would be our first time meeting some of the animals there as well. Sounds fun!!!

  89. I would love to see a Sugar Glider. Since sugar gliders love sweet food it would fit perfectly with the theme of the sweet fair food.

  90. Larry the llama

  91. I would love to see the giraffe!

  92. I would love to take my mom and kids to the fair to see Stanley he’s so cute

  93. We are most excited to see the giraffe! We have been learning about when and my son would absolutely so crazy when he sees how but they really in real life.

  94. Mojo and Stanley

  95. Me and and my family love to see all the animals. We can’t pick one! They are all awesome! #DareToFair

  96. I will be attending the fair this Friday and Im really excited as well as my 7 year old daughter to see and feed Stanley. The last time we were at the zoo she was very little so getting to see him up close will be a real treat.

  97. Can’t wait to go to the fair!! Stanley the giraffe will be the highlight of our day. My daughter absolutely loves giraffes.

  98. Its a toss up between the Capybara & the hedgehog!!. 2 animals I really like.

  99. Stanley the giraffe!!

  100. I’d love to see a capybara! Not going to lie I’d love to see and feed Stanley

  101. My three year old son said he wants to take his 1 year old sister to see a giraffe because they’re “bewy tall and go all the way to the top”. Lol….

  102. My Grandsons would love to see Stanley the Giraffe and Mojo the Capuchin Monkey

  103. I would love to see Stanley’s neighbor’s the Zebras! Such beautiful and exotic animals

  104. I would love to see Stanley the giraffe and all the other animals at Mojo’s wild and crazy lagoon!

  105. I enjoy going to the fair with my family. This year due to finances can’t afford taking them and would be nice to be able to take them.

  106. Since I am a huge hockey fan I would love to meet Stanley!

  107. Stanley the giraffe

  108. I am heading for the Zebras!!!

  109. I would love to see my kids touch the hairy porcupine. I just think they are so cute. Both my kids love animals. That is ine of the main reasons why we love going to the fair.

  110. My oldest daughter loved seeing Stanley and my middle daughter could not get enough of mojo. I know they would be excited to go back and see all of the animals again.

  111. The zebras

  112. My boys and I love the zebras .

  113. I’m going to the fair this weekend and I would love to meet n feed Stanley . I can’t wait , and I also would love to see all the beautiful parrots ,&macaws . I’ve always wanted to own a parrot .

  114. I would love a picture with the giraffee and my kiddos!

  115. I want to see a porcupine.

  116. i would love to see the lemurs! i think they are beautiful! and my 4 year old would love seeing the animals.

  117. Stanley the giraffe!

  118. I would love to see Stripes!

  119. Mr giraffe of course

  120. My kids would love to see Stanley the giraffe.

  121. We love the L.A county fair, it’s becoming a family tradition to attend every year and it’s always a blast!! We would love to meet all the beautiful animals, but my kids are most excited to meet Stanley the Giraffe. Thank you for this opportunity! #DareTofair

  122. The cute African Crested porcupine.

  123. All of them my but my daughter would love to see a hedgehog up close

  124. The colorf mix of Macaws.

  125. I know my girls would love to see Stanley the Giraffe! My toddler is learning about animals and her favorites are the elephant and the giraffe.

  126. My family and I would LOVE to actually see ALL Animals!!!! Especially STANLEY because my daughter will get kick out of it because we could feed Stanley.

  127. Stanley the giraffe

  128. I want to take my one and only grand daughter for the first time to the la county fair to see Stanley. Especially to feed Stanley. She would absolutely love it!

  129. I would love to see Mojo!

  130. I can’t wait to see mojo!!! I know my boys would love to see him up close. We love the fair!!

  131. Hard to pick one! Love to share them all with my kiddos, even the creepy crawlers and slithering snakes I don’t like.

  132. My first choice would be Mojo. Ever since watching night at the museum movies I fell in love with the capuchin monkeys. And I wouldn’t want to miss Stanley either. My family would love any animal photo ops.

  133. Hi! I am Jeran, I am 8 years old. I would love to see the cute monkeys because my mom said I am a monkey myself. I can’t wait till I see them,

  134. I must be honest and go for all,it’s hard to choose ,they are all so lovable and I can’t wait to capture my children’s face and take dozen pictures of them hugging them with their tiny hands

  135. I want to see Mojo! Monkeys are so adorable!

  136. Wanting to see the Wallaby.

  137. I would love to see Stanley! It would be a dream come true to be able to take my Grandkids with me!

  138. Stanley the giraffe please oh please pick me!! I have a 4 year old neice who loves this animal more then anything & to surprise her with this would mean the absolute world to her! Please pick us & let us have this experience:)
    I #daretofair!

  139. I would like to see a giraffe again!

  140. It’s a tough choice. But Stanley is just gorgeous ! I would love my grandsons to meet Stanley!

  141. I can’t wait to talk with the Macaws!! They’re so entertaining & personable!

  142. Definitely Stanley the Giraffe!

  143. Mojo the capuchin monkey!

  144. My daughter’s are always excited to see Mojo who is very entertaining. Stanley would of course be an amazing site for the whole family as well.

  145. My heart melted seeing all the animals but I’m looking forward to seeing the giraffe.

  146. We’d love to see Stanley the Giraffe. Such an adorable lil guy! Giraffes are gorgeous unique animals with beautiful eyes

  147. Love Love love the sloth but my favorite Stanley so sweet and patient.

  148. I would love to meet all the animals, but my favorite one is Stanley the giraffe! I have never been to the LA county fair and it sounds amazing! Can’t wait to go!

  149. I would love to take my kids and see the Porcupine. I think my 2 year old would love seeing all the colorful parrots and monkeys. Hope we can win the tickets

  150. I would love to see Stanley the Giraffe! Thank You

  151. I would love to see the hedgehogs with my kids!!!!!

  152. I would love to take a family picture with the Emu!!!!! And maybe hitch a ride on its back??????

  153. I love to see all the animals…I think they’re cute!

  154. I used to work at the Los Angeles Zoo. I would love to see flamingos at Mojo”s Wild and Crazy Lagoon. I think they would add some awesome color to the area!

  155. I would love to see capuchin monkey

  156. I would love to see and feed Stanley the giraffe!

  157. stanley the giraffe!!!

  158. Excited to see Stanley the giraffe! 🙂

  159. I would love to see all of the animals! No need to visit a zoo when we have the fair with so many awesome animals here!!

  160. We would love to see Stanley the Giraffe and the Zebras at Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon!!!! Can’t wait to see them 🙂 Thank you!

  161. I NEED my kids to see the Giraffe that’s not something you get to see that close like ever

  162. I wanna see a snake

  163. Monkeys are a favorite of mine

  164. The monkeys!

  165. I would have to say Stanley.. Giraffes are amazing animals.. They have so much grace and height..

  166. Can hardly wait to see the African Crested Porcupine!

  167. I really want to see Stanley the giraffe!!! So cute!!

  168. All the animals but mostly Stanley the giraffe!I would love to feed him!

  169. I would love to see the crocodiles!!! An amazing animal and my children will be so excited to see them!

  170. We’ d love to see Stanley the giraffe!!!!

  171. Love them all but def Stanley the Giraffe

  172. My daughter favorite print is a giraffe. I know she would love to meet Stanley and possibly be able to pet him.

  173. Every year, I like to see Zor, the firedancer at the fair. He puts on a great show and he is also very friendly and personable when he meets people right after his show. I love giraffes and am excited to see one this year!

  174. I keep trying to leave a comment but I don’t see it show up. My daughter’s love all of the animals. My oldest loved seeing Stanley and my middle loved watching mojo play and entertain the crowd.

  175. They are all awesome! But I see in a picture a small croc or alligator, my sister is obsessed so that would be our must! But also the beautiful giraffe 🙂

  176. I would like to see all the animals but I think I would love to see Stanley the Giraffe. Only because giraffes are my daughters favorite animal and I know she love to not only see one up close but to also feed one. She would really love that!

  177. My three year old Jax would love to see the giraffe the most!!!! He wants to see them all but when they look up to see how tall giraffes are its kinda funny the way kids eyes light up!!!! It will be his first time he gets to go to the fair and do the rides and exhibits!!! Super excited to go!!!

  178. I’d love to go see Stanley the Girraffe and the beautiful parrots… I think my daughter’s and I will enjoy it very much.

  179. My kids and I would love to see a Tortoise! They are really into dinosaurs and Tortoises are almost dinosaur looking lol

  180. We want to see the macaws!! My youngest calls them “tweet tweet”.

  181. I would love to see Stanley the Giraffe. Ever since I was little they have been my favorite animal. They are so unique and so beautiful.

  182. Mojo!!! My GodDaughter is obsessed with Monkeys! Would love to take her to the exhibit!

  183. We would love to see all of the animals at the fair. But most of all the snakes you have . We ❤️❤️ Love snakes and would love to come check them out!!!!

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