LACF's Shopping Wonderland + GIVEAWAY [CONTEST CLOSED]

September 23, 2015

We have a winner! Congratulations to Jennifer Hall! Jennifer loves our emoji pillows, jewelry and bed!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest! Don’t forget to follow/like us on FacebookInstagramTwitter for more giveaways! #LACFNaturalHigh

Let’s be honest for a second, yeah?

I love shopping. You love shopping. We all love shopping!

So, if that’s the case, why not come to the LA County Fair and do all of your shopping in ONE place? Forget about going to multiple stores like we usually do when we’re looking for last minute gifts… we really do have everything you need!

In addition to all of the outside vendors, we also have four large shopping centers that include: Buildings 4, 6, 7 and 9. There, you will find dozens of booths to look at, things to taste, clothes to admire, and jewelry to try on. We like to think of it as our Shopping Wonderland!
Earlier this week, we walked through our shopping buildings to see what kinds of products were available to you, and boy were we surprised at all of the options. During our walk, we saw a lot of C R A Z Y  F A B U L O U S things, but we decided to focus on clothing, accessories, household items and toys – you know, the top 4 products that you, our Fair guests, have asked to see in our buildings year after year.
Since we know most of you enjoy picnics, jewelry and buying things for your homes, we decided to partner with American Home Remodeling, Correas Wholesale and PicnicPal to bring you one very special LACF giveaway:

LACF Shopping Wonderland Giveaway

4 Any-Day Admission Tickets
12 Single RCSFun carnival rides
1 LACF Swag Basket, provided by Correas Wholesale
1 PicnicPal – Food Protective Tent
1 Brand New Shower Head System, provided by American Home Remodeling

To enter, leave a comment below telling us your favorite products at our Shopping Wonderland! The winner will be announced Friday, Sept. 25 at 2 p.m. PST.
Here is what we saw during our walk through the buildings:):


  1. My favorite product at the fair was the Ice Towels. My 1.5 yr old daughter suffers from eczema so when it’s hot and humid outside or her body sweats or warms up from playing, she gets very itchy. We needed this to help keep her cool. We would love to win this giveaway package (parking too be awesome) as we couldn’t stay long due to the heat so she missed the rides, games and animals. Please pick us! We want to win and return!

  2. The Vitamix is one of the best products there. I am 60 years old and my son is a firefighter not getting much rest so he needs something like this to keep him fit and healthy and me as well. We would love the fair!

  3. My favorite products to shop for is all the cool and beautiful handmade jewelry! Love all the different designs and appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating each masterpiece!

  4. Me and my family love to eat the hot cinnamon rolls while perusing the buildings for new items to buy for our home. We make it a point every year to eat one while at the fair and to also bring one home. My favorite product was a food dehydrator purchased many years ago. It makes perfect teriyaki beef jersky and wonderful pineapples!

  5. OMG! I loved the emojis this year. They remind me of how much I use them! lol
    I really enjoy shopping for jewelry and my husband enjoys looking for car stuff. We bought a bed at the fair last year. I can’t remember who the vendor is but he was such a sweetheart.

  6. My favorite “product” is anything new, especially if theirs a demonstration

  7. I love getting those magic worms for my cat, she loves playing with them.

  8. I love the ice towel! Definitely with the heat approaching us this weeekend, the ice towel is going to be of great use!

  9. It’s hard to pick just one favorite product, especially when there are new products each year! I haven’t been this year so I’m sure there are so many new “faves”! I’ve always liked the demonstrations and especially the food!! Hope I win so that my hubby and I can go this year!

  10. The best product at the fair is the ice towels . I could be in the Texas or Arizona and when its hot I be like Boom! And have the ice towel on ☺

  11. I always stop by the make-up brush booth. Quality brushes at a great price!

  12. The ice towel!

  13. I just love to find new style of jewelries and hair accessories. Also anything “handmade” and crafty items. Especially items that you won’t find in a “regular” stores or malls. I would love to go and do my shopping there. PICK ME, PLEASE!!!

  14. The food is the best, look forward to it every year

  15. My favorite item is definitely the ice towel! This summer heat is deadly and I don’t have an air conditioner in my room so something like the ice towel to keep me cool while I rest and relax in this 100 degree weather is very much needed! Thanks for the opportunity to win LACF! I hope to attend before you close up for the year 🙂

  16. I haven’t seen it in a while but I love, there is a vendor who sells fake snow. It’s cool like snow, its white and fluffy but its artificial. That was my favorite.

  17. I absolutely Love shopping at the fair. Always leave with jerky, roasted pistachios, and all sorts of snacks for the kids. The handbags and all the hand made jewelry is definitely my favorite. I’ve never seen the ice towels. My girls also suffer from eczema and I would love to check them out after all their rave reviews.

  18. I also looove checking out the hot tubs and saunas. I always feel like when I get home I need to reorganize my finances so I can buy a house, just so one year I can buy a hot tub at a “super low fair special price”

  19. Vitamix and Beef Jerky.

  20. I have two favorite products! Lol it’s hard just to pick one! I love the ice towels! They are amazing and you can stay cool! The second is the Lotto stand!! I love buying my Lotto there! I win every time!

  21. My favorite products are all the dips and sampling all of them and the nuts, candy and beef jerky!!

  22. Never been to the #LACF but from what I saw in the video the Fruit Smoothie stand looks yummy and what caught my attention were the Ice Towels i would love to try them

  23. I really like the shower heads, dips and the ice packs/coolers

  24. Ice towels

  25. Our favorite product is the food protector tent by picnic pal! We are always having family gatherings and parties, so this is good at keeping the bugs out and the cooler helps! Hope we win!

  26. The uwheels are the most interesting! I would love to win so I can purchase one for Christmas.

  27. My fave product is the ice towels! !

  28. The Best product would be the Kitchen Craft as I love kitchen and home products! Please pick me for this ultimate last prize!!

  29. The vitamix and super glue!

  30. I love the Sleep train. I never get a good nights sleep or rest with 2 kids and being a firefighter, so a comfortable mattress is the best product! Our family would enjoy this prize!

  31. Mt favorite product at the LA County Fair this year was the prepackaged gourmet dips. They are so easy to make, all you need is to add sour cream or plain yogurt, plus they have a wide selection of flavors from sweet to savoury. Can’t wait to go buy more

  32. Never go for anything specific but always come home with a wagon full of stuff! So many great deals you just can’t pass up!

  33. I love the ice towel! Keeps one nice and cool in this heat! And i LOVE the vitamix! Great way to make ice cold healthy smoothies and other treats! Absolutely love everything about the fair from the food to the rides the dance club the shopping the animals the games just a great place to spend the day and night!

  34. I’m all about the newest kitchen gadgets. I have a set of the picnic tents that are awesome and my hubby buys a new hat every year. The shopping pavilions are the first place we head as soon as we arrive.

  35. We always make it a point to get the Beef Jerky and lottery tickets. Also, my daughter always buys a new phone case every year! ♥

  36. Definitely the ice towels this year with all the kids sport activities!

  37. Two words: Laser Pointers

  38. The ICE TOWEL!!! I can’t wait to get there and buy one!! I need a new one!!! I can’t handle heat very well, so this is a MUST HAVE for me!! Especially since it’s gonna be 100 degrees tomorrow when I come back!!

  39. Definitely the Vitamix!!

  40. I love the slinky worm.

  41. the quick swift vacuum and mop are the best house products!

  42. the best would be the orange microfiber absorbant towel. i really love that it doesnt leave any liquid and mess behind.

  43. The ice towel for this blazing SoCal weather. Would really come in handy this weekend since it’s going to be in the high 90s low 100s.

  44. its all about the cars and gadgets! i really like the car wax and have picked up a few in the past. i hope i can win so i can pick up some more! please!!!

  45. the kitchen craft and the vitamix!!

  46. I hope I’m not late i just saw this when l.a fair left me a comment. My favorite part is walking into all the building’s and buy from those little markets. There was one store i bought from was for my daughter’s birthday her birthday dress it was perfect. My kids love being in those stores they always come home with amazing stuff. I have to say you guys do such an awesome job every year. Keep up the good work. And apologies for not noticing this giveway right way. See you next year L.a Fair. If lucky to win this giveway maybe soon.

  47. we love the supply best car wax, vitamix, ice towels and the kitchen craft! every year we walk the buildings checking out the vendors and have bought quite a few things like the ultimate super glue, mop and kitchen graters. we cant stop buying. please pick us so we can keep on shopping because we love it!!

  48. The hotel living sheets stand and bamboo pillows. They’re the only sheets that I’ve found that fit my mattress for a good price. And the bamboo pillows are the most comfortable!

  49. Cutco knife shop. Best quality knives hands down!

  50. SHAM WOW I love those

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