Sunday Funday: Beneath the Sea + Giveaway

September 22, 2013

By now you’ve all had a chance to meet the sea lions at Sea Lion Splash, but did you know that just across the way from their hang-out is Beneath the Sea?
Beneath the Sea: An Underwater Adventure is full of friendly creatures like our stingrays, horseshoe crabs and even a mermaid! We can’t say the sharks are necessarily friendly, but even they know how to entertain guests πŸ™‚
Mermaid Melissa loves the ocean but she doesn’t mind hanging out at the Fair every now and again. Instead of swimming with killer whales and sharks, she spends time with you, showing off her beautiful mermaid fin and waving hello to everyone she meets.
Sharks play a major part at the Fair this year with not one, but two exhibits showcasing the ferocity of these big fellas.You can learn about the sharpness and size of shark teeth and just how they swim so quickly through the water. Of course, the real fun begins at the Live Shark Encounter. Take a seat and watch our diver plunge into the tank and swim, dance and play with these kings of the sea.

Between the sea lions, Mermaid Melissa, the sharks and the stingrays, we could easily spend an entire afternoon at the Beneath the Sea exhibit. There’s also a lot to learn about the ecosystem of the sea, like at Sanctuary Reef where you can learn about coral anatomy and biodiversity on the reef and our Traveling Sea Monster Exhibit where you can learn about the creatures in the darker, deeper depths of the ocean. As always at the Fair, so much to do, so little time…

Beneath the Sea Giveaway

Our Beneath the Sea giveaway includes…

  • 4 Hot Blog On A Stick tees
  • 4 Fair admission tickets
  • 1 parking pass

To enter, just leave a comment below answering the question: Would you rather swim with sharks or swim with a giant squid? Winner will be selected at random and announced Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Good luck!


  1. I would swim with a GIANT squid!

  2. Call me crazy but I would like to swim with sharks!

  3. Sharks for sure!!!!

  4. I’m going to go with the sharks.

  5. I would rather swim with the giant squid! I have never seen one so that would definitely be a once in a lifetime experience! πŸ˜€

  6. Er, neither? Mermaid Melissa isn’t a choice? I suppose if I had to chose, I’d swim with a giant squid. Squid don’t bite do they?

  7. Sharks would be far more exciting!

  8. Giant Squid!

  9. I would swim with a giant squid becuase they are just so cute! ^.^

  10. I want to swim with sharks!! Let a dream come true!

  11. The elusive giant squid, for sure! Who could pass up a face-to-face with the legendary Kraken.

  12. swim with a giant squid

  13. with a giant squid

  14. I would love to swim with Both and to see you!

  15. Shark!! It would be a dream!

  16. Call me crazy girl but I would love to swim with a shark πŸ™‚

  17. Ahhh a HUGE giant squid.

  18. Swim with sharks!

  19. I would swim with a squid because im so deathly afraid of sharks, at least the squid wont eat me lol

  20. Well, people seem to survive swimming with sharks. But a squid??? I’d rather swim with sharks. Go out with a fang bang than a tentacle gang! πŸ™‚

  21. I have to pick Sharks….I have swam with sharks in Hawaii….

  22. The shark that sounds like fun!!!

  23. Sharks although I’d be terrified I think the movement of the squid is a little less predictable and they move in a flash!

  24. If there whale sharks……lol

  25. I will swim with sharks as long as you provide the cage!

  26. swim with a giant squid!! πŸ™‚

  27. I would swim with the giant squid…aint no way im hanging out with sharks.

  28. Believe it or not! but id rather swim with a SHARK!! i like to try everything once!! especially when it involves SHARKS!! yep thats me! :))

  29. I would swim with sharks!

  30. I would rather swim with the sharks than swim with a squid because swimming with sharks is something I have always wanted to experience. I grew up loving all the “Jaws” movies and instead being afraid I found myself fascinated with the beautiful creatures.

  31. I would definitely choose swimming with the sharks it would be an scary but unforgettable experience

  32. I swim with sharks daily.I work in retail.Squid it is!

  33. I would swim with the sharks, the fair sharks are nice

  34. I would rather swim with sharks!!!

  35. A giant squid

  36. I would rather swim with SHARKS baby!

  37. Sharks, small ones.

  38. I’d rather take my chances and swim with a giant squid, less teeth to deal with!

  39. neither but if I really had to it would be a squid.

  40. A giant squid!

  41. Well idk….. but maybe Sharks

  42. I would love to swim with the sharks. They are amazing and beautiful creatures of the sea.

  43. Maybe face my fears and swim with the sharks:)-

  44. Shark. I’d take my chances with the shark. One mouth trying to eat me vs 10 tentacles grabbing and still trying to eat me!

  45. I would rather swim with a giant squids

  46. I would want to swim with a shark, I just think it would be amazing to be up close to those serious creatures…

  47. I would probably swim with the sharks!

  48. I don’t know how to swim! ha. But a giant squid seems, uh, crazy.

  49. I swim with sharks definately because its the andrenaline that keeps me going.

  50. I would rather swim with sharks sounds amazing πŸ™‚ It’s on my bucket list!!

  51. My son is in LOVE with sharks…so sharks it is!!! πŸ™‚

  52. I would swim with a squid. I love Calamari! πŸ˜€

  53. Definitely a Squid even though it’s a Giant πŸ™‚

  54. Definitely a squid even though its Giant πŸ™‚

  55. Swim with a giant squid. Just seems all around safer to me.

  56. Squid. Not as dangerous.

  57. I would really love to swim with sharks I dont know what it is but I think it will be an awesome experience:)

  58. I would rather swim with sharks.

  59. I would like to swim with sharks!! πŸ™‚

  60. I would rather swim with a Giant squid than swim with Sharks.

  61. I would like to swim with a shark not only if I’m in a cage were the shark can’t get me!!

  62. I would swim with sharks.

  63. I would have to say Giant Squid but even that might be really scary EEKKK

  64. I’d rather swim with a squid!

  65. If I were to swim with any of the two, it would be the giant squid, they are a very rare sea creature to find especially because they mainly live in the deepest part of the ocean and to swim with one would be the most wonderful feeling especially a once in a lifetime one.

  66. I would rather swum with a giant squid it has less teeth and won’t make you bleed to death.

  67. I would love to swim with the sharks the are so awesome and powerful and necessary.

  68. I would love to swim with the sharks

  69. Definately swim with the sharks. Such beautiful creatures, so sad when they are hunted simply because they are feared so much. πŸ™

  70. I can’t swim so either way shark or squid I’m dead meat!

  71. Squid for sure!!

  72. I rather swim with Bruce, the shark.

  73. Squid! I swam with black tipped reef sharks while on vacation in the South Pacific. At one point they were so close I could have touched one. That was enough for me!

  74. I would like to swim with a squid, he would be able to throw ink at my brother and sisters. It would be fun.

  75. Sharks definitely!!!

  76. squid but they are strong swimmers and carnivores all be killed 8(

  77. Haha i would to be kill by a shark lol fast but painfull !!’

  78. Haha i would like to be kill by a shark!! lol fast but painfull !!’

  79. i would rather swim w a giant squid

  80. A squid…

  81. I would swim with a giant squid!

  82. I would like to swim with the sharks

  83. I would rather swim with a giant squid than with sharks, I have a phobia about sharks and after watching sharknado I’m scared even more.

  84. Sharks

  85. I would much rather swim with sharks!

  86. I would swim with a squid. They are really very intelligent creatures.

  87. I’d have to learn how to swim first -_-

  88. SHARK!!!!! ^^^

  89. I would rather swim with sharks!

  90. Squid. Sharks have been overrated and obsessed over and you don’t hear/see squid as often since they’re deeper in the ocean. That, and some species can even fly. No tornado needed!

  91. I would rather swim with sharks given the opportunity!

  92. Hmmmm …. all depends on the kind of shark! (but probably going shark here)

  93. I think the shark would be better. If the squid grabs me there is no escape. Claiming you swim with sharks just sounds better too. Sharks for sure

  94. I think I would choose to swim with sharks as long as they are not great white sharks maybe a tiger shark or something a little smaller and less aggressive

  95. I’d rather swim with the sharks.

  96. I guess I’d have say sharks!

  97. If I had to pick I’d say squids…but really I’d love to swim, with dolphins! πŸ˜‰

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