Exploring Brazil and the rainforests of South America (+ Giveaway )

September 11, 2013

The Flower & Garden Pavilion

Flowers, birds and fresh air greet you as you enter the Flower & Garden Pavilion

Last month we gave you a sneak peek of what the Flower & Garden Pavilion was transforming into: a rainforest paradise. Inside the pavilion is a beautiful, breathtaking landscape of flowers, waterfalls and exhibits celebrating the culture of Brazil.

Dia de Finados – All of our skulls were made from plants and seeds!


Giant toucans preen on their perch as they watch Fairguests walk by

Orchids are featured prominently in the exhibit. It’s the national flower of Brazil! There are other colorful plants too, including the Carnival Rio Rose. It was shipped overnight from the Netherlands right here to the L.A. County Fair! These roses feature the colors of the rainbow and makes for a beautiful display for the pavilion.

The Atrium
Upon entering the Atrium you will be greeted by cascades of water and perhaps a thunderstorm or two. Mist rises from small pools and the sides of the atrium are flanked by boa constrictors, river turtles and tropical birds like the macaw and the toucan.
Tucked into the far right corner of the exhibit is my personal favorite: Paco the Sloth. This two-toed fella is about as lazy as lazy can get but it suits him. Sloths have a lifespan of 30-40 years, which is a pretty long time for an animal. Then again, if all animals slept for 15 hours a day, they might have longer lives too 😉

Meet Paco the Sloth

Sloths spend the majority of their time sleeping and eating in the treetops. They eat leaves, shoots and fruits that grow in the trees and get their water from juicy plants (which run aplenty in the humid rainforest.) Sloths also raise their young up high in the branches of their home. Despite hardly moving themselves, mama sloths carry their young with them as they navigate the tree tops.
As it is, Paco seems pretty content vegging out in his cozy habitat, surrounded by his rainforest friends and Fairguests.

Paco’s Giveaway

For today’s giveaway winner’s will receive:

  • 4 Fair tickets
  • 4 carnival ride passes
  • 4 Hot Blog On A Stick tees

To enter, leave a comment with your favorite rainforest critter. Winner will be selected at random and announced tomorrow at 12 p.m.

Thanks and good luck!



  1. My favorite rainforest animal is the enormous, Bird-eating Tarantula…

  2. Oh my gosh, a sloth?! I’d love to see it!

  3. Toucan!! Will I get to see one at the fair?

  4. Leopards are my favorite rain forest animals. I love cats of all kinds! 🙂

  5. It would be a sloth. They are amazing.

  6. I love the black leopard just love how they look and do anything to protect and feed Thier young

  7. Poison arrow frog.

  8. My favorite animal would be the sloth!

  9. Monkeys!
    Leopard would run a close second

  10. My favorite rain forest animal is the jaguar.

  11. My favorite rainforest critter is the toucan. I like how their beaks are different sizes and colors.


  13. My favorite rainforest critter is the toucan. I like the different shapes and colors of their beaks.

  14. love paco! scales rule!

  15. It’s gotta be the toucans & parrots very colorful

  16. I absolutely loved the Parrots. They are just beautiful and their feathers are so vibrant!

  17. Our family loves tropical birds!!!

  18. i enjoy the lemurs 🙂

  19. My favorite rainforest animal would have to be the black panther. I used to collect pictures of them. Still love them!!

  20. The jaguar is my favorite animal

  21. The Koala is my favorite.

  22. The Toucan is my favorite

  23. My favorite would have to be the Spider Monkey.

  24. We wanna “hang with Paco”…..

  25. oh, the toucans – so festive and colorful! and they make me think of fruit loops!

  26. Awwww I would lovee to see a sloth.

  27. The river turtles

  28. My favorite rainforest animal is the tarantula!!

  29. Rainforest animals are all quite beautiful, but I’m going to have to go with sloth as my favorite. Why?
    1. Paco is adorable
    2. Just like tree sloths, I “carried” each of my three babies. In fact I have photos of myself “carrying” each one of my three babies/children in my Ergo at the L.A. County Fair.
    Stay cozy Paco. My family and I will be looking for you at our next visit to the fair!

  30. I’m a giant fan of the giant Toucan!

  31. Hi paco,
    My favorite rainforest critter would have to be spider monkeys.. And my sons favorite, is a anaconda.We also love sloths and would love to see and meet you at the fair 🙂 ..

  32. Gotta love sloths:)

  33. Toucans!!!!!!

  34. My favorite rainforest animal is the BLACK PANTHER.

  35. Mostly in part to my daughter’s love of the animated film “Rio”, I’d have to go with the Blue Hyacinth McCaw or “BLUE” as she calls all similar birds. 😉

  36. My favorite would have to be the monkeys – any variety. If I had to pick ONE, maybe the spider monkeys!

  37. Favorite rain forest animal – the toucan.

  38. The best is the horned frog because nothing would dare poke him in the eyes.

  39. Love Paco the Sloth!

  40. The two-toed sloth.

  41. My favorite rainforest animal is a toucan , because of the colors and sounds they make !:) they are beautiful animals and I love them so much!! AHHH.!

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