Food News: Ramen Burgers. It's really a thing.

September 6, 2013

Ramen Burger from Facebook

We here at the L.A. County Fair are rarely surprised when it comes to food novelties. We are, after all, home to items like the Krispy Kreme hamburger and sloppy joes (courtesy of Chicken Charlie), the Blooming Onion and foot-long corn dogs.
But even we blinked twice when we heard about the Ramen Burger, newly arrived to Los Angeles. According to an article from the L.A. Times, Keizo Shimamoto of Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg is bringing this fusion novelty to Los Angeles this Saturday, serving exactly 500 burgers on a first-come, first-served basis at Mitsuwa’s in Torrance.
And what is a ramen burger, exactly?
It’s a ground-beef patty sandwiched in between two pan-fried blocks of ramen with green onions and soy sauce serving as the toppings.
Sounds like it could be tasty! But in the mean time we are more than happy to satisfy ourselves with deep-fried Oreos, two-pound ribs, spaghetti ice cream, Tasti Chips…

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