1. I remember the first time I took my first child to the fair his eyes just lit up he wanted to play every game. But the best was when he got to see all the animals up close. I have been to a lot of different fairs before and the best was the LA fair by far. It would be a true honer to be able to take all my children to the fair for them to experience what me and my son got to experience. The only way that could happen is if we were able to get the free passes for the 7 of us to go as a family because Me and my mother-in-law are disabled and we don’t have enough money to take the family. Money is so tight that we have not been able to take my family on any type of vacation or to even be able to go to the fair. My mother-in-law has terminal cancer and her wish is to be able to go and be able to experience her grandchildren having the best time ever. We would really appreciate it if you would consider us for the passes so that we can make my mother-in-laws dream come true. Thank you very much,
    Melissa Manzar

  2. After a wonderful eventful fair day full of people watching, exhibits, the animals, the need to see and purchase “that new item” we just need to buy, the rides, the concerts and endless food to suit everyone (in our party which consists of Nana and Papa, our kids their kids and sometimes others who hear we are going to the fair and hop on in). There is something for each and everyone to have had a joyful and memory maker kind of day at The LA County Fair it is our tradition to go each year, and then….
    THE FIREWORKS. (back when you had them every night)
    To watch those beautiful works of art exploding into the night air with each one (over a childs age) remembering back to their own experience of fireworks. The colors and shapes the oooohhhhhhssssss and aaaaaawwwwwwwsssssss. It just brings you right back to a good feel kind of memory.

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