[Contest Closed] Fair Food Giveaway 2013!

August 8, 2013

Hot Blog On a Stick is ready to celebrate the Fair!

Well guys, it’s about that time. We are starting Fair season by  giving away four VIP passes to our exclusive, annual Fair Food Preview Day, being held at the end of this month! This event is closed to the public.
From Chicken Charlie’s deep-fried novelties to the crunchy delights at Tasti Chips, it will all be available for two winners and their guests to sample food and drinks at their leisure. The Garden Railroad will also be available and some of our best competition wines, spirits and beers will be served.
For a chance to win, submit a comment of your favorite memory at the L.A. County Fair! We will be accepting submissions through Tuesday, August 20, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random and will be announced on Wednesday, August 21, 2013.
Just leave your name, email and a brief description of your memory in the comment section below to enter.
Good luck!


  1. The best fair memory for me is the going to fair in general. I’ve been going since I was in my mother’s stomach and I’ve never missed a fair since then. Every year, we always go to the Ten Pound Buns stand. And now I’ve got a 3 year old that we take every year and I hope to pass that tradition on for years to come.

  2. When my daughter wanted to join in the parade And she cried so much until she seen the snack booth she stopped crying instantly as if nothing happened two minutes before.

  3. My favorite moment was when my wife hit 2 trifectas in a row for $300.00 at the horse races. We ate good that day. I can’t wait for the fair to start.

  4. I have been going to the fair every year since I was a little girl. I used to live across the street, and it was always tradition to walk across the street and walk around the fair every night. I could hear the fair from my bedroom, and it just always felt like a magical place.

  5. One of my favorite memories is last year. My husband ate ghost pepper chile hot wings. He insisted they were sooooooo good, but his face told a different story. By that, I mean face was sweaty, eyes wide and he kept sneezing. Funniest thing ever lol

  6. My favorite memory by far is the time my family and I went to the fair together for the first time. We had a blast going on rides, eating awesome food, watching shows, and seeing animals I’ve only read about in books and have seen on TV!
    Overall, a great memory my family and I cherish!

  7. what me, my husband and my 2 sons love about the fair, was the big turkey, big corndog, big corn on the cob, it was just all about their yummy foods! Not to mention, my kids loves their carnival and rides too.

  8. I’m almost 40 now and have been going to the LA County Fair every year. This is my family tradition and my favorite memories are shopping and feasting on fair food with my family. Thank you for the memories!

  9. I’ve been going there every summer since I was a little girl now that I’m married with kids of my own I take them every year with me, but I would have to say my overall favorite memory is buying my 20ft flagpole there a couple of years ago everyday when I look at it it reminds me of all the great times we’ve had at the L.A. County fair.

  10. i have been going to the LA COUNTY FAIR since i was a baby but my favorite memory of the fair was preforming with my hula dance group in a parade that the fair did in 2003 i no longer dance hula but this is my favorite memory

  11. Favroite Memory Seeing Carly Rae Jepsen at the fair I love going to it I think I’m seeing Demi Lovato this year christianlovatogarcia@hotmail.com

  12. Been a family tradition for almost 40 years and the many memories of all of the transformations which have evolved over the years. The most memorable is being stuck on the monorail in the old White Cars right above the street next to the grandstand entrance. What a better way to take in the sights of just how many people are walking beneath you.

  13. Spending time with my kids and making it a family tradition to go every year for my birthday. And enjoying the entertainment and eating all the new deep fried food we can handle. Fried white castle so far the best oh and fried kool aid balls

  14. I had amazing memories of the fair as a kid and then as a teen growing up in the San Gabriel Valley. My BEST memories, though, have been since I have grown and have brought my own children to the fair. We have enjoyed riding the GIANT slide, watching dog shows, table setting exhibitions, playing games, EATING, shopping, and people watching. We have also taken in several concerts and went to the “fancy” buffet at the horse races. Every year we seek out at least one new thing to do and always re-visit our favorites. Countdown to fun!

  15. My favorite memory of the fair is the first time I took my son in 2011, he was 4 and didnt know what to expect. The first stop was the farm animal area and he loved it. He loved it so much we were there practically most of the day until I convinced him to try the carnival games! It was a long day but he thoroughly enjoyed it, cant wait to go back! 🙂

  16. My most memorable memory from the LA County Fair is not really my favorite…lol. I went to the fair as a teenager in the late 80’s with my brother and some friends. Of course we rode all the rides and decided to get on the Zipper as our last ride of the night since it was closing time. Not sure what my brother and his friends told the ride operator but they convinced him to keep me and my friend on the ride for what seemed like an eternity! He basically ran the ride about 4 times and each time he acted as if he was going to let us off but then ran the ride again! I literally got off that ride crying. Needless to say the ride operator ran from us and my dad took care of my brother and his friends. haha I always have a great time when I take my kids to the Fair every year.

  17. My favorite memory of the fair is watching the miniature trains, cars and the whole miniature city that is outside by the fountains. I also loved the indoor version by the race track! It’s fun to see my kids now get as excited as I did about seeing the exact same things at the fair.

  18. I would have to say my favorite memory is going on the giant green slide every year! It was always a race between my sister and I to see who could get down the fastest! That was the only ride we ever went on but it was totally worth it!!

  19. I had the best time introducing my nephews to the fair. We are from Orange County and were pleasantly impressed with so much to do other than the rides. We had a blast!

  20. All the memories are a favorite but if I had to narrow it down to one, the category would be one that involves to funny moments my family has had. My sister walking on water at the alligator tears, or the animal exhibits, or running from ride to ride. Thank you LA Fair for making so many wonderful memories!

  21. I would have to say that there isn’t one particular memory that stands out because we make great memories every single year. I have been going to the fair every single year since I was born (I’m 53) and when I married my husband almost 31 years ago, we continued the tradition. As our children grew up I remember fondly always having to buy them ride wristbands and fighting with them to finish going through the “shopping” buildings so they could ride the rides! I entered a brownie baking contest, my girls won a karaoke contest when they were in high school, watching the Chinese acrobats every year, always visiting the livestock animals, and we have spent
    LOTS of money in the “buildings”! We have only missed 2 years in 31 years and it was because I was about to give birth in1986 and 1987! Wouldn’t miss it!

  22. The fair is always good times for me n my boys. Love the smiles on their faces when we’re here!

  23. My favorite fair memory was celebrating my 1st wedding anniversary at the fair watching Blake shelton and Miranda lambert and drinking some beers! My husband and I ate and ate and ate and just enjoyed celebrating our first married year.

  24. I’m 48, and have been going to the fair since I was a little girl. My grandparents were at the races all the time. So as a family, we would sit as a whole family and a lot of friends down on the green grass and watch the races, then spend the evening inside the fair! We would eat and eat and play games and ride on the rides! And as a kid, I remember them dragging me through the exhibits! But now I go through them because I want to! And I take my kids and have since they were little and we do the same things! Love the fair!

  25. My favorite memory is the giant slide! I looked forward to it all year!

  26. We go to the fair each year to celebrate my husbands birthday which is in September. It’s his favorite place to go and we make it a family outing. The first year we took our daughter she was about 18 months and we arrived in the evening when the lights of the carnival had come on. She was so enthralled with the lights and the excitement and as she sat in her stroller she kept saying “lights” and reached out her hands to try and touch them. I’ll never forget that look on her face as we walked in and I tell her this story each year we visit. She turned 24 years old this year and we still go together as a family to celebrate dads birthday. The fair is a place full of good family memories for us!

  27. Piggly wiggly fries every year!

  28. My favorite memory has to be watching my daughter perform on stage for the first time at the Fair. Watching her dance with the rest of the dance team and seeing how happy she was stil brings a smile to my face.

  29. Favorite part of the fair is always the different food, love grossing out my mom and brother when I first ate frog legs. Side note doesn’t taste like chicken, more like a gamey shrimp.

  30. I have so many great memories of the fair! I have been going since I was 5 years old! I remember in elementary school, looking forward to each student getting a free ticket to attend! And every year we went, before we left, my parents would take me to make one of those Doo-Dah birds (those long coke bottles that you put in all the different colored sand, and glued on the crazy colored hair to the top of the bottle to make a bird!) I had a huge collection of these!

  31. Had a great time at the l a county fair with my family of 5 😀

  32. Had a great time at the l a county fair with my family of 5 😀 hipe to enjoy the fair this year

  33. There are so many good memories but I must say it has to been when I took my 1st granddaughter to the fair 🙂

  34. My favorite memories is the first time I took my kids at 1 year old, their faces lit up in Awe excited to see all the lights and rides. They tried to take it all in and they were just jabbering trying to talk and explain being they were babies it was hilarious to hear the craziness they were talking. Still till this day at age 7 their faces still do the same thing and they are always excited once they see that ferris wheel. We love the L.A. County Fair.

  35. My girlfriend and I have been together for 13 years and make it a tradition to go to the opening day of the Los Angeles County Fair. The first thing we do is go by a delicious margarita and then a baked patatao and then just eat and try a lot of the yummy food, while we walk through the shopping centers. This tradition will continue even when we get married and have children. Our anniversary is right around the beginning of the fair, we know when our anniversary is coming up that the fair is a round the corner! So we always can’t wait till the fair is back again for another year!

  36. Since I have frequented the LA County fair so many years it is hard to pick one frond memory. I mean there is always some new exciting rides/attractions, competitions and animals to choose from! I would have to say that my fondest memories of the fair are the corndogs from “Hot Dog On a Stick”. There is something about the sites and sounds of the fair combined with the aroma of all the other food cooking that makes the corndogs taste so good! The sweetness of the batter paired with the saltiness of the hotdog that just dances on your taste buds. It is all in the experience though; I mean corndogs from the mall
    “Hot Dog On a Stick’s” is just not the same. It needs the smells from the fair to be truly amazing. I look forward to my fair corndog every year. Corndogs from anywhere else is not the same. And of course no corndog meal is not complete without a large cherry lemonade!

  37. Favorite memories are going to the fair as a family. And now having a family of my own being able to take them to the fair and sharing the memories. Also love love love the jerky hut!

  38. Favorite memory at the fair was when our whole family was able to be together. Im talking stepdaughters and our blended family. First and most memorable experience. A trip my younger children will always remember.

  39. My favorite moment at the LA County Fair is the community days and being able to ride the floats, throwing beads out to everyone! Most importantly meeting the individuals who make our communities just a little bit better, our community heroes! Kudos to the fair for having such a great event!

  40. My favorite memory was when i was in grade school, watched the pig race with my parents, and got a lot of free samples from various vendors! 🙂
    Now, 20+ years later, still doing it every year! 🙂

  41. My favorite memory is going with my brother to the fair to see Al Green before we both got married and started our own families. It was the best time just hanging out the two of us and enjoying all the food (Turkey Legs, oh yumm!) and the wonderful margaritas!!!! I will always treasure that memory, because we went for my birthday and who would of known that we both soon would get married 2 years later and months apart. Ay caramba!

  42. I have fond memories from every year I have attended the L.A. County Fair. We go every year and there is tons of enjoyment for our kids and us as well. The music, the food, the rides, the events, the shopping…we can never get enough!
    Our kids now ages 11,13 & 15 have been going with us every year since birth and for myself I have been going over since I was a kids as well. I believe my personal best is the 1st time I went as a child and the overwhelming enjoyment I got from attending and knowing this is something I would always want to do. Seeing the excitement my kids have gotten from attending year after year is something that can never be replaced, anywhere.

  43. I remember seeing Earth, Wind, and Fire, stageside. Great concert with friends 🙂

  44. We absolutely adore going to the fair each year and losing ourselves in everything that is the fair. About three years ago my son was 10 and we started our day in the nursery barn where several goats were very pregnant. My son kept looking at their pregnant bellies in a mix of wonder and something that looked like disgust (remember, he was 10 and thought the babies moving around looked gross…) One particular goat caught our attention because she was so pregnant, she was standing and leaning against the fence in what looked like an effort to just remain standing straight. My son stood there for a moment and decided to inch closer to take a look. Soon after he was pressed against the fence rubbing the goat’s side gently as she gazed up at him. From that moment, he was hooked! He insisted on keeping guard over the goat until I managed to tear him away so we could eat lunch. He insisted we return to the barn to check on the goat several times through out the day and later that evening we found the goat was in labor! Needless to say, my son wanted to stay to watch the whole thing and waited anxiously as the goat gave birth to the baby, occasionally calling out encouragement to the goat 🙂 He looked like a proud human uncle to the baby goat! Since that point, we can spend a full day just in one section of the fair, so we tend to visit the fair multiple times during the season.

  45. Since my friend (who is now my wife) and I have been going to the fair for the last 10 years, it has been a tradition with us to get lunch at Ten Pound Buns, and try a different stand every time for dinner.

  46. I have been going to the fair for 16 years, since I have been living in the group home across the street, I used to hop the wall to go to the fair every day, I live the big doughnuts,the wine tasting also, I once brought a run away horse back to the fair it was right by our wall on white street I walked it back to the stables no one was there I left the horse there it was fun.

  47. My favorite memories are still happening. I never miss the Los Angeles County Fair. I have been going since I was a little kid. I am now 53 years old. I have brought my kids their whole lives and now they are grown and they take their families. They look forward to going. My favorite part about the fair was back in the day when they used to have the Circus. We would go when the fair opened in the morning and walk around and eat and see shows. And the circus would alway’s be the last thing we did. It would start when it got dark. My mom in 81 years old and I still take her to the fair every year. Oh wait another fun memory is when my kids were small my mother would alway’s go with them on that big slide. They thought that was the best thing to do with Grandma. I used to wait at the bottom and take pictures.

  48. The FAIR! Only smiles and happy thoughts come to mind when I think back to the many, many milestones that I’ve crossed at the L.A. County Fair! Now I’ve been to many fairs, different states, cities and NONE, I repeat NONE come close to the BEST–OUR L.A. County Fair. As a kid it was one of the things I looked forward to…our family was poor and my mom had 4 kids and no partner. So going to the fair was a BIG Treat. Eating at the fair was the BEST-EST thing ever! We behaved because we knew we could get candied apples, p-nuttles, cotton candy and the BEST BBQ ever! I remember going to the fair with a couple of boyfriends…getting lost (on purpose) from my mom and brothers and kissing in the trees by the auto museum. I always liked going there because nearby was Hot Dog on a Stick! A dog and a lemonade was wonderful especially because of the hot weather! When I got married we went every year but not just once…every weekend! It was the best! Choc Chip cookies, big garlic bread pizza breads, bbq, turkey legs, ice cream sandwiches, pickles, choc covered bacon, tacos, beer, pizza, all of it! I relish thinking about it and I still go every year and I get dogged tired but the tri tip is fabulous!! I still can’t wait to smell the smoke in the air, see the swarms of people getting in line for hot corn on the cobb, and I always use those machines to massage my feet and then I walk to the animal farms and eat ice cream 🙂 Yummilicious!!
    Thank you L.A. County Fair for all of the DELICIOUS MEMORIES 🙂
    see you in a few weeks!!

  49. My favorite memory is taking my son to the fair for the first time. He was just a few months old. He was fascinated by the lights. It was awesome to see him taking in all the new sights. Then he fell asleep hahaha. Missed out on some good food.

  50. My most favorite memory of the LA County Fair would have to be my first time going.
    I had recently come out of a really bad relationship of 15 yrs where I was not allowed to really do anything and my bf brought me (He is so amazing. This was 7 yrs ago, and STILL love going). <3 I had never been to anything like this before. The food… I cant even tell you how amazing. My favorites were the Turkey leg and fried Snickers bar. I was like a little kid at a huge toy store for the first time. All the places to shop and things to see. I will NEVER forget this time!!! 🙂

  51. My favorite part of the fair every year is the Farmer John Pig Races! It gets a little sweeter every year, with the addition of chicken races, and the fact that every time I go back, I feel like the 5 year old kid I was the first time. And the announcer never loses his enthusiasm from performance to performance, year to year. I get so riled up, despite going to the Pig Races to relax my feet for a bit before embarking on the rest of the Fair, I wouldn’t mind running around the track for some Oreos and milk at the finish line!

  52. I always wanted to take a saloon-style portrait with my boyfriend (now husband) but he never wanted to because he thought it was silly. I finally convinced him at the while we were at the LA County Fair three years ago and we had so much fun! We loved the portrait so much that we incorporated it in our wedding 🙂 We got many compliments, but more importantly, we shared the memory of us just being the goofballs that we are 😀

  53. My family likes to try a new food on a stick each year. Last year we loved the Pineapple Upside Down Cake on a Stick. And nothing beats a fair corndog!

  54. Every year since I was a lil girl the whole family would go on the first day as a reunion. We still continue but more as a wonderful tribulation to my grandma the past away because she loved the fair so much!

  55. My most favorite memory of the LA County fair. Was when I was 11yrs old we spent the whole day there got on rides, but the #1 ride was the giant fairest wheel but I was to small to go alone, my father new how much I wanted to go on it so he took my hand & walked me over to the line & as we waited in line all i kept thinking was “how awesome this will be” as we went around & around all you can see is the lights & ppl walking around smelling all the delicious food, but most of all I was with my father… As time 10 years went by I lost my father, but I will always have that memory of us at the fair…
    Thank you for the opportunity to share my memory…

  56. My favorite memory was when I went on a school trip in third grade. We were learning about farm animals and how farming works. Then we ate all this great food!

  57. My fondest memories of the LA County Fair are getting the eggrolls on a stick while walking through all the interesting crafts and getting the very sticky, gooey cinnamon rolls to share with my family. Even bought some to take home. One year bought too many and woke up to the box covered in ants. Now we buy in moderation. lol

  58. Around 2010 or 2011 my family went to the fair like we do every year. This time my dad was wearing a red collar shirt (like he always wears) and some khaki pants. Till we got there and a little girl was trying to give him her tickets we realized my dad was dressed exactly like the employees!..Throughout the day he had kids going up to him with tickets and other employees mistaking him for another worker by asking for help. To this day we have a laugh about that day:) the next year the fair changed the uniforms

  59. My fave LA County Fair memory is eating Dr Bob’s Nutella flavor ice cream! SOOOOOOO good! 🙂

  60. My favorite memory is when I took my daughter for the first time and we watched the pig races. She absolutely loved it. Coudn’t stop giggling.

  61. Since as long as I can remember we have gone to the LA County Fair. My husband is from Alabama and his state fair would have fit in to one of the shopping buildings. I remember his first trip to the LA Fair, his eyes lit up like a kid in a toy store, he finally understood why i had talked about our fair for so many years i lived with him in Alabama. We didn’t have enough time to do all of the things he wanted to do or eat so we bought season passes and went to the fair 15 times that year, it was an amazing time. Since that year we make at least two or three trips back for the food, the shopping, the races, the rides, and the fun. Thanks for a great memory!!

  62. One of my most favorite memories from the LA County Fair was back in 1993. My daughter was a month old and this was her first big outing. We took my mom, and had the BEST time. We showed my daughter the animals and everything we could that she would respond to. It means so much to me looking back on that day because I no longer have my mom and my daughter just turned 20 a few days ago. I have so many memories and pictures of that day, it stays in my heart always. Thank you LA Fair <3

  63. I’ve found my favorite fair!! Last year was my first time at LA fair and I’ve been to all the southern California fairs. LA Fair has won my heart over. It’s not a summer without going to the fair about 5 or more times. My favorite memory has got to be winning the huge gigantic plush toy, fried oreos, giant turkey leg, and the ferris wheel. I can’t wait to go to the fair and make more memories with family and friends!

  64. My favorite memory is eating a funnel cake and seeing Carly Rae Jepsen perform all in one day! What a memorable summer evening!! It certainly was a good time!!

  65. The first time we rode the Ferris Wheel as a Family late at night with all 3 of our kids (4, 8, 12). The ride stopped while we were on the very top and it was complete silence- not because anyone was scared, but because all of us were completely mesmerized by the beauty of the Lights at the Fair, we could of stayed in that moment forever!

  66. I remember when I was a kid and my father would bring home tickets for the fair every year and my sisters and I would get so excited that we were going then we would start talking about what we were going to do and what we did the year before. The fair was like a family tradition for our family, everyone had their own thing they like doing once they got there, I had no one favorite thing because I was at aw of the whole park, I would try to do all I could but it seemed like every year I would find something that I had missed the year before. Now that I had a family I am making it our tradition to go to the fair every year and my kids look forward to going every year.

  67. I luv the fair all that fried food yum lol

  68. I have been going to fair’s all my life it has been a tradtion that has been passed on from my parents to me and the day that I have children I will pass it to them as well. I love going to the Fair because of the friendly staff, people and it seems like your a kid again.. NO matter what problem your going throught or what issue your facing once you get to the fair you seem to forget you go into KID mode and just have fun and a blast. The best thing is sharing the memories with friends or loved ones make it last.. Good Luck to Everyone !!!

  69. We love the fair. From the moment we pull up into the parking lot. Getting super excited for all the things we will see and do. Arriving into the fair and smelling all the amazing food. Seeing and experiencing every craft. But our most favorite time was last year getting to see Earth Wind and Fire concert being surrounded by the amazing music and all the people dancing and singing along. It was so incredible. Cant wait to experience the fair this year. And now the kids are older and can enjoy the fair along with me.

  70. I have so many fond memories of the fair! But, the best one I remember was about 3 years ago. I won my 1st Blue Ribbon ever, at the Los Angeles County Fair. I have entered times before, but first time I won that ribbon!!!One quick short memory is my dad was very good at thee games in the fun zone, and came back with a huge, I mean huge teddy bear. That was way back in the 60’s….Been to many fairs before but, the Pomona Fair is thee best fair by far!!!!

  71. I love going to LA County Fair in the evening…. when everything is lit up enjoying a nice cold beer!!!

  72. My most favorite time I could remember would have to be when I used to go to the Fair with my Cousins. That was back in the day’s when The Old Funzone still exsisted. Man!…Those were the days!!
    Thank you L.A. County Fair…. or like we used to call it ” The Pomona Fair ” for years of fun times and a whole lot of memories. I haven’t missed a year at the Fair since I could remember. Cant wait for August 30th 2013 Woooo hoooo!!!

  73. A few years ago my best friend and i went to the LA county fair. We enjoyed people watching, playing games, looking at the animals, and especially EATING. That particular day we ate everything we craved! Summer time required us to refresh with a very large Hot Dog on a Stick Lemonade! We then moved on to food, where we had tacos, pulled pork sandwiches, and burgers! Once the evening hit and we were beginning to get tired we started to get ready to leave by grabbing after dinner snacks, such as kettle corn, corn on the cob, cinnamon buns, another lemonade, candy, and other snacks. Our original thought was taking all of these snacks home, however on our way out of the park, we were snacking on EVERYTHING. As we walked out of the park, we realized it was the best time we had ever at the LA County Fair. 🙂

  74. I have always loved going to the fair. To pig out is the main reason my boyfriend and I go! Just sitting together surrounded by deep fried goodness ad chocolate covered everything is what keeps us going back. Our best memories there are of us running from booth to booth loading up on food and running to a table to feast! =]

  75. I have so many memories and stories but dont have the time right now. But here’s one. Benny & Billy . The two BIG guys that rode around on there mini trails. Ha Ha

  76. My favorite memory of the Fair is when my brother saw the maple doughnut covered with bacon. He had the happiest look on his face. It was priceless. Can’t wait to see his eyes light up this year 🙂 Thank You L.A. County Fair.

  77. My greatest memory of the fair is when my dad who has passed away would come and get me and we would go every year and we would ride the monorail then we would go and get cotton candy and then he would let me ride all day and milking the cows & the giant slide was a interesting fair find for me. Now i take my grandkids and i also took my kids every year until they went off to college.It has made some of my best childhood memories!!!!!! FAMILY TRADITION with my husband

  78. Ive been going to the fair my entire life since I was a baby,and I cant miss a single year.I enjoy being able to walk around and see all the different stuff and buy all kinds of thing.I worked there one year and my favorite thing to get was the frozen lemonade,but I cant go there without getting a giant turkey leg and some peanut butter fudge.

  79. I have so many good memories growing up and going to the Fair in the 70’s and 80’s – I remember The Mine that they used to have always looked forward to going in that- As well as the Monorail and Old McDonalds farm and the Tree House. It was a chance to be with the family and throw dines into ashtrays or ping pong balls for gold fish- The Food the animals- The plants and flowers and the different types of Spa’s that you could get- Just an awesome time

  80. one of my best memories was in 1990 my wife just had our first child . We were still teenagers very young I just started working fulltime. well we took off on a spontaneous trip to the LA fair…we passed one of the clothing booths and my wife like this summer dress so we bought it and she put it on right there…then write down the way she found a boot stand.. she fell in love with a pair of cowboy boots we bought um and she put them on right there..anyway to make a long story short there stood my wife a couple of weeks after having our first baby Marie ..she was looking so pretty standing there all dolled up with our new baby doll Marie… Well that was 23 years and six kids ago and we still love the LA County Fair

  81. I live in the area, so I have gone to the fair just about every year since I stated going with my mom or dad. One trip with my dad was exciting, to say the least. Without telling me, he bought a ticket for a ride on a helicopter. Never having flown before, it was “an experience” (and scared me to death). The other fun thing I did with my dad, was sit at a race horse game and playing and playing while he talked to the person that ran the game (which he seemed to know but I wasn’t sure). I miss the archway between the fun zone and the rest of the fair. That was cool too…

  82. The first year we took our kids to the fair we got one order of every fried thing we could find, and split between everyone. It was fabulous and we still retell the stories. We also stopped to get lemonade and the lines were so crazy that we each stood in line. And arrived at the same time. And got enough of the big keepsake cups for everyone. They are still around and we laugh every time. So now as we get ready for the next fair, we are talking about what new ride we want to try, and what new foods!

  83. I was sorta dared into doing the bungee jump. I was shaking but making sure it didn’t show– it was all bravado. But courage came when I felt that fear was about to choke me… I jumped. It felt like it was the end but after my feet hit the ground, I absolutely felt invincible– even for a minute. I might just do it again when I go to the fair this year! Awesome u, LA County Fair!!!

  84. My favorite memory from the LA County Fair is definitely when I first went on the Giant Yellow slide, I remember being a young girl and climbing what seemed to be a mountain of stairs all the way up to the top where you can see all of the gorgeous lights and colors of the fair, where you can hear the echos of all the laughter and music from around, and where you can smell a blend of the most wild and incredibly tasty foods they offer every single year. Once it was my turn everyone lined up on their potato sacks and we anxiously pushed off and away down that curvy and very fast slide! Every time we would hit a bump we would continue to gain speed, all I (and what seemed to be everyone) could do was laugh uncontrallably and scream as everyone’s stomach dropped after each bump! I love how it always turns into this unpredictable race and now at 25, I still make it a point to ride the slide each year (although the giant yellow one is no longer there as of a few years ago 🙁 but there are still the other slides)! LA county fair is always so much fun and guarantees a great time!

  85. Grew up in l.a. And i’ve been to the fair every year. Love all the things for kids to do. Would love to try something new and sample some stuff.

  86. My favorite moment at the fair was when my parents would take me to the Vans booth and buy one get one pair half off or was it get one free, I was in Van s Heaven♥…Love going there a teen in the 80’s..

  87. I have many memories of the LA County Fair. When I was a child in the 60’s tickets were passed out by our teachers. We would get so excited to go to the fair every year. I remember wanting the Cuppie Dolls on a stick. We would love to go watch the horse races, go to the Mexican Village to watch the live shows. The exibits were so much more nicer than now. There used to be so many giveaways. I remember getting a pin of choice one year, an elephant or a donkey during elections. So many memories, so many wonderful times with my mother,brothers and my aunt and cousins. It was a true family affair. It is and always has been a wonderful place to go to see live shows, eat, visit the farm animals and go to horse races and best of all the fun zone. I would love to win tickets to take my daughter and grandson. My husband is in Afghanistan other wise he would definately be going too!

  88. I went ziplining for the first time last year at the L.A. County Fair for only $15 !!! : )

  89. My favorite memory of the fair as a child was going on the giant bumpy slide and then having a chocolate dipped frozen banana. I carry on the tradition by bringing my kids now. We love the fair <3

  90. My favorite memories of the fair is when my mom and I took a group of day care kids to the fair. We were having lunch by the pond when Michael was looking into the pond his brother Tommy came over and ask what he was looking at and Michael pointed to something and Tommy leaned over farther and fell in . When he came up I asked him if he saw it . He said NO it was gone before I got there.

  91. My favorite memory and current tradition is going to the fair with my two best friends. We each buy our favorite food item, a turkey leg, roast beef sandwich, and my favorite a loaded potato, we find a place to sit and enjoy. We then go for a ride on the giant slide(even if we are in our 30s) and end the night with a 50cents vibrating foot massage.

  92. The fair food is always the highlight of my trip! My fondest fair memories are of the wonders of discovering a new amazing fair creation, like chocolate covered cotton candy! Or the ever expanding deep fried menus, with every new addition causing me to scream “That’s genius!” Then wondering around the grounds, taking in the majesty that is the LA County Fair.

  93. I remember the best food item EVER…The giant egg rolls. Last year I walked around that fair two times, looking everywhere, asking every person “Have you seen those giant egg rolls”???? I never did find them. I sure hope like crazy they are back this year!!

  94. My family loves the fair. Since I had my kids in 1995 I started a tradition of taking them to fair every year. They are teenagers now and we still enjoy going for the food n shopping. We go from when it opens to when it closes. I luv this family time so much as when I was younger my family didn’t have the money to take a family of 9 to the fair. So now I hope my kids pass this to their children. Every year the Budweiser horses are a must see! Enjoy it every year and it’s money we’ll spent.

  95. I can’t pin point a single moment but every year I love sitting at the Grandstand Restuarant while watching the races and spending a day with my family,

  96. We always came home with another new item…Even though we said not this time…We just couldn’t resist. Like the Vitamix, the Bamix, the glue from Glue Smith guy, the Watkins yummy seasoning and more…We finally bought a “box on wheels” and that made it easier to haul. Well, it was always worthwhile and much of the items we are still using..Looking forward to the fair and the goodies we’ll bring home again this year. Winning tickets will give us more to spend on the goodies we want.

  97. When we lived in LaVerne and weren’t at the fair we would sit on our chairs and see the wonderful display of fireworks. When we were inside we enjoyed everything about the fair especially all the booths and rides. My grandchildren loved all the rides and we like to watch them.

  98. my favorite memory is being with the family at the fair looking at the animals =-)

  99. My favorite memory of the Fair was the first time hearing my dad drop the f-bomb after he ate some Mackinac Island Fudge. It has been a must have every year after that.

  100. Going to the fair was my dad’s and my thing. I hardly ever gamble but I’d gamble at the horse track and always would come out a little ahead or a little behind. I would take tons of pictures. I especially love it at night at the home decor place with all the plants and a different theme each year. My dad passed away two years ago and the fair will hold many special memories of our visits there.

  101. My favorite memory was meeting one of the horse owners “Deena” at the longboard after a race and having her take us into the stables to meet and pet the horses., Everyone was having so much fun that day and we all got to pet the horses before the race. AWESOME MEMORY!!

  102. My favorite memory was when I participated in the parade for Pomona Day. It was a pleasure being a part of that moment and showing my pride as a Pomonian. I’ve been doing this for the past 2 years, and this year, I am glad to say that I am doing it again! Go Pomona!

  103. My favorite memory at the L.A. County fair was eating funnel cake with my husband and watching the rides.

  104. I visit the fair every year, but the best time I had was with my 2 year old granddaughter, Tami, visiting from Japan. My son who now lives in Japan visited USA with his Japanese wife and daughter in 2010. The look on my granddaughter’s face was sooo precious, the sheer joy shown on her face as we passed each ride, and game booth was priceless. I will never forgot the smile and the happiness and excitement in her eyes. She reminded me of the real reason for famly outings.

  105. I’ve been coming to the fair ever since I was little. I’ve watched the fair change over the years. some not all for the best, but for the most part, it has always been memorable. My favorite memory has always been the Fair Food… stuff you can’t always get when you want it elsewhere. My favorite used to be the roasted turkey legs from a vendor near the grandstand, long since gone. I liked it because the legs were not smoked, just roasted, and then smothered in BBQ sauce… yum…

  106. My favorite memory of the fair is going to see Rev. Al Green in concert with my sister Joyce in 2008. Rev. Al Green knows that he rocked the house that night. He has so much soul and love for people and singing. I will never forget the roses that he gave away and the feel of the cool breeze that night. The songs brought me to tears especially, “How can you mend a broken a heart”. I will always return to the L. A. County Fair because you bring the legends of music to the San Gabriel Valley. YOU ROCK!

  107. Every year my Father would use his vacation time during the LA County Fair. He would attend the Horse Races during the day with my Uncles and older cousins. My Mother would gather all of us and take us to the fair after school. We would have to go straight to the big red tower and wait for our Dad’s. Then the fun would start! We were all treated to a yummy meal of “Fair Food”. After dinner we would always go into the “Fun Zone ” to ride rides and play games! Since then my Father has passed away but , every year I remember the happy times we all spent there as one big happy family!

  108. favorite memory of the fair over the many years of fun, was when hubby and I were dating about 18 years ago, we walked through the trails and expos and we shared a pickle from one of the food booths. It was huge and delicious!

  109. My favorite memory was taking my daughter for the first time at age 2. She was a little young to know everything that was going on but she was excited as ever and couldn’t stop looking around at all the amazing sights. I think she will have even more fun this year!

  110. My favorite memory about the fair is the miniature train layout outside the grandstand. Have been going there first for the last 50 years. Finally got to go inside the fence for an up close look. I will never forget it.

  111. My favorite moment was riding the Ferris Wheel at the same time the guy was trying to break the Worlds Record for time spent riding the Ferris Wheel.

  112. My favorite memory of the L.A. County Fair was way back in the 60’s when the Telephone company had a game where you stood in front of a phone and if the number on your phone was picked you could win a free 5 minute long distance phone call. We played for hours so we could call our relatives back in New York. We hadn’t been able to call them for a long time since we couldn’t afford long distant calls back then, so this was a very joyous day at the L.A. County Fair for my family

  113. The fair to me means Hot Dog on a Stick. When I was a child I went to the daycare located at the LA County Fair. In the mid 80s, the daycare was located inside the fair and my father would have to walk into the fairgrounds to come and pick me up. Every day during the fair, my father would come and pick me up in the afternoon and we would walk to the nearest Hot Dog on a Stick stand and get a corn dog. We would grab our freshly fried stick of goodness and walk around the fairgrounds. My father passed away over 10 years ago but I still make a yearly trip to the fairgrounds and my first stop is always the Hot Dog on a Stick stand. Although now I get cheese…delicious!

  114. My most memorable experience at the fair was in 2001. I visited the fair just a few days after September 11. I was not really in the mood to go, but I had tickets for the Pat Benatar concert that night, so I went. I remember Pat talking to the audience at the beginning of the show. She told us she had thought about canceling, but she decided not to. Her show was great, as always. I remember feeling so sorry for the victims of the attack. Still, I was happy to be at the fair enjoying a nice night with my boyfriend.

  115. My husband and I had 6 sons and we took them to the fair every year cause it was the one place we could go as a family with something for everybody and it was affordable, tons of family fun and we have wonderful memories of them running through old macdonald’s farm, walking through the animal stalls, explaining the twins contest to them cause they didn’t ‘get’ that there could be two identical people, they got up and performed at the talent show, they each bought things they loved…some still have their wind chimes, plumaria plants, mugs with their favorite pup, a chamois, and still dream of owning a shop smith. the fair makes memories for everybody and ours are fantastic. now my sons are all married…but now we take our grandkids and are building new memories. we love the LA FAIR! <3

  116. I have so many wonderful memories with my family and friends! I remember one of the days that we went to watch Ramon Ayala’s concert we wanted to keep on dancing nd we did! Lol we all started dancing outside the grand stand infront of a stand that sells cd’s it was one of the best times everyone dancing even ppl that we didnt know started following us lol it was a party! Lol We go every year to almost all the concerts nd to eat nd try all the delicious food but we are a group of 10 so hope I win nd will b awesome thath we all win have to tell my friends to try to win hope We win..thanks for the oportunity…u shoud do more free passes we r too many ppl nd happy nd frer dramma we like to have fun! Choose me 😉

  117. Pick me I have so many good ones its hard to pick a favorite goin to the fair is the best experience ever I remember another time we went to buy 12 turkey legs nd we were eating. To c who eat it last so he or she hasd to buy beer for everyone. Hahaha it was so funny! I can’t wsit! Hope i get the passes 😉

  118. Cuando voy com mis amigas es tambien fun. We can try evertthg nd gozamos mucho de los rides,games y de las cosas intesantes q ay en la feria hasta para las mas chiquitos como las exibiciones de los dinosauros q es por lo q van los chititos y a mi me encanta tambien ojala me escoja a mi. .Gracias

  119. The best memory I have of the Fair is loading in the car early and driving to the fair and You could smell the corn dogs and cotton candy in the air. We would walk the whole fair and and eat all kinds of crazy food 🙂 When I was a teenager we would get Vans there because they where like buy a pair get a pair free and that was a great deal for MOM… I just love all the Memories I have growing up and going to the the Fair. The Best Times 🙂

  120. I can’t wait every year for this moment!!!
    I have so many memories with my family, my children really love this place. We visit the fair every year, but the most memorable moment in our lives is when we all enjoy our great big turkey leg brushed with barbecue at the food courts after a long trip around the place. My mother really loved going to the fair, she couldn’t wait till its annual opening every year. One of the main reasons why my mother loved visiting was because she really enjoyed the big turkey legs. Unfortunately she passed away this year and everything won’t be the same without her. It’s always been a very important part in our visit for us. The only things that we have, are the memories we spent together and all that fun we had at the L.A. County Fair. Even without her presence, we will try to enjoy the fair the same way we have always done in the past years. Thank you for your consideration. ♥

  121. My favorite LA county fair memory was the first time i went to the fair it was so exciting and it still is i just love everything about it i remember there was a man with a little monkey who danced and collected quarters from people’s hand it was so funny to see lol because sometimes the monkey would jump up n scare the person. I can’t wait to go, hope i win.

  122. So many wonderful memories!! But taking 3rd place in the live cake decorating contest the day after 9/11 and making the cover of the L.A. Times View section was the best! It was a bittersweet time, I have to say, after that tragic event. I almost didn’t go, but I was determined that the American spirit had to go on! I remember writing God Bless America on my cake at the last minute.
    I can’t even remember how far back my memories go with the fair, I have been going for so long. I love the competitions. My mother, may she rest in peace, was a blue ribbon winner eons ago for her Mother’s Day cake and flour tortilla’s, she won a sombrero shaped chip and dip plate that we still have. When I began making cakes in the late 90’s she told me to enter and I did…and came out with my own blue ribbon! From then on I was hooked…and got my husband and children hooked too! We have many competition ribbons in our pockets…mostly blue! Looking forward to this years for sure…thanks for the many years of enjoyment :o)

  123. I loved to take my kids to the fair. We always went to see all the animals, and we would watch the cows being milked and of course all of us would get a container of milk afterwards. Somehow it always tasted better : )

  124. My fondest memory was driving to the fair from Los Angeles and meeting my sister from Texas there. We spent the day eating and shopping and laughing followed by eating Wagon Wheel donuts and hot chocolate late in to the night.
    I miss her.

  125. All the years at the fair have been fun. Especially watching the kids participate in the parade. Later, we enjoyed corn dogs and Fiesta Village margaritas, followed by delish funnel cakes. Wow! Can’t wait to have a pastrami and some curly fries!!!

  126. There’s no place like the L A County Fair for eating. Or shopping. Or eating while you’re shopping!

  127. We run a countdown months, weeks, days, and minutes until the fair opens. The Fair invites exploration and discovery from farm animals to food, crafts to exhibits. Our family covers every inch from midway to market place buildings- we just love the L.A. County Fair!!!

  128. Best memory of the L.A. county fair was taking my niece and nephew to see the farm animals. They loved the goats because each time they made a sound it sounded to them that the animals were calling my name “Maattt” each time the kids kept saying uncle Matt they are calling you…was too funny, will always think of that memory when we go to the fair.

  129. Not sure it’s necessarily my “favorite” memory, but it definitely gets our family laughing when we reminisce. When my daughter was about 4, we were visiting the petting zoo area with the baby animals–our very first stop of the day. A cute baby goat came over to me and gave a massive sneeze right on my light blue top! There was black spattered goat buggers and snot all over my shirt and arm. Took me nearly 45 minutes in the bathroom to wash it all out. Fortunately it was a hot day, so it dried in no time.

  130. My favorite memory is when I went with a group friends last year. There was a ride that looked really scary, and one of my friends wanted to ride it, but no one would go on with him. He went alone, and got stuck with a really load screamer, and then had to run to the bathroom when he got off, because he was not feeling too good! LOL!

  131. Favorite Memory: Very first time I went to the LA County Fair was in 1964. Then every year after that. But in in 1972, I became a part of the Pomona Fair when I was in my High School Ballet Folklorico, and we were invited to perform there. That was my very best memory; to have been an actual part of that tradition that makes so many people happy every year! I am now 59 and enjoy watching young ones do what I used to do, that I wish I could right now… 🙁 ….Those memories will never die as long as the LA County Fair keeps up with the yearly tradition throughout generations! ┰┡┒▲▕╲▎┡┹┒╰┰╯❍└┘….Ṱhαᾔк УỚυ αłωαчš ………
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ ᒪ〇√ Ƹ ~ϟᶬἱlєϟ •Ϟugϟ •.and ρξάćξ
    •|̶̿ ̶̿ ̶̿ ̶̿|•\͇ Λ ͇/•|̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ • ͇\̿ ̿ •|͇̿ ͇̿ ͇̿| •|̿ V ̿|•|̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ • ŁΔ ĆØỮŇ Ŧ¥ ₣Δ Ɨ Ř !!!!
    (¸¸.•*¨)ᗩﬡﬡα|╲▎▲†† Ѱαϟ ┡┒ξ®є! (¸¸.•*¨)

  132. Every year since my boyfriend & I have been together (2006) we’ve always gone to the LA Fair. Stuffing our faces with fried foods or wasting our money away trying to win prizes. It will always be a tradition for us to go each year.

  133. The most important thing about the fair, my husband and my four childrem have gone to the fair every year since 1968, it was always our favorite place to go ,we always got reserve seats for the big show, then one year my husband and i had an argument, and we seperated, , the fair was starting, so i went to the fair and got my reserve seat for the show, and while there my husband showed up and came and started talking to me , i believe the fair brought us back together, and we remained married for sixty five years, until i lost him in 2009, the love of my life, thanks to the fair

  134. I rember going to the fair every year with my grandparents growing up. we would every year get an old fasion cinnamon roll, see the animals, see the cow milking show. since I have had my son I take him and do the same things that my grandparents did with me at the fair.

  135. My favorite memory is opening day at the fair with the mesmerizing music of War. It had been a traditional for me and friends for over a decade. I recall paying one dollar for fair admission and having the best day of the year. I always wanted to share this precious time with very special friends. So much joy, excitement, and peace. Never wanted it to end.

  136. Winning the twin contest with my sister about 10 years ago!

  137. Fav memory would have to be the first time I went when I was 5. It was like stepping into a magical land. I had a blast!

  138. My favorite fair memory is the time my wife and I were walking through one of the pavilion areas and the Peking Acrobats show was just about to begin. We didn’t know about the show but decided to stay and watch. The show was spectacular and we’d never seen a performance like that! Every year we make sure to catch the latest Peking Acrobats show and now our kids are big fans too.

  139. My favorite memory about the fair, was when my mom would load us up in the car all
    five kids and go to the fair. And try all the yummy food, but my moms favorite was the candy apples, even when she lost all her teethe she still bought the candy apple and trust me, she ate that apple, candy and all. lol Now she is gone but I keep the tradition and I take all my children and we load up the car and try everything, including all the fried stuff. I still get her favorite apple, and listen to the music, especially in the mexican village, luv everything

  140. well we had such a great day after we finally arrived there …first it was just going to be me and my 4 kids…then i was going to pickup my nephew from corona,,on the way my toyota over heated….we ended renting a 15 seater cargo van that sunday since that was all they had left…so my nieces whole family went..12 of us..in the big white cargo van…..we had a nice ride up there….and then my daughter and niece went on a bungee type ride…that was exciting…but to me funniest memory..was my son who is now 21……..and was about 12 then rode on the mechanical bulll…….so awesome……It was a challenge getting there..but was well worth it………..

  141. My favorite memory was back almost 10 years ago when I was 13. I went with my godparents it was the last memory I have of them together because few wks after they divorce. Every time I go the memories come back of when they were happy together . We have so much fun that day playing games, on rides and eating. And I have so many picture. Now that I’m older me and my bf always go a few times when it’s open. I can’t wait to have kids and take them. 🙂

  142. My favorite memory was entering several cross-stitches in the Tapestry Competition and going to the Exhibition Hall to see a blue ribbon for one of my entries. I was so excited. After I took about a billion pictures of the ribbon in the display case, I went out and got a huge corndog to celebrate!

  143. deep fried twinkies.. that is all.

  144. My kids were so enjoy to visit the Farms. They liked to meet with the heaping amounts of baby animals, including goats, pigs, sheep and cows. 🙂

  145. My fondest moment was in 2010 when my family and i first went to the last day of the fair, We had a ton of fun eating food and winning prizes, But the best part was riding the old big red slide 14 times that night with the cold wind in my face and the smell of smoked turkey in the air, My legs were sore the entire car ride home, But it was worth it, I can never recreate that moment as the big red slide is gone, But i will always remember…

  146. Eating the giant corn dog for the very first time 😉

  147. When we first moved to LA 8 years ago, this was the very first event we attended. Moving from the Mid-West we have been to some really big fairs. We noticed something different – there was so much more to do at the LA County Fair! Not just animals, but concert events, huge midway and of course the most fabulous food around! Though our first trip was our first memory, each year is just as exciting!

  148. I remember going to the fair as a teenager and hanging around with my friends at the Fun Zone. We had so much fun! Now I have teenagers of my own and they LOVE the fair too! Such a wonderful family tradition we have going on there! Every year!

  149. Last year at the fair 2012 I took my granddaughter for the first time to the LA County Fair and she was so excited to be there. I proceeded to take her to the petting zoo and she enjoyed it, but the funnies moment was when the goat decided to eat her ponytail. She was so scared and started to cry because she felt the goat was trying to attack her. However, she left out the petting zoo and the goats started attacking me for the food and my granddaugther began to laugh. I wasn’t laughing at her but she got a kick out the goats rushing me.

  150. We have been going to the LA County Fair as long as I can remember. My parents and I always ate the beef dips by the race track, watched a few races, went to the free concert if it was country music (I still have my Pam Tillis shirt from a concert in the 90s)… now my husband and I take our seven children every year. They love to ride the rides, check out the flower exhibits, watch the pigs race, and do all that fun stuff!

  151. We take the kids every year to the fair! Its a great family time, my daughter is still talking about it! It would be great to do something special like that!!! Fingers crossed!

  152. I haven’t been to the LA County Fair since I was small! I would love to take my family there! The expressions on my daughters face when she rides kiddie rides is priceless!! 🙂

  153. My favorite memory would probably be about 18 years ago. Went to the fair and had my first deep-fried Snickers! Since then we’ve tried many other yummy things, including the Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich! I’ve also learned to get my Snickers (which is an annual tradition now) without powdered sugar, so it doesn’t make a mess down the front of my shirt!

  154. I taught elem. in school close to the fair and would take my class the first Friday of the Fair. Many had never gone to the fair. We got free parking, free milk, and had a great time. Was wonderful way to start the school year. I still go to the Fair every year. I have entered jam and my grandkids now enter. So exciting to see what prizes they have won. Love the fair.

  155. We were in the petting zoo and my son was trying to stand next to a goat so we could take a picture. He still had feed in his hand and one goat ran into him and our little guy was so confused and gave this goat a dirty look wondering why he ‘pushed’ him. We got it on tape and we still laugh about it.

  156. My favorite memory was going ziplining for the first time at the L.A. County Fair last year for only $15 !! : )

  157. The endless walk from parking lot to entrence. No wonder there are so many rickshaws stay by.

  158. Favorite memory has to be the big happy smiles of my girls at the fair. I just love the fair!!

  159. Always love seeing Weird Al Yankovic!

  160. My favorite memory of the fair is when Chicken Charlie and Jerald recognized my kids from another fair (No Names) and they were so excited that they remember them …also my sons face the first time he tried a deep fried oreo..

  161. My absolute favorite memory are the FRIED TWINKIES 🙂

  162. My favorite memory is running in to an old friend at the fair. Hadnt seen her in 20 years. She died two weeks later. That was two years ago. Ill always remember her smile that day.

  163. My favorite memory of the fair was last year the stingray exhibit with my hubby touching the stingrays for the first time was amazing. Also that year I tried the giant corndog sooo good

  164. My favorite memory of the L.A. County Fair was September 19 – that was our first date! What better place than the L.A. County Fair, right??? We shared a fried oreo, huge corn dog, played games, and went on some pretty awesome rides. The highlight was definitely the wine tasting. We go back every year for our commemorative wine glasses!

  165. Around the year 1973 – my boyfriend and I took my niece (about 3 at the time) to the fair….we were so excited to see her on one of the bumble bee kiddie rides, and we watched her go around and around until she fell asleep! It was soooo cute and unforgettable!

  166. When i was 10 and me and my sister rode the games that turns into a worm with Rihanna’s Pon de Replay that song always takes me back to the moment:)

  167. While my boys were growing up and would complain and grip that things in life aren’t “Fair”. I always told them and still do to this day, ” The Fair” is held 3 weeks out of the year and it is coming at the end of summer, in life you can be sure that is the only “fair” you are guaranteed!!! They hated that joke, but it is so true. Life is so short but every year we can bet the LA County fair is there to carry on our traditions and fun times. It is the starting of a new season, its corney to relate “The fair” with anything in life being “Fair” however, we love going, still do every year with a season pass and will continue to pass it on for generations to come.

  168. Watching my son see the farm animals for the 1st time- …PRICELESS!

  169. My Husband and I have been going to the LA County Fair on the first day for about 5 years and it is Fantastic!!! This Year Will be Special Because the first day of the Fair August 30th is our 28th Wedding Anniversary!!! We’ve been going to the Fair with our family’s since we were little, we’ve known each other since we were about 5 😀

  170. Although I have had many great years of memories myself at the L.A. County Fair, I have to say my favorite was actually last year when we got to take our daughter for the first time. She was 2 and a half and it was the first time she had seen a lot of the livestock animals “in person” and she went crazy with excitement. I think we spent a few hours with all the animals because she wouldn’t let us go check other stuff out lol.

  171. My favorite memories are relived every year in September. Myself and my family have been going to the fair ever since I can remember! Growing up will be forever highlighted by the “The Pomona Fair” my best memory was winning a game of blowing up the balloon with the water gun at age 9. That’s is my go to game at the fair! It has something for everyone, young and old. I am now 43 years old now with my own children and they too will have many great memories to create every year.
    Thanks Pomona Fair!!

  172. My favorite memory from the fair is taking my kids each year and letting them see all the baby animals and the trains.

  173. My favorite memory are the extreme rides and the bungee jump. It was my first time to bungee jump and worth the money. I also liked the ride that resembles an extremely large sling shot that shot up and down that records your time on the ride. Of course I bought the video because it was the funniest video of myself and my friend screaming our heads off!! What a night! Can’t wait for this years LA Fair!!!:) Plus who can forget the food!!!

  174. My most favorite memory of going to the fair was two years ago when I was expecting my now 22 month old daughter. I was 7 days away from delivering, and I wanted to go to the fair to ‘walk it out’ with my parents (apparently, walking helps with labor and making it easier on me). I have always gotten a pearl from Kobe Pearls and Gems at the fair, and this particular year was especially poignant, because I went to get a pearl for myself AND my daughter!! The next year I came back with my daughter to Kobe Pearl’s booth and introduced my daughter to them. 🙂

  175. My favorite LA County Fair memory is visiting with my aunt and uncle. Night Time would finally come after seeing all of the sights of the day. But with the night a whole new world would come alive that my young eyes with tired feets would view from HIGH atop my uncle’s shoulders. As my uncle’s steps rocked me, my tired child’s eyes closed to the twirling lights and my ears last heard the exciting music played from the game booths. I didn’t even remember leaving the fair. But I will always remember the time I spent with my uncle who is no longer with me.

  176. Many moons ago, our school marching band would perform at the fair. Afterwards, we’d get to spend hours running amok with our friends. So much to see and do!!

  177. My favorite moments will always be eating at the Gingerbread House, Juanita’s burritos and the Indian Fry Bread. I sure do miss those Fry Breads. I been attending for about 50 years. I still have the photo of eating that famous burrito. I’m trying to get my first grandson to attend on opening weekend so he can continue the legacy at the L.A. Fair.

  178. My best memories were from when I was very young and my dad was still alive. I remember our whole family would go to the fair every year. We would all be so excited to see all of the animals, look at the plants, look through the booths at all the different products out there, eat piggly wigglies and other food, and play games.

  179. My father was a disabled World War II veteran and money was always tight in our house. Luckily, my elementary school had a free field trip to the LA County Fair each year. After the field trip, the teachers had some extra tickets to give to some of the students. At the time, I had no idea that the teachers were honoring my father’s sacrifice for this great country by always giving me enough tickets so that I could attend with my entire family…I just thought I was lucky! It would be years before one of the teachers told me the reason that I was always awarded these tickets. While the LA County Fair with my schoolmates was a blast, the Fair with my family was magical. With my dad’s disability, and lack of funds for rides, we ended up exploring parts of the fair that children usually do not bother with. From the miniature trains to the fine arts, no area was ignored. I have such vivid memories of the Photography section and my dad studying each photo and his taking the time to explain why each one was a part of history. He would even salute a photograph if it depicted a fellow soldier. I still attend the Fair every year and can afford the food, the rides, and buying whatever I want…but my heart always leads me to the nooks and crannies and the Photography section still takes up a big part of my always wonderful day!

  180. My favorite memory of the fair, silly as it seems, it watching the demonstrator guy make a bunch of things in a Vitamix Blender. It was mesmerizing!

  181. I have many great memories at the L.A. county fair (or as we all called it “Pomona fair”) growing up and going with my family every year. But my favorite has to be taking our daughter for the first time about 12 years ago. My husband modified her red Redio Flyer wagon into something that looked like a monster truck and the positive comments we got throughout the day made my husband feel proud!! Lol! Now 3 kids later we continues to share many favorite memories of the fair! Can’t wait to go back in September!!

  182. I have tooo many good memories to mention,every year is a new adventure for all my fam. nd friends but last years was pretty cool! We went to Ramon Ayala’s concert nd everyone wanted to continue dancing when the concert finished so right infront of the grandstand it was a stand sellling CDs nd they were bumping Ramon Ayala’s music so everyone started dancing nd people that we didn’t know started following so at the end looked like we were in a club! Lol it was a very good unforgetable night. I can’t wait for the fair to open this year nd have family nd friend nights. 😉

  183. I have to say……. I am OBSESSED with deep fried OREOS. But I only allow myself to eat them at the LA County Fair, no joke! But my best memory of the fair was going home with literally 20 pairs of shoes one year from those $10/pair vendors LOL. Hey they weren’t all mine! But it was the funniest thing lugging all those at the end of the night, I would never forget that year…… best times with the family!

  184. Many years ago while my son was a young child we visited the Los Angeles County Fair. I have a clear memory of his eyes being in disbelief when we visited the farm area and he looked with great interest at the multiple animals. By the time we left the farm area to continue our exploring, he had names for the the different animals such as Carrie the Cow and Sherman the Sheep! One of many priceless moments we have experienced at the fair!

  185. I have been going to the L.A. County fair ever since I can remember! One of my fondest memories though is in September of 2001 my family and I were going to sit and relax just as a band was going to play. So flipping through the souvenir guide to see who they were I see a familiar face!…My son David was on page 45 eating a cinnimon roll! He was at the time almost 1yr old. I remember the year before a gentleman from the fair paper gave us the roll and asked me to feed it to my son so he took our picture, but I had no idea it would be in next years guide!! I have that guide still today, it’s definitely at the top of one our most fondest memories…..So ready for another year of great memories at the L.A. County fair!

  186. My favorite memory is tasting chocolate covered bacon for the first time.

  187. When I was 8 and saw the Dime Toss game. And with a hand full of dimes and threw in the air, cause I wanted the big ashtray for my dad’s b-day. And I won it! Told my brothers I get. LOL

  188. Every year great memories are made. Since i was 5 (i’m now 29) not one year has gone by where i have not gone to the LA County fair. I do miss the days of being a kid, and me any my brother would go on ALL the rides as many times as possible. Now I have made it a ritual to take my 4 kids every year. I hope the tradition will continue and that the fair will be around when my kids are older and have their own kids to bring to the fair.. The food is always AWESOME.

  189. My favorite memory of the LA County Fair goes all the way back to the late 70’s when I was in High School Marching Band.Back then I was part of the Glen A.Wilson High School Marching band (Hacienda Heights Calif) from 1973-1977.During a couple of those years our Marching band was invited to march through the Los Angeles County Fairs grounds.It was a blast for me and my fellow band members.We were so happy to be able to perform for all the hundreds of people visiting the fair.Even today I can still remember seeing many of the smiling faces of not only the kids but also from adults cheering us on and clapping as we marched by and played music loud for all to hear.
    I can still remember all the sites,sounds and smells of people around us having fun,eating,screaming,laughing but most importantly just having a great time!.The smell of great food all around made me hungry,especially the smoke from all the Barbeques ribs and turkey legs!.Yum Yum!.
    Since,my wife and I try our best to make it a habit in visiting the LA County fair every year.We’ve also have competed in Food contests and won a few.This year is even more special,cause we have two grandkids competing in some kids Art Contests.
    The LA County Fair is not only a fun place to visit,a great place to eat,but a special place to make great new memories!.
    Ernie and Marsha (Rancho Belago Calif)

  190. Unfortunately my favorite memory of the Fair was also the Scariest memory. My parents and I got STUCK on the Tram Ride around the Fair. It was about 30 -60 minutes before they got it going again. Several days later One car partially derailed, and passengers had to get off with a FIRE Ladder!!!!!!

  191. I have been going to the LA County Fair since before I can ever remember. When I met one of my now best friends in 8th grade we had 1000’s of things in common. It wasn’t until the next year which was freshman year I learned she had never and I mean NEVER been to the Fair. Considering she had been in Cali all her life I could not believe it. I told my family and they decided she should come with us that year. Of course when I told her she completely flipped out but not as much as she did when we went in and she saw cheesecake on a stick. (One of her favorite foods)The look on her face was priceless….I will never forget that day, possibly because she won’t let me! LOL…The LA County Fair, making memories that will last a friendship and lifetime!

  192. my favorite memory all though I have tons of them I would say is after my daughter was born we took her to the fair with the family and in the frontier land you guys had in 2009 we made her a frontier doll which was made out of scrap material and some love. my daughter is now four and still has her doll and never lets anyone play with her and we always will have the memories of making that doll and have tons of pictures with her in them in the years to come.

  193. My favorite fair memory was when I was playing a ring toss game with my brother who is 3 years older than me. He spent about 20 dollars to try to get the ring around the bottle and guess what….I did it on my first try. He was shocked! Greatest little sister win ever!

  194. Every year I enjoy trying new food at the fair, deep fried everything, cheesecake on a stick, turkey legs, you name it and I’ve tried it. The food is by far the best reason to go to the fair!!

  195. My favorite memory of the fair is going through a alien funhouse type EXPERIENCE. My daughters and I walked through a military base and escaped a alien encounter at the end of the tour. The special effects were amazing. Still have the government secret alien id’s we purchased after the experience. It was a great scarefest! Fond memory of fun times with my daughters when they were still kids.

  196. I loved trying all of the food, especially King Taco and Dr. Bob’s ice cream! I wish I had the Dr. Bob’s later, though, because it was very filling. That was some of the best food I’ve ever had! I will never forget trying my first fried Twinkie. I always wanted to try one! 😀

  197. Must have been back in 1962 or so….entering the gates to the fair each child received a tin pig pin to wear on their collar. And each year I looked forward to a new designed pig pin……lol…and of course the rows of fluffy bunny rabbits to admire all afternoon.

  198. Love the fair! I love the way the Pomona air smells in September. I have moved on from the swirl of carnival rides to enjoy the slower paced fun with my two and five year old. I love spending full days in the princess dress up area.

  199. I can always count on the LA County Fair to create new memories. I have fond memories growing up visiting the barn yard and eating fabulous baked potatoes. Now having a child of my own I have added to those memories. My son enjoys visiting the children exhibits. In the last few years he grew a love for Dinosaurs . The dinosaur exhibit definitely has helped that love grown from the informational facts to the animated figures. Last year he was overjoyed seeing the cows getting milked and buying a carton of milk right after.

  200. Everytime I go to the L.A County Fair is very memorable & fun. My family gets closer. We share so many smiles & laughter while at the fair. And we truly enjoy ourselves there & make it memorable . It would be amazing if my family could get to experience the VIP access.

  201. My favorite memories are taking my children year after year down the Giant Slide. Visiting the gardens, resting on the hillside lawns on a hot summer day and drinking Lemonade from Hot Dog on a Stick. One year we won $340 from the Cal State Lottery Booth in Building 6 if my memory serves me correctly. That year anybody could have whatever they want. We really miss seeing the RV’s and boats.

  202. Best time was taking my Grandfather after my Grandmother passed away earlier in the year. Even though we had to use a wheelchair, he was happy to be out and about enjoying the sights, sounds and especially the flower section.

  203. My favorite moment is my first time attending the fair without my parents. I was able to take my time looking at all the exhibits that I liked and also eating the food I wanted. That was the best time I ever had.

  204. Been going to the fair all my life, one year my mom and I drove out from Texas, just the 2 of us. She worked at the Orange Julius stand and I got to hang out with my cousins for hours at the fair! We always brought my grandmother a Julius & a hot dog on a stick after mom got done working.

  205. Fried Turkey wings and Giant Corn Dogs, thats what the hubby and I go for every year. Oh and for someone who don’t like onions, I do like the onion blossom

  206. As a child I would often go to the fair every year with my family & we made it a tradition. One of my favorite stands was the crepe stand that had the best turkey avocado and garlic sauce on it. Then we would end with a strawberry shortcake crepe. I really enjoyed walking through all the buildings and looking at all the new stuff that comes out every year. But as a child my most favorite exhibits were the kids exhibits and the ice skating rink. The carnival was always the icing on the cake. Now when I go to the fair I take my kids and experience all the things I did when I was a kid. I enjoy it more now because I see it through my children’s eyes.

  207. My favorite memory of the fair involves my kids and corn on the cob. My kids LOVE corn on the cob. They can eat an ear each, my kids were 2 and 4 last year at the fair. We have season passes and usually walk over in the evenings to enjoy dinner at the fair, at least once a week! My favorite memory is sitting on bales of hay with my husband, two little ones enjoying corn on the cob. It’s a simple memory but we have done it every year since my first was born. We love LA County Fair food! 🙂

  208. For us, the L.A. County Fair is all about the FOOD! And, we love Hot Dog on a Stick! A must have each visit is two Hot Dog on a Stick, one Cheese on a Stick and a cherry lemonade! My favorite memory of the fair was the year Travis Tritt performed. He was having so much fun singing and talking to the crowd, he did not want to leave the stage!

  209. I’ve had many memories at the L.A county fair but I’d say the most memorable of them all was the first time my dad and I went on the big yellow slide. I was 5years old and scared to death! But after of course I wanted to get on again. I’m 23 now,and he 46, till this day we make going on the slide together the first thing we do.

  210. I am a San Fernando Valley transplant since 1995, we didn’t have the fabulousness known as L.A. County fair, let alone fair food. Each year i anticipate what new foods will be discovered. Since i am older now, my teenage daughter has the chance to have grown up at the fair and for that, we are all grateful. It’s our family tradition to visit each year.
    P.S. Orange County Fair just doesn’t compare.

  211. The time my son thought the horse was having a baby, but it was actually his male part coming out, hilarious! One of many favorite memories!

  212. My favorite memory is from just last year. After seeing the pig races and touring that part of the fairgrounds, i walked back toward the livestock pavilion. i noticed a large crowd inside around the cow pen. I walked up to see what the attraction was and it was a cow that was about to calf. I stayed around for the next 15-20 minutes and saw the birth. Quite exciting for a city slicker like me.

  213. I have been attending the fair since I was a little girl, so I have many fond memories. One of the best memories would have to be getting a chance to perform on various stages at the fair. I was in many Hawaiian dance performances throughout the 80’s and 90’s and it was such a great feeling knowing that people from your own community were cheering you on and enjoying every aspect of the show. Once I was done, I knew I could spend the rest of the day enjoying it with my family.

  214. My favorite memory is taking my little girl, to the fair for the first time. Her eyes, were like giant saucers, popping out of herb head. She was excited that she did now where she wanted to go first. Her favorite part of the fair, was the food and of course seeing all the animals.

  215. For us, the L.A. County Fair is all about the FOOD! And, we love Hot Dog on a Stick! A must have each visit is two Hot Dog on a Stick, one Cheese on a Stick and a cherry lemonade! My favorite memory of the fair was the year Travis Tritt performed. He was having so much fun singing and talking to the crowd, he did not want to leave the stage!

  216. Every year I take a photo with my kids in those photo booths. I started with my first baby when he was 8 months old and I’ve done it every year since. I now have 5 kids ages 1-12yrs.. that’s one crowded photo booth.

  217. One of my favorite memories at the fair is of my dad and I trying fresh potato chips.

  218. My favorite memory was when I got lost as a little kid. I felt like Dewey in Malcolm in the Middle, except I actually went to the “water park” and found my adventures to be lying in Building 4, the Fun Zone and somehow made it to the water fountain in front of the blue gate (I still have the picture of me in front of the fountain after my parents found me). Even a child can find their own adventure at the fair.

  219. My favorite fair memory will actually be the 2013 L.A. County Fair! Why you ask? Because I finally bought season passes after many, many, many years of wanting to. My husband’s birthday is tomorrow and I cannot wait to surprise him with the best gift yet!! …just imagine if I could also surprise him with tickets to the Fair Food Preview Day too!
    There are so many things we will look forward to including the food, wandering the hundreds of vendor booths, visiting the baby animals, the games, rides and shows! Did I mention I got us Trace Adkins tickets the day they went on sale?!

  220. I grew up in San Dimas most of my life. I could see the fireworks from my house growing up and always got a fair annual pass so me and my friends could go in when we wanted. Me and my best friend were at a concert one night, and heard the announcer say ZZ Top would be playing he next week. We looked at each other and made sure we were going to be there. The day comes he picks me up we wait in line. Now this was before you had to have a ticket and pay to see the show. We had our girlfriends come down to see a cool show. We get our seats and the band comes up, it is clearly not ZZ top. The singer comes to the stage and says thank you for coming to the DC Talk show. If you know who this is you will understand. They are or was a Christian youth band. Oops not who we were looking for.

  221. I remember it was in 2011 when my family went to the L.A. County Fair, we tried Deep Fried Oreos for the very first time, and there was mixed reactions all around! But what we all enjoyed the most was looking forward to eating those giant turkey drumsticks every time we go!

  222. I have been attending the fair for as long as I can remember. It is an annual tradition that my family and I can not miss. From watching the pig races, the days of riding the giant slide, walking by the pools and spas, to just sitting on the patio of the wine pavilion we have created so memories. I love the fair so much that I make it a point to set up our school field trip for 80 autistic students every year. I want them to have as much fun at the fair and create their own memories as well!! Bring on this years fair!!

  223. My favorite fair memory changes every year, so this one has yet to be made!!!

  224. Lots of good memories … too many to say. One I can remember was when the monkey use to take are pennies then tip his hat. Always looked forward to that. Being with all my relatives and dressing up to come to the fair. I’ve been coming there since I was little. I still go with my kids and my grandchildren!!

  225. My fav LA County Fair moment is the same every year, the ANTICIPATION of what is the first thing that Im gonna eat when I get in there! The same feeling as when I was a kid, still the same. Eating at the LA County Fair keeps me feeling young. 🙂

  226. My favorite memory and tradition to do at the fair with my BF, is head straight to the food to get roasted corn with all of the toppings on it! i.e. butter, mayo, parmesan, lemon, chili/chalula, paprika, garlic, onion salt. Walk through the exhibits and people watch.
    I look forward to it every year! I love LA!!!

  227. I used to LOVE when they had every kind of crazy chicken, rabbits, pigeons exhibits. When they used to have ” Table Place Settings” , the High School Art, baking competitions, the Four H stuff, … all the stuff that made it a ” County Fair”. Now it has turned into a food, rides, and consumer fair. Shame

  228. My favorite memory is back in 1995. I was working at a bottled water stand and met my husband, 18 years later with two wonderful sons were still together and we go there ever year.

  229. It’s tough, as my husband & I have been going since we were dating, but I’d have to say last year – when we went on a quadruple date with his parents, my parents, & his brother (and his girlfriend). It was just a few weeks after the wedding and a great way to enjoy some quality family time after the hustle & bustle we were all experiencing just weeks before. And of course, finally being able to eat anything we wanted since “wedding dress/suit diet” was over!

  230. I have to say my most memorable Fair was in 2002. I was pregnant with my first child and our family decided to go one evening. There had been a large brush fire going on in the hills about La Verne/Claremont and I have a vivid memory of seeing the fire line on the hills from the entrance of the fair. It was very surreal seeing it burn down closer and closer to the city…

  231. Last year was so much fun….walking around, smelling all the different types of food and trying to refrain from eating them all! Then screaming on all the rides and trying not to hurl!

  232. I love the cheesecake on a
    Stick what a fun wait to eat a cold treat on the go!

  233. I have so many memories of the fair as I will now celebrate my 33rd year of enjoying the fair! My favorite memory of all these years is always the same each year. Going to the Live Stock area right when the fair opens and looking at all the animals then heading straight to the chocolate milk stand! No matter old one is nothing says “Welcome to the fair” like a cold bottle of chocolate milk. Now I have started the same tradition with my two kids!

  234. Ever since I was little I love the L.A Fair….I have to say last year was the best memory because we got to be in the parade for my brother karate studio. We had so much fun and so see all the kids smiling. I love how we were all together and we had lost of fun!!!!

  235. One of my best memories is taking my Grandfather to the horse races he, my husband and me love the horse races. My husbands Birthday is Sept. 22 and we go every year to the horse races for his Birthday. My Grandfather had so much fun I am not sure which he liked more the races or watching all the pretty ladies he had a blast. Once again we will be there again we always get box seats and make a day of it. Hoping we can go to the Lynard Skinner concert would love to get box seats for that for his Birthday.

  236. my favorite memory of going to the L.A. fair is arriving with my four brothers and mom and dad, going to the section where the livestock were and getting goat milk. Back then it was 50 cents, now its 2.50 i believe (still well worth it). I still do this every year and will continue it when i have kids of my own.

  237. My favorite memory at the L.A. county fair was when I went with my parents and my brother and we all got our faces painted!

  238. My favorite memory of the fair is going with my parents so many years ago. My mom loved it my dad went to make her happy. But we always had fun. The exhibits are endless, food of all types, shows to keep you busy , And just plain fun. The last time I went with them it rained. Everybody just kept going about their business. awww memories!!!!!!!!

  239. I have never been to the La County fair and would love to create memories with my husband and 20 month old daughter Olivia.

  240. My favorite memory is going with my family and always getting my face painted by the artist “Kazam”. He is still there to this day !!! Last year we visited and I had him paint my face again! It was like being a little kid! I got a butterfly and my husband got a dragon! We thought it was awesome!

  241. I have been going to the fair since I was about 5 or 6 years old. My mom would enter me and my twin sister in the twins contest until we were 18 years old, then we were judges for one year. Now I have two daughters who are 16 and 25 and I have taken them since they were babies. Now that they are older, we go and just eat. We will eat Tasti Chips, something deep fried, teriyaki, big baked potatoes, corn on the cob. We will just eat all day. Love it!!!!

  242. my greatest memory is when we took our kids for the first time and the girls wanted to ride a roller coaster and my son didnt but was scared to say something as they stood in line he kept watching the ride and when they got closer he turned to my wife and said mommie i dont feel good she said boy it s just a ride and went to take his hand and noticed he was covered with hives. his sisters lol at him but as they rode the ride his hives dissappeared sitting on the bench with mommie and me.then we went to piggly wigglys and ate.

  243. My favorite memory of the fair was riding the tram across the fairgrounds – looking down on everyone. Every so often it stops and you swing back-and-forth while people are looking up at you. Last year, my husband and I climbed aboard that tram again – hadn’t been on it in ages and it was still as much fun last year as it was in the past!

  244. My favorite L.A. County Fair memory is watching the pig races with my brothers & winning coupons for free Farmer John bacon!

  245. What a great time we had at the B-52s a few years back! Total flashback!
    Thanks LA Co Fair for all the good times over the years…

  246. The fair is a family tradition in our family. It started when my wife and I were in college — we have record of each visit with at least one photo strip from the photo booths. We have since been married and now have three children that we cram into the photo booth with us, trying our DARNDEST to get everyone’s face into the shots (not easy, as our oldest is now 12 years old!!).
    The food is always another treat — from the delicious BBQ, to a burrito from King Taco…or everyone’s favorite, the fried creations!! By far, my favorite, was the ZUCCHINI WEENIE!

  247. My favorite memory from the fair is last year, it was the first time me and my family went and it was the happiest day of my life, we ate Pink’s hot dogs and rode a couple of rides and took some nice family photos . I will always remember my day at the L.A County Fair. 🙂

  248. I remember the first time my parents took me to the L.A. County Fair when I was about 4 years old . I remember trying a fried twinkie for the first time ! BEST THING IN THE WORLD ! But who can forget the turkey leg that at the time seemed ginormous at the time to me but it was finger licking bomb ! 😀 and It’s become a tradition that the first iteam I have is a fried twinkie and the last is my ginormous turkey leg ! And this year it’s my goal to try all the foods in the Fair !

  249. The turkey legs corn and lemonade best fair memory every year….take my daughter every year since she’s been born…six year this year and she can’t wait….

  250. Love going to the fair every year. My favorite memory is being surprised by Lifehouse in the grand stand. They came out of no where and were willing to take pictures. Amazing!!


  252. I have been going to the LA County Fair since I was a kid, you get those butterflies in your stomach when you know you are close to the parking lot. Then you skip or jog to the entrance.. Once there it’s such a delight of smells and visual things it’s almost over whelming , with a shriek and a tug on ones hand or shirt, it’s this way .. lets go this way.. such a fun place to be and such good memories for myself and my children , There are too many memories and special things that have happened here, and the FOOD.. 😉 awesome , the atmosphere is so FUN.. thank you to everyone who makes this a magical fun learning eating seeing place to be.. \o/ and the concerts! just Fabulous.. 🙂

  253. My favorite memories from the Fair is watching the Cattle Drive down White and Arrow hwy, my mom n dad took us out of school to see it and spend the day at the fair! I miss my parents and the fun. But I go every year and have for the past 50 years. So many good memories every year!

  254. Favorite memory is going with my Uncle Joe and watching him win dozens of huge jumbo stuffed animals. Then walking with him around the fair fun zone and handing them out to little kids and watching their faces light up with joy.

  255. Ever since I was little, going to the fair was always a tradition. My favorite thing as a kid was the little (water) bird whistles and juices that came in animal shaped containers. For some reason, I always looked forward to those 2 things! Of course now as I’m older, I love all of the food! And yes, even the beer selection, which I still wouldn’t mind taking in an animal shaped sippy cup (lol)! It’s my one day to eat anything and almost everything. And I can’t forget the petting zoo! Even at 30, I still love the petting zoo! I will always go with my parents for as long as I can and if I should ever become a mom myself, I hope to share it with my children.

  256. It was 2002. My husband and I were enjoying our evening at the fair. We were buying some kettle corn and my WATER BROKE. After changing clothes, my husband and I walked hand in hand eating our kettle corn and enjoying the sights. We did this for three hours. Then we raced to the hospital and had our boy. Every year on that day we take our son to the fair to celebrate.

  257. My favorite memory of all… Well lets start with i been going There every year in all my life. My favorite memory is when i took my friends as a courtesy thanks because they helped me with my 15 birthday Party. We spent the whole day there we saw all the live stock together! Omg best thing ever. Also we went on many rides together recording it together. The best part about the fair tho was the Mexican Funnel cake that was the last time i ate some of it and o my god! The turkey legs and snow cones to die for!!! They year after me and my friends started a tradition of going every year together . We can’t wait for it to start

  258. My favorite memory is when I was 6 or 7, and my dad was pulling a wagon around with me in it. I remember eating cotton candy and looking at the bright lights and rides around me. For some reason we stopped going until I was 16 I went with some friends and it was a nostalgic moment. So, I’m 21 now and I’ve been going every year since I was 16, because I get the same feeling as if I was 6 or 7 years old again.

  259. My favorite memory is taking my then 5 year old to the fair and the look on hi face when he saw the tiny baby piglets suckling. He had just learned about what mammals are and he was sure these hairy animals were mammals too! Since then. every time we go to the fair we have to stop by the animal barn and see the newest batch of little piggies.

  260. All I can say is every year me and my husband, we buy the season pass every year and all the memories that me and my husband being together at the fair are all very good memories……we enjoy the fair and we always cant wait for this event every year……. I hope you pick me its gonna be a good birthday present for me….. thanks

  261. My favorite memory of the fair is going with both my family and my friends and once everyone had arrived we walked throughout the entire fair and bough every fried thing we could find. Doubling up on the stuff we really liked. My favorite was the deep fried White Castle.

  262. The Bacon-wrapped Turkey legs, mmm never had such tasty poultry. I was sad thinking I wouldn’t find one last year looked everywhere & no one could tell me where. Then almost at the end there they were! Had fun trying to cut through all the tasty bacon.

  263. The year I moved from the Midwest to Los Angeles, I was homesick. I loved LA, but I missed some aspects of home. My husband surprised me with a trip to the fair, since I always had fond memories of the county fairs back home. He had never been to a county fair, so we did it up right-funnel cakes, corn dogs, beer, rides, games, etc. It cheered me up, and became a tradition for us. Now, I’d never leave LA for anywhere else, and one of the reasons is it has a little bit of everything and everywhere!

  264. My parents never had a car and so to get to the Fair from midcity Los Angeles we would walk 3 long blocks to get a bus to downtown. We then walked from Broadway to the bus terminal and then took another bus out to the fair. We did the reverse at night. I remember one night as we were walking across the parking lot to get to the bus stop a distressed boy came running up to me with a doll in a box that I guess he had won at one of the games and asked if I wanted it. I did and it always reminded me of the good times my parents and I had at the Fair.

  265. my favorite memory at the fair is trying the foods and taking my kid to pet the animals. she loves to even though they attack and nibble all over her.

  266. My favorite fair memory was seeing the dinosaur exhibit with my kids. Every year, we enjoy checking out the new inventions in the vender exhibit buildings as well.
    Love the fair!!

  267. My favorite memory was walking around the fair taking pictures for art class. In the zoo area, I posed with the fake clown. My boyfriend in a strong man cut out. Additionally, it was the first time he had been to the L.A. Fair. It was also the first time we ate the delicious ice cream and funnel cake. Our pants were covered in powdered sugar. It was so much fun! The pictures help me remember what a great day we had together.

  268. My best memories of the LA County Fair were when I was between the ages of 6 and 10. We always went to the model train exhibit, then had dinner at the Spaghetti House. Great family fun and lots and lots of food…..Thank you…

  269. I had so much fun as a kid now as an adult my dad always took us and we loved the fair. He drove us in his GMC truck for days of fun and food we never wanted to leave. Now as an adult I go and enjoy fairview farm animals piggly wiggly, ice cream and ribbsssssssssssssssssssss. i don’t just like to eat but it’s seeing all the people who make me feel a part of something bigger. The Fair is one of the greatest parts of being a pomona resident. I get sad when the last day comes and the trucks and venue events start driving away but whit, arrrow and mc kinley come alive when the fair arrives.

  270. Id have to say my favorite LA County Fair moment would have to be from 2010! The year I was a Junior in the Diamond Ranch HS Marching Band and we made it to the Marching Band Competition Finals. Among the only 3 bands that day of the finals we placed 3rd! This was a memorable day making it my favorite!

  271. My family would go every year at least twice. The kids were younger and they loved going to the animals area. We would always get chocolate milk for $.25 cents and pet all the animals. We got to see lots of baby pigs being born and my kids had a blast seeing that. They would be exhausted by the end of the day but no doubt the had a great time. WE all had a wonderful family time. Now they’re teenagers and the main attraction its the rides, concerts and the food. We still enjoy it very much! Love the Los Angeles County Fair!!!

  272. My husband and I have been married for about two years now, we met a few years back and our first actual date was at the la fair, we go muiltiple time every year it’s like our tradition. He actually proposed at the la fair so it’s nice to go back every year to the same spot he proposed and remember that amazing moment. We just had out 1st baby in June and we are so excited to take her with us this year!

  273. My memory of the fiar is going every year and performing with my group and being surrounded by my family and friends for support …now I go and see my younger sister dance at the fair year after year and take my daughter. I love going each year always look forward to being there!!!

  274. I’ve had so many awesome memories at the LA County Fair! But the best one was 2 years ago… My boyfriend was in the marines and on one of his breaks. Well he didn’t tell me since he wanted it to be a surprise. My friend was in on it too and asked if I wanted to go to the fair with her. Well when I got there, my boyfriend was standing at the gate waiting for me! What made it even more special was that the LA fair was where we had our first date 2 years prior to that 🙂 oh! And he won a giant Hello Kitty plush for me too! It was incredible.

  275. I think I would have to say my favorite memory of the fair would now be last year when I got an opportunity to visit the Fair Food giveaway. I took off of work and my girlfriend and I reached the fairplex fair grounds. Neither of us knew what to expect I just knew I won a contest and I love the fair so much that I jstk new it had to be good news.
    As we drove in we were met at the gate by 3 very excited young women who handed us badges and bags containing free tickets and other various fair-related Items. It was really exciting and I was ONLY Five Minutes in!
    The next 3 hours Were Filled with blooming onions, giant turkey legs, jumbalaya, skinny girl martinis, and Corn Dogs as long as my forearm , and deep fried desserts galore.
    We met and talked with other families as well as the fair executives . We left stuffed happy, and very very excited for the actual fair festivities to start!

  276. When I think of memories of the LA Fair I always resort back to riding the little kids glittery metallic cars that went in a circle, and I never wanted them to stop. When we got off my parents bought us kids cotton candy. I loved eating cotton candy. I bet I was five years old. To this day I can still taste cotton candy and remember the animals and if we got lost to meet at the “clock” tower, which is no longer. I’ve been going to the LA Fair since I was in my mother’s stomach, and now I am nearly forty. Great memories!

  277. I remember going to the fair as a little girl. I was always afraid of that huge slide and would stand at the bottom and watch as my brother made his way up the stairs clutching his potato sack. He would slide down and it looked so fun, but so scary! I loved browsing all the different exhibits and dreamed of buying one of the big hot tubs from a vendor. Fun times and awesome funnel cakes!

  278. Being a pomona resident and getting to enjoy all that the LA county fair has to offer has been great. For me personally is taking my boys to pet the animals in the barn, I love to see the excitement in their little faces not minding the size or smell for that matter… It gives me great joy to see their interest & love for the animals.
    Then there is the food and delicious desserts, I smile when I see my boys giggle in delight that someone came up with fried twinkles to them it looked weird but tasted great !! ~ A memory I’m sure they will never forget !!
    Thanks for letting me share.

  279. I had a great time playing hooky from work last summer to head to the fair with my mom. Although we didn’t get a chance to ride any of the rides, we ate a ton of fried goodness and shopped our hearts out at all of the pavilions! I intend to do the same this year, but maybe sneak in a few rides.

  280. My favorite memory of the L.A. County Fair is from 1982. My boyfriend and I had a picture taken while we were there. A large poster sized black and white photo. We had just gotten engaged two months earlier. That picture is framed and hangs above our bed to this day. I bought a wooden plague at Target that hangs below it that says “…and they lived happily ever after.” We got married two months after that picture was taken and we will be celebrating 31 years this November. We’ve been back several times and tried, unsuccessfully, to find that photo place to take another one like it. Our three kids argue over who gets that picture when we’re gone because they know it’s a big deal to us.

  281. I do I limit this to just one memory. One year my daughter entered her seal collection and won a blue ribbon. Another year I made a suit for a role my daughter had in middle school play and I spent so much time on it I decided to enter it and I won a ribbon too. And how do I not talk about all the wonderful baby animals…they are so cute and I never miss visiting the animals. Fried foods, flower show, glass blowers, pig races…ok I’ll stop

  282. My favorite memory of the Fair was in 1999. I was 7 months pregnant with our second child and the pregnancy was not going well. The doctors had put me on bed rest and I was going crazy. Our 3 year old daughter was having a rough time of it, too, being home with a mommy who couldn’t play with her. Finally, one Saturday my husband packed us all up in the car and drove us to the Fair!! We got a wheelchair and he strolled us everywhere and my daughter had a blast! It was a wonderful day out and I always loved to go to fairs…thanks to my wonderful husband, we didn’t miss this one. We go every year with our kids and it is always a great time. But, that was my favorite memory.

  283. My Favorite memory is from 2010, and is from when I took my husband to the fair for his very first time. He grew up here in Los Angeles and was never taken as a child, Which I think should be a crime! He had so much fun and ate so much he even came home with a tummy ache, He now looks forward to going every year!

  284. My favorite memory at the Fair has to be going with my late aunt Anna on the crowd-free Monday’s and Tuesdays that we no longer get to enjoy. Just being there without the craziness and the crowds, and getting to enjoy the simplicity and the scenery that the Fair has to offer, was something I’ll never forget.

  285. My favorite memory is spending the time with my family there, we lived nearby for a really long time but moved about a year ago. we love all the food and of course the shopping

  286. Growing up in Pomona, CA, I frequented the fair every year. As a child I loved visiting the Gold Mine, seeing the farm animals, visiting the big trains as well as, the mini trains, and of course, I loved riding the rides. As an adult, I love the smell of the fabulous food, especially at the Chuck Wagon. Eating Cheese on a Stick at the Hot Dog on a Stick stand is a must as well as, eating roasted corn on the cob. From the time I was a child until now, I still enjoy visiting the forestry exhibit and taking home a live pine tree, which I might add, I have one that is bigger than me that I received 15-years-ago. And another pine tree that is thriving from last year’s give away. There is something for everyone! The sights, sounds, and smells of the fair is exciting and rewarding! I cannot wait for this year’s fair. I hear there is going to be a Star Trek exhibit! Yay!! 🙂

  287. one year as a student worker for the county, I volunteered to work a booth several times in one month…one day a bunch of friends came by to hangout after my shift was over…ended up winning stuffed dolls at the carnival games for everyone and their kids. Felt like a champ!

  288. Three years ago was my first year at LA County Fair! I had such a blast! I enjoyed every moment of being there…. the food, the exhibits, the games…. what I really liked was the piglet racing! Just seeing those piggies running and hopping over obstacles made me so happy! I can’t wait to return to the fun this year!

  289. One of my fond memories at the L.A county fair happened in September of 2007.
    4 month before, we were accused falsely of child abuse and reported to CPS by a disgruntled family member. Our son was 10 at the time. We stood firm, knowing that we were innocent of all accusations. We were proved innocent a month later “Of course” 🙂 So in order to celebrate the blessing of overcoming this terrible ordeal in our family, we took our son to LA county fair. We had a blast! And we took our LA county fair photo, reminding us how every minute we spend with our kids are a blessing from heaven. Thankyou L.A County Fair for sharing with us our happy memories! 🙂

  290. What can i say…being a SGV native my whole life, I have soooo many great memories of the L A County Fair. From field trips in grade school to George Benson with Chaka Kahn last year as a grown woman. Always love going thru all the exhibits. A Horse race or two. Seeing the livestock. Eating some good ol’ Bar b q. Can’t say i have any one great memory. Always a must to attend. The FFPD would be a first for this year. And another great memory too!

  291. Opening day, first stop chocolate milk, enjoying all of the free samples, hot dog on stick to get a “cheese on a stick with mustard” washed down by the biggest lemonade. Followed by BBQ corn covered with all the good toppings. Then some more fair food- 10 pound bun, ice cream, free samples of pnuttles. Then finally resting my feet on a footsie machine while eating a donut covered with bacon….repeat the following year!

  292. When I was in the fourth grade, we had just moved to Beverly Hills because the schools were so good. I was really surprised at how much work the other kids did – hours of homework, and the level was so much higher than the school I had attended previously. That year all fourth grade students had to make baskets, and I designed a huge basket with Indian type designs on it. Little did I know that as the basket grew, the rows would take more and more time to complete. But complete it I did, and it was sent to the fair. When we went to see it, it was in the middle of a display of baskets. I also had a marionette puppet I had made in the fair that year. It was wonderful seeing the things I had made on display. Years later, I was privileged enough to have some of my kids’ works chosen for honors at the fair. I love everything about the fair – the animals, the rides, the food – and I really love that students from all over the Los Angeles area have their wonderful artworks and other projects displayed at the fair!

  293. I remember every year as a kid looking forward to going to the fair to go on rides, pet the animals, and eat yummy food. As an adult I look forward to taking my children and let them experience the same things.

  294. My favorite memory was last year, my first time at the fair, my boyfriend won me a plush animal on a fair game! As cheesy as it sounds I’ve always wanted a boyfriend to win me something at the fair! It was so cute and fun. A little memory ill never forget <3

  295. My first trip to fair was a blind date with my husband will be 24 years ago on Oct. 1

  296. My favorite memories are coming to watch my sister dance Balet folklorico when we were kids. The second was when my wife and I brought our son to the shark exhibit last year and he was excited about touching them.

  297. What use to be an obligation has turned into a tradition. Dad wasn’t always the easiest to get along with, but he did like the fair. He use to take us all the time when we were kids. When mom couldn’t go anymore for health reasons she asked me to go with my dad and keep him company. Since then, my dad and I have never gotten along better. We found something in common that gets us talking, laughing, and enjoying. He even likes it when I bring my kids.

  298. As a tradition my parents took me every year, $1 Friday. 1997, was and has meant significant meaning till this day I’m 29 years old and have told and will always share this story. The night I met Art Laboe. Art Laboe had a stand East of the Grandstand next to the King Taco truck. He was playing the best Oldies, and signing autographs. I was able to talk to him, but my parents were in line to get King Taco so no picture was taken… I walked away with 10 posters of him, with one signed. And that night I went home and hung all 10 posters up on my wall. My parents couldn’t believe I met him and stood in line to see him. My parents are fans of Art Laboe 🙂 This is my all time favorite LA Fair memory!

  299. So many great memories from my visits to the fair! One of my favorites was having my picture taken with my grandson with the live giant python wrapped around us. I hate snakes but couldn’t say no to the little dude. Can’t wait to make new memories this year!

  300. Fondest memories of the LA County Fair are so numerous as I have been a P-Town girl since 1964 & the fair has been a yearly activity in our families lives…
    Living within walking distance as a youngster I have memories holding my parents hands as we made what I thought was a long journey (3 blocks) down Arrow Hwy & in the back gate @ Fulton Rd entrance.
    Memories of receiving our ‘free’ school tickets, sneaking in behind the bushes at the maintenance entrance on White, to using the burlap sacks as surf boards on the Big Slide…
    High school years included working at Hot Dog On A Stick with all my girlfriends & walking around the fair in our colorful striped uniform thinking we were all ‘hot’ stuff…
    On to legal age found most of us tasting our first margarita in Fiesta Village!!!
    Years later…bringing my own children become a yearly patronize as well!
    The joy of seeing my own children’s excitement when we paid a visit to the new babies in Fairview Farms, panning for gold in Heritage Square & who could point out the farm, mission, vineyard, red engine & yellow caboose at Garden Railroad quickest…
    But the greatest joy & memories were found with my daughter, Vanessa & I, as we participated in the now defunct ‘Mother-Daughter Look-Alike’ contest beginning in 1986 – 1999.
    During that time, we walked away with 2 – Sweepstakes Awards, 4 – 1st place ribbons, 3 – 2nd place ribbons, 3 – 3rd place ribbons, 2 – 5th place ribbons. Getting dressed up alike & receiving the ‘star’ treatment by fair officials, judges & fair goers was our yearly 15 minutes of ‘fame’…
    Contest day always brought out all our family & friends to cheer us on, allow all the kids to run amok around the fair, the adults the opportunity to socialize & visit the wine pavilion for ‘tastings’…
    Fast forward to today & you’ll find me taking my grandchildren, w/my children closely following, to the yearly festivities of the fair & I know from past memories we will have no problem creating new ones of our own…
    LA Fair has always been my home town fair!

  301. My favorite memory at the L.A. County Fair was when my family became close again. We had been arguing a lot for months. We fought about the smallest things and were always tense near each other. On our way to the fair we were all quiet because of a disagreement of what we were going to eat once we got there. As we entered the park we started to roam around the fair and I noticed we were all enjoying our time. I hadnt experienced such a fun time with my family in a long period of time. It was such a great experience!

  302. My favorite memory at the L.A. County Fair was when I bungee jumped for the first time ever! I am not the type of person that lives off of the moto “yolo” but for once in my life I wanted to do something extreme! It was such a fun and thrilling experience! I will never forget it.

  303. I’ve been in love with the LA County fair since I was a child. My father raised 3 girls on his own and every year he would take us and the first thing we would do is go to the BIG yellow slide. We would pass a few slides on the way but nothing compared to the BIG yellow slide!!! With excitement pulsing through us we would present our tickets and then grab out potato sacks and make the climb to the very top. We would all line up and on the count of 3 we would race to the bottom. Those few seconds racing down embodied the fair… Family, fun and tradition! I will never forget it!!

  304. My favorite moment at the L.A. County Fair was arriving early ready for a full day of fun. Filling up on delicious food only offered at the fair. I rode rides all day like a big kid and by the end of the night, I enjoyed a great concert performed by Earth Wind and Fire. I was in the 5th row dancing and singing (do you remember the 21st night of September?) Philip Bailey said, “some of y’all ain’t even old enough to know these songs but you do I see you out there”. Of course I thought he was talking about me and my girls seeing as how we were the youngest people in the front rows 24 years young at the time. The L.A County Fair is a tradition I’ve enjoyed for many years something for everyone young and seasoned!

  305. My favorite memory at the L.A. County Fair was when me and my family were watching a parade and I got hit with some beads in the face. My eye was injured since it landed directly on it. But this isnt the point in why its my favorite memory… Someone from the staff at the fair witnessed the two trouble maker boys who did this. The guy from the staff was so sweet, he made sure I was okay and made sure the two boys were kicked out of the fair. He even gave me as many beads as I wanted. I have never been treated so nicely from a staff member anywhere. It made the rest of my day better even though I had a swollen eye.

  306. My favorite memory at the L.A. County Fair… actually.. all of the times ive visited the L.A. County Fair I have made the best memories!

  307. What memory could I select, there are so many. My husband, son and I have been going every year since before we were married in high school. We all love going to the fair. From the packed tunnel, to get into the fair at the Mexican village to the smell of all the BBQ’s, trying to figure out when we will see the acrobats and then how the fair changes at night with all the lights. One of my favorite memories is actually when we leave. We are usually very tired and walking back up towards parking from the Mexican village can be such a challenge. My son, when he was little (like 8 & 9) would “push” us up the ramp, taking care to help his “tired” parents up the walkway, he worked very hard. As he got older (and he got much bigger) it became easier and easier for him to help us up the walkway. He still enjoys doing this, even though he is 27 now, its a family tradition 🙂

  308. Each year I attend the LA County Fair it brings a new favorite memory. I’ve attended the Fair almost every year since I was in grade school (many years ago). It was ALWAYS a special treat to get a free ticket through school and since My birthday is at the end of September I’ve always been able to request a special birthday trip to the fair from my parents (when I was a child) and now with my own children. It’s so great to be able to share and experience the fair every year with my own children, to see their faces light up as we walk around the entire fair, through them I am able to relive the excitement I had when I was their age. Those are the memories I treasure yearly!

  309. I have been a fan of the LA County Fair my whole life. When I went to college in the bay area I tried out other fairs but none could compete. When I moved back to Pomona in July of 2008 nothing said home like the opening weekend of the fair. I invited my whole family. Even my elderly grandparents came. That day at the fair not only welcomed me back home, but it left so many happy memories that it has become our family tradition to go together every opening weekend since. Last year we were blessed with an addition to our family. Getting to see the joy the fair brought to my one year old niece creates a certainty in my mind that our tradition will continue for a long time.

  310. As a child my parents would take us to the fair each year to walk the buildings. We would spend all day there. We would then perform there with our dance group from the time I was 6 to 22 years of age. My childhood and adulthood have such beautiful and colorful memories of the fair. So when I became a mother I wanted my kids to experience the fair also. From the food, to the animal , to the buildings and rides, my two children are getting the beautiful memories that the fair is supposed to be… a great memory to pass on through your family’s generation. I hope that my children will one day pass one this beautiful tradition to their children. It is not just a place to go … It is part of my family’s tradition. Thank you so much for my beautiful memories and time shared with my family!

  311. It was the first time 3 years ago I along with my sister where able to take my parents, brothers, sister and niece and nephews from out of state together for a full day of fun and great food. It is not often we are able to get all 15 if us together and that day was the best for me at the LA County fair. Getting on the rides, eating the new creations like the deep friend oreos, deep fried avocado and enjoying the day of shopping, walking, looking at the exhibits petting the animals and seeing my nephews and nieces and parents expressions in photos and lots of laughter. I look forward to it every year and to again, getting as much family together to make new memories of fun times.

  312. My favorite memory was walking through the flower exhibit hall during the 2012 fair and seeing the pictures made from seeds of Queen Elizabeth, then taking a walk through the livestock barn and witnessing a calving–two extremes and yet they both celebrate life in L.A. because of the variety in the county! Looking forward to this year at the fair! 🙂

  313. My favorite memory was when I first went to the fair and saw this place full of fried food. What more can a young teenage boy ask? I sure ate a lot of food that day and multiple turkey legs. One day at the fair is not enough…I will be going to the fair many times this year! Hopefully there are new food trucks to try new foods!! My belly is ready!!

  314. Hot dogs

  315. My memories of the county fair are Amazing!! As a teenager was introduce to the Family tradition by my boyfriend , now, my awesome husband of 23 years. We been bringing our kids since they were babies…now 21yrs old!!!! It bring families together and share wonderful memories of their own. I The night are amazing the multi culture come and share the beautiful

  316. Essence of all the music,food,events, and the festival. Can’t wait!!!

  317. My best memory of the fair was attending as a little girl with my mother and entering the “Mother Daughter Lookalike Contest”. Now a mother myself I will bring my daughter for her first visit this year.

  318. My best memory of the fair was,last year when I took my 2 girls and watched them dress u like princesses the smiles on there face were priceless!

  319. My best memory of the fair was last year, the first year my son was old enough to take the sky ride with me. My son was amazed by the view above the fair. We went at night, so we had a chance to see all of the lights of the fair, as well as look up at the night sky.

  320. My favorite memory is when i took my 3 year old niece to the LA County Fair she had never been there when we went through the gate she wanted to do everything she could see and wanted everything see seen and when it got dark her eyes told the whole story see was a mazzed and rode everything she could and keep saying my face painted and i drove the car auntie that is my favorite memory and i have been to the LA County fair for the last 10 years

  321. Omg……experiencing deep fried kool-aid for the first time last year. Hope to get it again this year!! 🙂

  322. taking my family to go enjoy the fair when they were younger

  323. Rewind to 8 years ago: about 8 ladies from church heading to the fair. Full of Starbucks, chattering with excitement, anticipating the food and contraband of the LA County Fair. What was even more funny is we called our group, “church girls gone wild” the PG version. What we didn’t expect was the 100 degree weather and each girl wanting to buy something in almost every aisle. We sweated over our BBQ, jumped up and down with excitement while sipping our cherry lemonade, posed with the animals and fought over funnel cakes. :). The highlight that still brings a smile to my face is the 25 cent foot massage. We all sat in the chairs and inserted our quarters and did the wave. I kept screaming, this is my favorite ride! :). I still chuckle when I see those chairs at other venues. That was the perfect way to end an evening to our PG girl group.

  324. One of my favorite things about going to the fair is taking home a goldfish every year. I loved that I got to share that experience for the first time with my daughter at last years fair. It was the highlight of her night after being told she couldn’t go on any of the rides because she was an inch too short.

  325. My favorite memory of the fair is taking my 2 daughters to their first concert. The whole day was special. The look on their faces and all the fun they had I’ll always remember.

  326. My favorite memory is from 2 years ago when I had the chance to take two international students from Brazil with me. We were all students at the University of La Verne and they truly enjoyed all the weird food us “Americans” eat. We all enjoyed rattle snake chili and it was def. great to eat things that they never had before. Their favorite was the deep fried snickers and they even attempted to make it once they got back to Rio.

  327. Memories of watching the model trains circling and circling until I fell asleep.

  328. My favorite memory was to see Rihanna in concert at the fair for free with my family.

  329. I would have to say my favorite memories of the LA County Fair besides the rides, games and all that delicious food is being there with my family. Now that my children are grown it’s not cool anymore to hang out with Mom but when the fair comes around all that changes. Capturing all those priceless memories to me is the best gift a mother can have.

  330. I want to enter the contest because I have never been to the LA county fair so my first trip will be the most memorable.

  331. Favorite memory of LA County Fair was last year seeing the smile on my sons face as we visited the Dinosaur Exhibit. Thank you La County Fair for creating family memories that will last a lifetime.

  332. My favorite memory at the LA County fair is my now husband and I – our first date! What a great place to have a first date, right?!?! Well, it was! And now we are married! My favorite part was definitely the amazing fair food like the huge corn dog and the fried oreos then we washed it down with some amazing wine at the wine tasting area!

  333. It’s not easy to recall just one favorite memory for the LA County Fair…but since my husband and I are always busy with work and our kids, we decided to take a day off from work and spend it together at the fair. It was the nicest alone time we’ve had in a long while and we were able to explore all the areas of the fair that our kids don’t like to see, since they want to be at the carnival or with the farm animals. I enjoyed seeing all the entries for the many different areas to be judged such as crafts, baked goods, dining table set-ups and collection of hobbies. Our kids weren’t too happy when they found out we for the day without them, but we did take them to the fair on another day. The LA County Fair is overall the best time to spend with family, friends for good eats, entertainment and of course shopping!!!

  334. I have a great memory of going to the fair in appx. 1975 and my dad bought me a Viking sewing machine!! I still have it!!

  335. The best memory I have of the fair is when my sisters and I ran into a lost child and made sure he was brought to safety and bumped into their worried parents.

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