Mojo has mastered the "Om Nom" Face

September 26, 2012


Mojo’s African Safari is an exciting trek that leads to encounters with wallabys, an armadillo, macaws and many, many other exotic creatures! First, say hello to Barcode and Stripes, the Fair’s resident zebras before heading up into Safari Village where Mojo Jojo, the Weeper Capuchin monkey is hanging out with Karla, the head safari guide. Mojo is always happy to come out and say hello to guests (not to mention eat a few treats!) Today, Brutus the hedgehog came by to say hello too.
Did you know that hedgehogs have the ability to completely curl in on themselves? It is a form of protection. When a hedgehog feels threatened, it will tuck its head into its belly and roll itself into a tight ball with all their spikes protruding out! Any predator that tries to take a bite of that is in for a nasty and uncomfortable surprise!
"I just LOOK fluffy."

After saying good bye to Mojo, Karla and Brutus, take a quick peek into the rest of the Safari Village. The droll capybara, prickly African spiked porcupine and the cute little wallabys are just some of the animals you can visit here. Check out one of our friends:
The prehensile tailed porcupine comes from Southern Panama. He looks very sleepy in this picture, doesn’t he? This porcupine lives off of leaves, fruits and stems. He depends on his tail for stability. You can’t tell but he is using it for balance in this picture! The tail is 9% of his total body weight and are used for grasping.
Next up is Iggy’s Insect Encounter and Spike’s Reptile Territory. If you’re brave enough to handle it, take a look at some scorpions, tarantulas, snakes and all sorts of icky, gooey cool creatures. Or, if you’re a little more squeamish (like me) head on over to Fiona’s Perch! This is one of my favorite spots in our little journey. The birds are extremely colorful and very fun to look at.  There are exotic birds of every kind, from brilliantly plumed macaws to the more camouflaged kookaburras. There’s plenty to learn and even more to see!
I love visiting the Big Red Barn and it’s always fun to relax around Stingray Island but I have discovered that Mojo’s African Safari is more than enough adventure!

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