WINNERS! Daily Giveaway Special #2 : Tell Us Your Thoughts

September 26, 2012

Congratulations to Yvette, Amy and Marcus for being selected as winners for the Giveaway Special!
Yvette’s top three include the Ferris wheel, deep-fried food and the zebras. Amy enjoys America’s Kids, Stingray Island and the Big Red Barn while Marcus loves the Hot Dog On A Stick fare, Dr. Bob’s Handcrafted Ice Cream and seeing all the animals!
Thank you again to all who participated. It’s the LAST week of the Fair and we want to give as many prize packs away as possible! Check back here today, Thursday and Friday for our final giveaways.
Only FIVE more days of the Fair! As before, this giveaway will extend from today (Sunday) through Wednesday when we choose a winner. This is our last special triple giveaway so we thought we would keep it super simple:

What are your TOP 3 must-dos at the L.A. County Fair?

Tell us in the comment box below! We will select three winners at random and will announce who won on Wednesday. We only have a few more giveaways after that so make sure to participate 🙂
Have fun and good luck!


  1. Top 3 Must Dos:
    1) Eat Pork Chop on a Stick
    2) Eat all things fried and tasty (funnel cakes, Indian Tacos, Snickers..etc)
    3) Look at all the cool award winning entries in the Textiles Bldg! (and to cool off)

  2. My top three “must do’s” at the fair…
    (in no particular order)
    1 – eat roasted corn!
    2 – walk through the exhibit halls and spend way too much money on things I probably don’t need 🙂
    3 – look at the exhibits…table settings, kids art, animals, etc…

  3. My Top 3
    1. Eat the Big Turkey Leg
    2. Watch the Pig Race
    3. Walk and Shop at the exhibit halls
    Of course and everything else too.

  4. The top 3 according to my 5 year old:
    1. Go the the Big Red Barn and feed the animals.
    2. Get on the Euroslide (yesterday it was 3 times)!
    3. Eat a caramel apple.

  5. If you have children this stuff is cool
    1. America ‘s Kids
    2. Stingray Island
    3.Fairview Farms

  6. the top 3 must do things at the fair for me and my family and (friends) have always been..
    1. Eat the amazing fair food we wait all year for.. Deep Fried chicken sandwich (totally fried!!), The most amazing onion blossom ever ( no restaurant ever compares), deep friend snickers/twinkies/oreos, chocolate covered bacon, pork chop on a stick and my favorite of all that you can only get at the fair.. Cream cheese on a stick from the hot dog on a stick booth… (they only have cream cheese at the fair and not at there other locations.
    2. Go through as many exhibit halls as i can and look and buy all the cool new gadgets/kitchen tools/ and what nots that i have never seen..
    3. Win a giant stuffed animal (preferably a giant banana) at the shooting the water in the hole game.. ( i may spend $60 bucks trying,but i always go home with some sort of giant stuffed prize).

  7. Top Three things to do at the LA County Fair:
    1) Visit the animals at the Big Red Barn
    2) Shop Shop Shop (I hope that counts as one.)
    3) Go see Sting Ray Island

  8. Hi my name is DANIEL my top three dos-at the LA COUNTY FAIR ARE……………………….1st to hopefully get free tickets to eighther watch the dirt bike show or concert at the free giveaway time…
    2nd walk around and play games…
    3rd Look around and find something good to eat/ Because there is so much great food to enjoy….

  9. Top 3
    1. Bumper Cars
    2. All the games! ^_^!

  10. go to see the stingrays
    then see zebras
    dance Hula
    then eat a corn dog

  11. My top three are:
    1.) Pig Races
    2.) Kettle Corn
    3) Deep fried something! 🙂

  12. My kids and I LOVE:
    Milking a Cow demo
    eating turkey legs
    walking through the Flower Hall

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