1. i can’t wait to go to the fair this year been going to this fair since i was a baby im now taking my new born son this year and years to come been looking forward to going since the beginning of the year

  2. still waiting to see the Adult Sewing competition:)

  3. I’ll be there today, setting up my Tablecape in the Culanary Arts, can’t wait untell Friday!

  4. How much is the admission on Friday for first day, and what time do the gates open and close?

    • Here you go:
      Friday, Aug. 31: 3 p.m.-midnight, $1 admission 3-6 p.m.
      1 p.m. to closing $17 (ages 13+)
      1 p.m. to closing $12 (ages 6-12)
      More information can be found at http://www.lacountyfair.com under our General Information tab.

  5. Another question if you don’t mind. How soon can we come to try to beat the $1 crowd? As for example, what time do you guys open the parking lots?
    I want to try to beat the traffic getting in, as I am handicapped.
    Thank you

  6. Can’t wait to do some wine tasting =)

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