This Time Next Week You'll Be…Here!

August 24, 2012

I can hardly contain my excitement. We are on a daily countdown to the Fair now. Seven days and it’s go time. Remember, we open at 3 p.m. next Friday (Aug. 31). Admission is $1 from 3-6 p.m. Great after school or work reward. And with our new mobile app, it’s easier than ever to plan your day ahead of time.
To get you just as pumped for Fair as I am, I have a family four-pack of tickets for the first person to respond in the comments section – what are the names of the Fair’s three mascots? Ready, set, go.


  1. thummer, daisy, lily and blaze!?

  2. am i first lol

  3. Ostrichs, camels, horse

  4. hummer stylish cow, Lily the comely lamb and Blaze the frisky racehorse

  5. thummer daisy lily

  6. mascot Thummer and costumed characters Daisy the stylish cow, Lily the comely lamb and Blaze the frisky racehorse.

  7. daisy ,thummer,lily

  8. sorry didnt read it all as i was trying to get the tickets lmao

  9. who won ?

  10. They are daisy, lily and thummer

  11. Daisy, Lilly and Thummer! Thummer is getting Old!

  12. daisy

  13. Congrats to Tom P but he gave four answers not three 🙁

  14. i had them all

  15. I threw in the Horse for extra curricular activity! 🙂

  16. Good call Tom P.!!!! Not trying to take your tickets, just want some too lol!!!

  17. I do think I have a point though lol

  18. Still waiting for Deep Fried Butter, or DF Shakes

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