Fair Food Giveaway!

August 7, 2012

Fair Food Preview Giveaway!

Photo Credit: South Bay Foodie

Hot Blog On A Stick is beginning the Fair fun early this year!

We are giving away four VIP passes to our exclusive, annual Fair Food Preview Day, being held at the end of this month! This event is closed to the public.
From Pink’s Hot Dogs to Chicken Charlie’s deep fried treats, it will all be available for two winners and their guests to sample food and drinks at their leisure. The Garden Railroad will also be available and some of our best competition wines will be served.
For a chance to win, submit a comment of your earliest memory at the L.A. County Fair! We will be accepting submissions until August 17, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Winners will be chosen at random and will be announced on August 20, 2012, 3 p.m. PST
Just leave your name, email and a brief description of your memory in the comment section below to enter.
Good luck!


  1. My extended family several aunts and uncles and their families have been meeting at the fair the same weekend for 35 yeays we started with about 50 of us and we are down to 10 our 2 favoriate areas are the animals and all the foof you can think of fried or on a stick so I would to love to win this just so when we come this year i can sort of rub it in like oh yes they asked me to come down and pre taste the food anyway thanks for the memories

  2. Where can you buy tickets for the event?

  3. But just in case: My earliest memory was sharing cotton candy with my brother when we were 7/9 years old. The fair always brought the best out of us. Otherwise we fought like siblings do

  4. I have been going to the L.A fair
    since grade school. I remember how excited I
    was when school started and there was always a fair ticket given to each student. The City of Irwindale where I was raised took us every year to the fair. We always would go and listen
    to the bible lesson that was in the Mexican Village. And each year I would always buy one of those bracelets that spelled my name. I loved the fair then, and I still love it.

  5. In the early 70’s (71-73?) my friends & I would ride or bikes from Claremont out to the fair to use the free ticket(s) that every student got the first week of school. We always went to the floriculture area (though we went for the Giant Slide & the water skiing squirel).
    We would ride the monorail and yell out things like “oh my gosh we hit a cow!!” every time the monorail would stop at a station.
    Those were the days we could kill a lot of time watching the huge model train setup into middle of the fair and gorge ourselves on fair food.
    And who could forget those guys that sold those bird-call/mouth whistle things? They would line the road out by the race track whistling and chirping like some tropical jungle.

  6. My earliest fair memory plays on my great love for dinosaurs when i was young . I used to adore dinosaurs, i was the 9 year old who would be terrified and gleeful watching the likes of jurassic park as often as I could. I believe I was 11 the first time i went to the fair and i remember being extremely excited by all the people walking around and nearly got separated from my aunt and cousins several times marveling at all the booths and attractions . However something on the map caught my eye a picture of a giant dinosaur , my little eyes darted all over the place in search of whatever this dinosaur could mean and then i saw it. A giant warehouse with a display of a destroyed plane and a “terrible lizard” saying something alongside the lines of dinosaur adventure. I pulled and….to be more honest annoyed my family into going into this giant warehouse where i saw multiple giant displays of dinosaurs from a giant T-rex sculpture collaborating velociraptors. while now i am sure i would look at those exhibits and see the details of the artist and poke holes in small inaccuracies when i was a young dino enthusiast you might as well have taken me to the REAL jurassic park .That is my oldest memory of the fair . Of course there were several other awesome events i observed from horse races to my first visit to a funhouse but what stuck out most to me was the incredible dinosaur display , definitely a memory i will continue to cherish for a long time .

  7. My earliest memory was when I was about 6 or 7. My dad used to work for the Pomona Jay-C’s and they always had a booth at the fair. Every time the fair came around my dad would pick up me and my sister from school and take us with him to the fair. We would do our homework behind the booth and then once we finished we got to run a muck through-out the fair grounds. My favorite things to do was watch the pig races, ride the elephants, and go down the big yellow slide time and time again (To bad my kids will never get to enjoy that. Hopefully they will bring it back one day because that was a huge icon for the fair). I grew up at the fair grounds, wether it was for the fair in september or at the dragstrip in February and November the LA Fair grounds has always been a huge part of my life. So much that me and my wife got married at the Avalon on the Fairgrounds. Now that my dad no longer works their we get season passes and go about 10-15 times a season. And seems like every season we make new memories. This year will be my daughters first trip (She will be 6 months when the fair starts). We are looking forward to so many more great memories.

  8. My memory is from riding the elephants and now that I have a daughter who is 5 months I will continue the tradition of riding them every year like I did as a child

  9. My earliest fair memory is riding down the,now gone, “giant slide” with my father(which became a yearly tradition), riding an elephant, and being afraid to pet the horses in the farm area -all in one day!!

  10. I attended the L.A. county fair every year when I was a child, then I worked in one of the BBQ places as a teenager. My first memory however was the food, not the rides or the animals. I loved eating the gingerbread with tons of whipped cream, teriyaki beef on a stick, corn on the cob, funnel cake, caramel apples and cotton candy. Every year I would partake in the same foods and never once did I get sick from eating too much. As I got older I added the delicious margaritas to my menu and still remained unphased by over excessivness. I moved to Maui 12 years ago and instead of missing the beloved Disneyland, I missed the fair and all of its delicious food offerings I had grown up with that gave me comfort and knowledge that fall was just around the corner. I moved to Texas 5 years ago and due to the lower cost of flight tickets on the mainland, I am planning my trip to California solely around the fair’s seasonal timing. Although I am unable to bring all my children on this trip, I am able to bring my 2 year old son who gets to sit on my lap for free and visit the fair for the first time. We will definitely be stopping by the photo booths for a memento of this joyous first.

  11. My first memory of the fair is of was of how I spent from morning until night there. From Watching horse races, to watching the chain saw competition, and staying through the night to watch the concert with the free tickets i got by wating in line at the fair that day.

  12. My earliest memory of the fair was watching my younger sister perform with her tap dancing class at one of the smaller stages (where the pig races are now) I remember that I was always excited because after the (boring) dance recital I got to have a corn dog and ice cream (always a treat) and spend hours looking at all the model railroad exhibits that were under the grandstands

  13. My very first memory and try of the L.A. County Fair was two years ago. At 32, it was my first adventure. I went with a friend and as soon as I walk in, the sights and the smells were amazing. I literally felt like a child.
    Last year, I went to the fair again with another friend and we had a blast. We started off with awesomely bad for you fair foods, beer at the track while winning $45 on the ponies, enjoying the goats at the petting zoo and finished the evening dancing the night away.
    This year we plan on going again. I’ve waited a year and I’m glad it’s almost time!

  14. We are having a blast reading everyone’s memories. It’s wonderful to see how the Fair has been a place for family bonding, happy eating and childhood memories.
    Keep them coming! 🙂

  15. My earliest memory of the LA County Fair was back in high school when I attended my very first concert with one of my best friends and her sister and cousins! We saw Sugar Ray, my favorite band at the time. I was so happy and excited and wanted to meet Mark McGrath after the show but he didn’t come out. I have been back to the fair every year since then.

  16. My earliest remembrance of the fair came at a very young age. The ONLY thing I remember that sticks with me now is how much I loved the cows. It was the reason I fell in love with them and love them to this day!

  17. My favorite fair memory came with my first taste of roasted corn and mini donuts! <3

  18. I remember as a kid I always looked forward to the fair because I could always get the Ten-Pound bun pizza. That and the cube of piggly- wiggly fries that the family would share!

  19. A memory of the county fair would be when I went by myself and bought me a huge turkey leg because they looked delicious but at the end I didn’t finish it all and threw it away.

  20. I remember my mom working at Fair and she would take us to petting animal area. We would feed animals and color pictures! We loved it! Seeing the pigs with the babies feeding was my favorite!

  21. My Earliest memory of the fair is about 25 years ago going on a field trip with my pre-kinder class and my dad was one of the parent volunteers. I remember riding the elephant and getting candy apple wasted. And ever since its been a tradition to attend every year with the family. So many memories have been made there and now my kids go and get candy apple wasted.

  22. Earliest memory? I think I was about 10 and my mom took me to the fair on a whim. She didn’t know much about American culture (immigrated from China) and decided to take me and my sister because it sounded like fun for us. And it definitely was! The fair was my first real experience with farm animals, rides, games for prizes, etc. So the Fair is a pretty nostalgic place for me, and it kinda kickstarted our familys initiation to good old American culture. 😛

  23. I have been going to tha fair for quite some times I was in elemantary and now I am older and mii kids want 2 go everyyear and we be havin a ball and we see everything in tha park. From rides on down

  24. The LA County Fair has always been a tradition with my family. One of the earliest memories I have is attending the fair with my parents. Arriving early, the walk through the parking lot to the front. Taking the group picture, and running straight to the rides to purchase my wristband. Then, straight to the concession stands for fair food and lemonade to munch on while waiting for rides. The day would always end with a trip to the horse races, where we would cool off, before heading home and sharing our favorite memory of the day. I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to start that tradition with her.

  25. I had never gone to the fair until my neighbor gave me some tickets for my whole family!
    We Enjoyed ourselves so much and the Food Was Great we’ve been going ever since then! Can’t Wait to go this year!.. 😉

  26. One memory is too limited. Our tradition is to try one new fair food every visit. And visit the pig races of course!

  27. My earliest memory of the LA County Fair is when I was a little kid going with my mom and sister. I love going through all the different booths in the complexes and seeing everything that people are selling. I went last year with my boyfriend and had a blast and then met up with some of his friends. The LA County Fair is one of the things I wait for all year and have the best time when we’re there

  28. I love going to the fair every year!!!!!!!!!! My best memory is when I went with a group of 20 friends we all got something different out of the norm food. Shared everything needless to say we literally ate are way threw the fair that year!!!!

  29. My earliest memory of going to the Fair was with my family. We did not have much but somehow we would always get to go. My brothers and I would literally RACE home from school for the chance to load in the car five minuters earlier than if we had just walked!!! To this day I love going to see all the animals and of course eating!!!!!

  30. My best memory at the fair when i was with my boyfriend we went on our first anniversary. we had the deep fried twinkies, some delicious king taco and ended the night by sitting down on the ferris wheel eating chocolate dipped strawberries. just gazing around the view of the fair. it was so romantic, and it was at night:}

  31. When I was a little girl (5 years old), I worked so hard, day and night, practicing my tap routine because I knew I was going to perform at the L.A. County Fair & wanted to be on top of my A game. I was going to be dressed as a bumble bee & was very proud at having been declared the “Queen Bee” by my instructor because I was going to lead the other girls in the routine. Once I was there, in one of the exhibition halls, it was filled with all sorts of amazing exhibits about bees and animals and plants, etc etc. I was entirely enthralled to be performing. Once on stage, I was so distracted with all the awesome things to be seen and colors around me that I slipped & almost fell off the stage, messing up my (and some of the other girls’ ) routine. But, I was so determined that I got right back up and acted as if nothing happened. Afterwards, everyone was so impressed with my ability to shake off what could have been a truly awful childhood memory, I got to spend all day & good portion of the night at the fair. I was so in love with it. It was one of the best fair experiences of my life. And yes, I spent the rest of the day still dressed as a bee — just in case you were wondering. 😉

  32. Just yesterday my husband and I were talking about getting free tickets when we were in elementary school and looking forward to the fair. We have taken are girls every year and they are now in their 20″s and we are now looking forward to taking are grandaughter. we go several times each year and enjoy the fair so much

  33. My earliest memory of the LA Fair was when I was 26. I was done with college and I could afford to take time off to actually go. It felt like a kid again, because it was huge and the first thing that tickle my fancy was roasted corn. I took in the smells, the people walking and the kids. It made me sad that I wasn’t able to experience it as a kid with my mother, because we were extremely poor but I think it made me appreciate it way more as a grown up. Every since my first time, I never stopped going every year.

  34. On a side note my daughter now attends a local college. Her dormmate this year is coming from France and has never been to America!!! I am soooooo excited to show a new-be around the Fair this year!!!!!!

  35. My earliest memory was when I was 8 me n my dad goin for the first time. He always worked was not an affectionate person. My mom left for a trip n was very sad he told me to get dressed n surprised me by takin me to da LA county fair.My dad has passorie dat brings a big smile to my face but miss him aswell. I will jver forget

  36. my earliest memories of going to the la county fair would have to be when i was younger and me and my cousins plus my family would all pile into grandmas blue station wagon and head over there to eat the food and play the games. i loved that we all got along and had a good time in grandmas station wagon.

  37. Going as a kid with my brother and eating everything our hot little hands could hold then going on the rides and we actually barfed all over eachother! Gross at the time but now I remember and we laugh!!!

  38. Getting lost from my family as a 6 year old and knowing to turn my self in at the clock tower. I think there was some lemonade given to me to calm my worried mind about my family being lost.
    I spend 11 months out of the year dreaming about fair food…I was born to win this contest.

  39. My first memory was when my baby was 1 year old he loved all the games,animals, shows it was a priceless moments ooh and the food is the best he loves the turkey leg and the fried oreo i cant wait and i bet he cant either!!!

  40. I remember when u had they tram rides around the park. We went on it every time. Love going to the building. I loved getting black and white pictures everytime we went. Love shopping all the shops outside. We always get fudge. Yummmy cannt waiye to get some…. I loved working there. I had so much fun handing out peanutales. That stand was behind the flower building and the tram would come by and had so much fun with the people. I do miss those days.. Love the fair and look forward to it every year…

  41. Well i always have a memory whwn going to the LA county fair each year around aug. & sept. Every year my mother would take us me and my three bro and sis.. I always learn something every year they times that i when whether its milking cows or going to the garden where us kids gets a home depot apren and teaching us kids about the garden.. On thing is best about the fair is trying things especially the many foods they have deep fried everying or the sweets.. I also enjoy going where they bet on horse the excited in who was goig to win.. There soo much to do in the la county fair and every year theres always something for the adult and fir the kids

  42. I remember going with my family as kids but the best meories are when i statred showing livestock in high school. I showed goats,pigs,steers, rabbits,and so on and also working their a few years in a row. Getting to walk around everyday metting new people teaching them about live stock and how you can live in a city and still get to enjoy live stock at the L.A Fair through F.F.A and 4-H. My kids are 7 and 16 years old and I now enjoy taking them to the fair. MY daughter and I have been buying Geo’s for the last 16 years i stated buying them when she was born and when she got old enough to enjoy them with me i statred letting her pick them out.

  43. Gosh, about 37 years ago is my first memory of going to the LA Fair. My father worked his prideful union job and provided very well for his family. My mother a stay at home mother/wife scraped together quarters for everything. They were product of WWII – baby-boomers, however then, well they saved saved saved for their retirement and we got things from placs like Valu-Fair, Zodys and GemCo. But I thought we lived High and Mighty. I recall them telling me we were going to the LA County Fair, that my Father’s company had purchased all the employees and their families tickets, we were all to meet somewhere for like the company thing.
    My first memory from that day was riding in the shuttle like train bus, like the old ones Disneyland had back in the day when you parked where Cal Adventure is now. All the people from all walks of like, the wonderful vendors selling popcorn and cotton candy. Oh the popcorn and the cotton candy were what I remember most. Silly how when I go now, I dont see much of either item, gourmet fried this or that, but give the scent of fresh popped popcorn from the old fashioned poppers that takes oil and oozes out the savory smell of buttery salty corn, takes me back everytime. Can’t wait to go this year.

  44. My favorite memories were when my mother would take all 5 of us kids, she was a single mommy and it was such a treat to go to the fair, we went every single year. Now that I’m a mommy and grandma, I take my kids and grandkids every year just to remember my mother who is now in heaven. My grandkids love going and eating and getting on all the rides. I love all the concerts, so much fun and wonderful memories are made there..

  45. I’ve been going to the fair since I was 5 yrs old I’m now 40yrs old & have been taking my kids since they been born we enjoy the rides games foods concerts & especially the animals…The only problem is we haven’t been there in 3yrs bcuz I was struck with cancer but no matter what we will be going this yr on Sept 20 NO MATTER WHAT thank you

  46. It was last year, only my second year entering the tablescape competition… I enter the tapestry section under the grandstands to see how I did & I won best of show! Ill never forget that, I have my ribbon and pictures of my table displayed in my kitchen for all to see!

  47. My earliest and most memorable at the LA County Fair is when I won 1st Place on one of their Contest Drawings! I was about 11 or 12 years old, it was the best day ever! Ever since then I look forward to the Fair every year and so do my kids!! Counting down on the days for the FUN to begin:)

  48. My family and I have been attending the fair since I was in grade school. We would eat fried onion rings, BBQ corn and munch on the candied pecans(yumm). Look @ the cows and sometimes be lucky enough to see a live birth. Seeing the dog show was my brother and I favorite. Now that I’am 31 with two children and husband we continue the tradition every year, including my parents and brother. It’s our end of summer highlight. Thank you for all the memories.:)

  49. My earlier memory of the fair was probably in ’81 or ’82. Our school district gave every student free tickets. This was in ’81 or ’82. We went and I was amazed at all of the stuff there. I didn’t expect anything like the American Royale, but was I surprised & fell in love. It was then that learned of the agricultural history of the Pomona & San Gabriel Valleys. And over the past 30 years, I’ve learned something new each year I’ve attended (probably 27 years of attendance).

  50. Since I was a lil kid my fondest memories in life have been the field trips to the L.A. county fair. It was something to look forward to after summer vacations. I could close my eyes and remember the excitement the night before the trip and I remember walking into the fair being welcomed by the smells of the cooking meats on open fire, the visual experience that were the smoked turkey legs and huge BBQ sandwiches and the idea of that sweet treat to come at the end. not even to mention the excitement for the rides the expos the shows. The live animals and the music. The perfect party in the mind of a child. And it was the perfect place for a fist date with that cute girl that today is my wife. We still to this day share a funnel cake every year on opening weekend. Now as a parent I continues this traditions. Passing them down to my own lil guy, who I know will look forward to the L.A county fair and one day will pass it on to his own kids. And grandpa and grandma will be there to share a funnel cake with them.

  51. My earlist moment I remember at the fair was seeing the toy train and my dad pointing out the F.D.S. Box car and getting excited cause it was my daddies work….my daddy was and still is my everything…we still go to the fair every year…just now he rides an eletric scooter instead of me rideing piggy back on his back…thank you ! La Fair for many memories with my daddy…still more to come with my kids!:)

  52. My earliest memory was a class field trip when I was in 6th grade. And going on the high slide with my crush.

  53. Being at the fair makes me feel like I’m a little girl again with my family. Having the time of my life. I havnt had the money to go to the fair for a while now but maybe with a little luck I can go with style.

  54. My first memory was when I lived up in Lake Arrowhead. When I was in the 4th grade (I am 51 years old now!) the school use to have our field trips to the Pomona Fairgrounds that’s what we use to call it. I loved to go to the animals!!!! We use to get in free which was a big deal back then!! Then I grew up and started taking my grandmother’s. Both of them use to love to look at the flower garden you have on display! Then we would always go and get the fresh fudge!! Now it is my self and my husband that go to the Fair, he loves to go through the isles and isles of shopping especially the boat , seadoo and pool areas! Can not wait to go this year!! Thanks for the memories!!

  55. I never got to go to the LA Fair as a kid! I remember coming home from school a few times and hearing all the fun my parents had at the Fair while my sister and I were in school though! 😉 They always promised to take us but it never worked out, so as I got older I looked forward to it so much!
    My first time was about 4 years ago, when we first took my son (whom we were homeschooling) and my toddler daughterl. It was even better than I expected. It was the best day ever seeing all the baby animals nursing on their mamas, getting chocolate milk (still my son’s favorite thing about the fair!), and all the amazing things to do there. We look forward to the fair every single year and can’t wait to go back as soon as we leave. My kids are 8 & 10 now and it’s a tradition we will carry on as long as I can!

  56. I have to say I’ve never been to the L.A.County Fair. Every year I plan to go and finances keep me away. My kids have ask me to go but I have to make the choice to buy their school clothes instead. I read about it, see them on different news channels, have talk to friends who have gone and this makes me want to be there! I want to be able to say I’ve had the experience of a lifetime!!

  57. My Husband had gotten me tickets to see one of my favorite performers which it took me back to when I was kids. Then after he got us few tickets to enjoy the rides. I had the greats time in my life. Thats when I knew I won’t be able to be away from him. I knew that our life would be like a those rides but no matter what we will always enjoy the time with each other even if it in our lowest or highest.

  58. As a little girl my family always brought me to the LA County Fair. My siblings and I looked forward to it every year. The rides, animals, shows and parades were so thrilling to us. When I was 8 yrs old I got to be in a parade as a beauty queen winner. It was my greatest thrill after watching so many parades as a little girl to actually be in a parade at the fair. We drove in old antique classic cars and got treated like royalty. I got to meet so many people and had such an amazing time.

  59. I had gone to the fair as a child with my parents, but really hadn’t been back until 8 years ago when my husband & family moved to the Riverside area. My husband isn’t much of an amusement park kind of person, so whenever I brought it up to go he flatly refused. But I never gave up hope that one day he would take me there. In January 2004, we moved out to the Riverside area, August/September rolled around and he said “Do you want to go to the LA Fair?” Well I was in total shock and stammered “Yes”. That was 8 years ago and we haven’t missed one since!!!

  60. My earliesrt memory is from back in 1962, I was in kindergarden at Madison Elementay School in Pomona, CA, which is my hometown, lived there for 18 years, I remember receiving tickets from our teacher with the Pig Logo on them, I was so excited to go and I also remember the purple cow in the farm animal section, I go every year, I believe it is the best fair in southern california, and I am so looking forward to going this year, I love the foods and exhibits and of course even though I am now 55 years young, I still go on the Giant Slide, love, love, love the Pomona Fair 🙂

  61. When my boyfriend and I started dating in 2006, he mentioned that going to the LA fair has been a family tradition for 20 years. I told him I’ve never been to it, so later that year, we went and we’ve been going to it every year since.

  62. I have so many great memories from the L.A. County Fair, But one of my best memories of the Fair was the year that I won a Blue Ribbon for a Dog Sweater that I crocheted and entered into the fair competition. I have a season pass and attend almost daily and I go to nearly all of the Concerts with friends and family. I recall that it was so much fun to have a few beers or Margaritas and go and “visit” the dog sweater which I had modeled on a Lion King stuffed animal. My friends would take pictures and we would laugh. It seemed so silly and fun, but at the same time it created a great memory. That was 6 years ago……..and to this date everyone asks me ” Did you enter anything into the fair this year so we can go and look at it?” I have to admit, I get a little bummed out that I didn’t submit an entry.
    Concerts, Food, Shopping, Dancing, Wine Tasting, Animals, Horse Racing,
    Pig Racing…..It is all good!!
    Thank you L.A. County Fair for great times and fun memories!!

  63. Growing up in the area..I have so many fond memories of the fair… sounds of the fast talking carnival game attendants beckoning me with huge prizes, the bright lights and and smells of pure blissful deliciousness!

  64. My earliest memory of the Fair was riding the “sky swings” with my dad in about 1968, while munching on cotton candy and hanging on to my flip flops with my toes for dear life , hoping they wouldn’t fall on someone’s head below. After we got off, and after much pleading, Dad took me to the the pet chameloeon booth and bought me one of the tiny color-changing reptiles with a little leash around its neck, which I pinned onto my cherished fair t-shirt. My dad’s been gone for 22 years now, but we’ll always have the LA County Fair of ’68. Looking forward to riding those cherished sky swings with my own kids this year!

  65. my earliest memory was when i was about 5 or 6 and my mom would drop me off at a day care place there at the fair, from what i remember it was about where the train is setup just to the side of the race track. As i got older i thought how mean to put me there while everyone was enjoying the fair. I glad to see that it is not there anymore. I was told i always liked being in there by my sister but i love the fair and would never want my daughter to miss out on any of it. 🙂 I Miss the Giant Slide 🙁

  66. I have so many great memories spent with my family and friends being at the fair…
    but my very first memory is of my Dad winning me a GIANT<< pink snake playing one of the games, i believe it was milk jugs game. that day I went with both my parents and two of their friends…I remember eating a delicious corndog and funnel cake with strawberries! (yum) my mom went with me on the BIG slide. I road the little sparkly water boats, and i waited until the blue one was free because I just had to ride in that one. lol! my Dad won the BIG snake towards the end of the night and i remember him and his friend struggling to carry it on their walk. they had a hard time fitting it into the car, so i remember it hanging out of the window! i don't remember anymore of that night but that huge pink snake had a home for many years above my bed around my canopy =) my mom asks me how i remember all this because i was only 4yrs old! 1987…i don't know how but, I'm glad i do because it's a good memory of my parents who have been divorced since 1996…THANK YOU LA COUNTY FAIR!!

  67. I so remember going to the fair as a child with my grandparents every year..they would sit in front of the grandstand and bet on the horses while me and my aunts and uncles would run amok all over the fair..my grandparents are resting in peace now..but every time I pass by that spot where they sat I cry a little happy tear knowing that they are probably still placing their bets on the horses up in heaven….

  68. My husband and I have been going to the fair for the past three years. The first time I went to the fair was on September 19, 2009 – on our first date. We had so much fun and our favorite part is the wine tasting. We make it a point to get the collectible wine glasses as momentos every year!

  69. I still have this photograph in my bedroom 35 years later. And the picture in my mind. Iwas 6. Standing with my uncle, my godfather, holding his hand. I was 6 wearing a flowered white dress, hair in pig tails and white leather mary janes. We are outside next to the carnival rides. He was the best uncle and a kind man. We would go to the LAFair every summer for the next four years. Until he was diagnosed with leukemia and died at 36 yrs old. I still go every year to the fair and wonderful memories return

  70. The Front Gate. The Smell. The Sound. Ahhhhhhh

  71. My fair food memories go back to when I was a child right after WW2 and my father was just home from the Army. The big memory was McPherson’s Ice Cream. The McPherson family needed a place to stay while in Pomona so they rented a couple of rooms from my grandparents. When I saw them at the fair I felt very special because I knew them. At the end of the fair they used to give my grandparents their left over chopped nuts. This was another reason to feel very special. I have never missed an L A County fair, and I have never missed a Mc Pherson’s ice cream bar dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts. Oh yes, lots of other fair memories – going with my parents as a child – then my boyfriend as a teenager and then my husband and children. Last year I went with two of my grandchildren. Lots of wonderful years, wonderful memories and such great fun food.

  72. My first Memory of the fair was when I met my husband. We went on Dollar day and have been going every year since. We have been married for 15 years and have two kids now and they love the fair. It would be so awesome if we won.

  73. As a little girl the fair was a staple in my families yearly activites. I coudn’t wait to get to the high slide and wacky house! Turkey legs and cheese filled hot dog on a stick was my favorite meals. Seeing other cultures in performences was amazing! Learning about animals and having the conact with them is something I still to this day appreciate! Joy, laughter, and delicious food fills the air. I now have a family of my own and enjoy reliving all my memories with my daughter. The L.A. county fair is a part of history, California, and me.

  74. I remember in grade school years making the trek from Northeast Los Angeles to Pomona. I loved watching the model train city and my dad and I would check out the garden area to steal some ideas. Great memories.

  75. As a child, I was never allowed to eat the fair food. But, going last year (the first time since I was 8- I am 23 now) I ate myself silly and sick. Especially since I saw the Body Expo right afterwards.
    Fair is made by the food!

  76. I think it was my first trip to the Fair I couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 years old. My dad convinced me to go on the big yellow Super Slide. I was too scared to ride down alone so he promised to ride with me. I was terrified of heights back then, still am but once you climbed up all those stairs and reached the top the ride down was exhilarating. I screamed the whole way down. When they took it out a year or two ago I had to ride it again just to say goodbye. Those good ol’ potato sacks, the fear of the climb, and the thrilling ride down. This time dad was waiting for me at the bottom, the same guy who introduced me to all the fun and adventure the L.A. Country Fair has to offer.

  77. My earliest memory of the Fair is being a toddler in the Child Care Center. I was in a crib and some child kept crying and I wished he would stop. I also remember being on a giant ferriswheel with my parents in a cage with other people. I think we were standing.

  78. My earliest memory of the L.A. County Fair is when our parents (Family of 12) took us for the first time in 1990. I remember walking and looking up at this huge mechanical ride…The Monorail! Just to get on that as kid was the best thing EVER!
    Other fun/funny moments of that day was….
    -Getting chosen to start the pig races.
    – My dad petting a cow and stepping on cow dung.
    – Trying funnel cake for the first time and my older brother dropping it on the floor.
    – Seeing Clydesdale horses up close.
    – The farm animal area was really awesome!
    – Our dad buying us $1 betting tickets for the horse races. Nobody won but it was a lot of fun.
    Since that day, I go every Year, haven’t missed a year.
    Every other year or so. Our family gets together for fair but now it’s a family of 27. I love how this place brings us together.
    Can’t wait for this year.
    Thank you for helping me share my happy memories 😀

  79. When I was little I remember love coming to the fair to get the cotton candy. No where else had it other than the la county fair.

  80. My earliest memory of the fair was with my family enjoying the rides and animals. We had a blast and I still remember all the laughs we would have. The food was also a highlight. I never thought I could eat so much fried food in one day! My mom usually makes sure we always eat healthy. But not on fair day 🙂

  81. My favorite thing about the fair was when I was younger, my mom and I would love looking at all the place setting competitions. Now my 5 year old daughter loves looking at them with me 🙂

  82. I never remembered going to the fair as a child. I don’t think my parents took us. I started going yearly ever since I met my boyfriend. Now we have 2 children and been going ever since 🙂 Can’t wait to get a cream cheese on a stick. Been looking forward for that!

  83. I remember going to the fair as a kid and wishing my parents would sell our house so we can move into the cool mobile homes that were always being showcased, or begging my Dad for a wagon from my little brother and me. I now have a family of my own, we don’t live in a mobile home but I did make sure that my kids had an awesome wagon from the fair!! 🙂

  84. Going to the fair in 1958 with my family. I wore a blue and gray plaid dress.
    We would go every year and each time we went my dad would buy my brother and me goats milk. It was better than cotton candy to us because of the special tradition. Even back in 1958 the fair was HOT.

  85. My earliest memory of the LA county fair is about 8yrs old…when my family moved out to Pomona was when I first knew the la county fair existed!!! 🙂 I just remember coming on the first day because of the $1 fee with my family and we just started grubbing. I will admit that the main reason I go to the fair is for all the different food selections. I cannot wait for opening day!!! 😀

  86. I’ve been going to the fair every year since I was 3 years old. That’s the year my family moved to Pomona. Even now at 25 years old, I still go every year as often as I can. This is my fifth year buying a season pass now. I love everything about the fair, especially the smell. It’s a BBQ smell mixed with other foods that’s unique to the fall time of year that I know the LA Fair is here again.
    By far my favorite memory was when I was 9 years old. My older cousin (age 10) and I somehow became seperated from our family. We had some change on us and I told her it was for emergencies only since we had no way of contacting our parents. This is before cell phones were made affordable and portable sizes. While telling my cousin about the money, I noticed her staring at one of the RCS food stands. I began shaking my head and warning her about saving the money for emergencies.
    She proceeds to tell me,”I’m sorry Veronica, but I just have to have a candy apple, I’m starving!” She then got up, bought a candy apple and came back with pennies for change. We sat down while she ate the candy apple and I sulked. She even had the nerve to offer me a bite.
    Happy ending, we eventually found our family at the “larger ride” midway area. This story of mine has become one of the family favorites to tell during holidays and get togethers for years now. My cousin just couldn’t resist the call of Fair food, even during time of conservation. I love you LA County Fair! So many fun memories!

  87. I LOVE THE LA FAIR! My dad wasn’t big on outings. He worked hard and enjoyed staying home, but the LA COUNTY FAIR was one event we never missed. Every year as a child driving to the fair, I knew nothing of streets and directions but I knew once we passed a certain liquor store we were almost there.LOL I loved pulling into the parking and seeing the big fairest wheel. Taking the tram walking in smelling the bbq, popcorn, and funnel cakes YUM! My father passed on when I was 14, but my family kept the tradition going. When my husband and I started dating I took him to the fair on our second date. We now have two sons and go every year. We buy a season pass so we can go more than once with and without kids 🙂 I love having date night with my hubby at the LA COUNTY FAIR!

  88. I rember growing up as an only child my dad was an electrician and my mom worked out of the home sewing for different companies getting paid by piece work which basically meant getting a penny for sewing an arm piece to a shirt. Anyhow my parents would save up for a few months and then when the fair came they would take me and spoil me we used to get the fried food they would make sure I got on all the rides and had the time of my life I remember many times throughout the years my mom wouldn’t go because she had to stay at home and work throughout the night so my dad would come home from work tired take a quick shower and take me to the fair. I no longer speak to my father but its wonderful to have those memories. I now have my own kids and hopefully I’ll get a job by next year this time so I can take my kids to the fair to build our own memories-

  89. It would have to be jumping on the boomerang thing ride which slings you in a basket. Omg!!! So much fun!

  90. The first time I went to the fair was a few days after 9-11.
    There was an erie kind of feeling , but all in all once we entered the fair was a place of magic and smiles…enough to rid the mind of the 9-11 aftermath and enjoy the day. Will never forget it…

  91. I am 23, and have gone with my family to the fair as long as I can remember. We were home schooled growing up, and when I was little, I remember standing in this line with other school kids for what seemed like forever until we got to walk in down through the tunnel. It was so noisy, and it felt like a group of cows being herded. But my favorite moment was bursting out the other side into the light, where our all-day (8 am-9 pm) adventure would start!
    One year, our family just happened to be in the cow barn when a calf was being born. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. Only at the fair in Los Angeles would this city girl see such a miraculous and amazing event!
    I live in Minnesota now, and I’m flying back to visit in a few weeks. my entire trip was planned and is centered around attending the fair again this year!

  92. I love to go the the La Counity Fair like to see what thay have new. And promoshons as well love to eat the corn on the cob and love to Eat King Taco as well. I just wish i could be one of thows to be there for the VIP passes. I remember every year the fair is allwasy very hot during the day and evening much cooler here. Thanks Rudy Castro

  93. I was born and raised in Long Beach California and since I was 9 months old I have gone to the fair at least once if not twice a season and I am carrying on that tradition with my two children! My son will be going for his 5th time in 3 years and my daughter in 3rd time in 1 year! My favorite memory of the fair ever is the year I was 4 years old and got to have my first bottle of chocolate milk from the milk booth in the animal area. Ever since then the first place I demand we go to the the milk booth so I can get that bottle of chocolate milk once again and be that 4 year old little girl who thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

  94. My favorite year at the fair was the first year I went with my now husband. We had such a great time getting to know each other and our food likes and dislikes! Truly a memorable and special time in my life.

  95. I started going to the fair in 1967. I marched in it with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows at 14. My favorite memories is entering the cooking contests at the fair for over 20 years. Won several ribbons and awards. Such wonderful times and lots of friends made.

  96. My best memory was going to the fair as a child, my dad would take us to see all the animals and we would walk through all the exhibits. We would eat BBQ ribs 🙂 I know have new memories with my kids and husband.

  97. The fair has been apart of my life as long as I can remember. I often think back when I was in grade school and couldn’t wait for the new school year to start, because that meant that the LA County Fair was right around the corner. Every year I would rush home to ask my mom & dad if we could go and show them my free ticket. To me that was like winning the lottery. My parents FINALLY let me go to the fair with just my friends and that night I met my first real boyfriend at the fair. I was 16 and we saw each other from a distance (it was like one of those stories where two people see each other from across a crowded room) anyways when we first looked at each other everyone else just seemed to vanish into thin air. He walked right up to me and we spent the rest of the night going on rides, walking, talking, and eating all the yummy fair foods. We became so close and soon we were boyfriend and girlfriend. But you know when your young sometimes things dont always work out 🙁 We eventually broke up and went seperate ways. But I never stopped going to the fair. The fair is part of my childhood and some of the best momories in my life. And now my husband and I have been going to the fair at least once a year for the last 26 years and my children always look forward to going and trying the new fried foods…I must say that we all look forward to trying the famous foods every year. Things will be tight this year since i’m still unemployed like half of the population. But I will be saving my pennies to take the family to the fair and what a wonderful treat it would be if I could win this awesome prize.

  98. My earliest memory at the fair is pretty recent, only three years ago. That’s when I got hooked. I loved the ambiance, the food, the activities, the entertainment… EVERYTHING! I’ve gone so many times every year since then that this year, I decided to purchase a season pass and season car pass! Expect me there almost every open day! 🙂

  99. The First time I went to the L.A. County Fair was the week of 9-11-01
    We had given blood at a local blood bank here in the High Desert and they gave us some fair passes to show us appreciation. Our hearts & Spirits were so saddened from the earlier terrible events of the week. We felt such American Solidarity there that day. I can remember being in the parking lot and almost wanting to turn back because I was so deeply filled with emotion. We didn’t!
    We went in and I have never felt such a sweet Spirit at a public event in L.A. It seemed like people were nicer. It seemed like people cared more. And more than any other time in my life I felt like “color barriers” were gone. It was an odd and refreshing feeling to know we were ALL together. We were Americans and we WERE UNITED! It was the most Patriotic feeling I have ever had in my ENTIRE LIFE!

  100. I remember being about 5 or 6 years old and going on the Big Yellow Slide! It was so tall and so fast! We also ate Hot Dog on a Stick and red candy apples. This was in about 1975 or 1976. We went to the fair every year for as long as I could remember.

  101. My memory of the LA Fair was when I got lost at 8 years old for 5 minutes. A nic lady asked if I was lost and I said yes. Then she asked who i was with and I said my aunt and two cousins. What are they wearing she asked, and I said they all have on a Tweety Bird shirt. We both looked around the crowd and found them standing 12 feet away. I still have the picture we took. Memories!!!

  102. My favorite and earliest memory was when I was about 9 and my younger and sister and brother came with us. We rode the live elephant with all 3 of us together. It was the greatest moment ever.. now we’re older and have kids and they all love going on theone yellow slide together and race down everytime.

  103. My earliest fair memory is when my sister and I were featured in the Daily News in an article titled ‘City kids find fun on the farm’. Our father was a reporter for the newspaper at the time, and we lucky girls got a day filled with fun and our picture in the paper as we slid down the rainbow slide! Awesome day!! 🙂

  104. Best memories are of fried foods, great people, farm animals galore, and the beginning of the end of summer. Family FUN!

  105. In the early ’70’s, I remember clinging to my mothers legs, trying to stay behind her as we walked past a fun house ride that had a mechanical laughing fat lady in front of it. I was absolutely terrified!

  106. I remember going to the fair as a kid , eating all the great food..” sourdough clam chowder bowls and turkey legs” . I loved going through the new products expos.. Always like getting new items that I found at the fair..the best is always spending the time with my family and creating new memories. Can’t wait for the fair to begin this year !!

  107. I am 36 years old, as long as I can remember we drove what seemed like a million miles when I was younger to Pomona to the fair. We ate this HUGE corn dogs and fries and lemonade. The food was so much simpler back then, now that I’m older and love me some good food, this is my must have every year: Chicken Charlies; fried whatever of the year, a Blooming Onion, and Indian Fry bread. Love love love the fair, and sometimes we go just to eat food and listen to their great concerts.

  108. Last year was my first time going to the LA County Fair. I went on a weekend evening, and my best memories are riding the Zipper, eating funnel cake, and drinking beer. It doesn’t get much better than that!

  109. My favorite memory was when I went on my first date at the L.A. County Fair with my future husband, and we fell in love sharing a churro. We went back two years ago and this time he proposed by hiding the ring in a churro.. I laughed when I saw it and said yes!

  110. I can’t wait for the fair to begin. i am so looking forward to have bacon wrap chocolate. deep fried Twinkies. and to try other fair food.

  111. I was with my Mother, our last fair together, and a beautiful, tall woman walked past me on her cell phone saying “Giiiiirrrrrlll, I just ate a DEEP FRIED Snickers bar!!!” We laughed for a good five minutes….then went and ate something deep fried!

  112. Im 44 and have been going to the LA county fair since I was in my moms belly. My dads a horserace fan and always had seat at the races. It was the best time of the year and we ate everything we could! Funnel cake and a new set of dishes from the dime pitch in the carnival area on the way out at the end of the day. Now I go with my kids and Food is the priority. Anything deepfried!!!

  113. Since I could remember, my mother, aunt and I would go to the fair. The pig races, and endless rows of new stuff to see/buy were always at the top of the list. We ate to our hearts content, but the rule was, buy only ONE of anything, and share. We ate all day, left with fudge in our bags, and didn’t feel TOO guilty (or overly full) from our choices. It was also the first place I rediscovered slushpuppies from my childhood. I must have drank 4 that first fair!

  114. Remember when I was a kid and my mom & brother was still alive. Our family would go to fun zone & toss dimes to win glasses and other cups. Would go home with bags full.

  115. My earliest memory involves my son, I did not grow up in LA and did not attend the fair prior to becoming a mom. I remember his face lit up as we pulled into the parking lot, as he looked at the rides that peeked through the fence in the distance. Mostly, I remember the joy he gave me that day as we explored the fair for the first time…everything so new and exciting and delicious! That was 7 years ago, and since then, we mark our calendars for opening day! A tradition that I hope will continue for years to come…and will continue with my grandchildren someday.

  116. My earliest memory of the LA fair was when we were in first grade and they took us on a field trip from my elementary school here in Orange County. I couldn’t wait to get there and see why everyone was so excited to get there. I remember everything looked huge to me and I wanted to try all the treats I saw around me, and I remember my favorite character was the little pig 😉

  117. As a child I would come to the fair with my family the first friday of the school year (back then Pomona Unified would give each student a free ticket to the fair). I loved walking under that passway with my family in anticipation of getting on the Giant Slide with my dad. I remember begging my mom to buy me an “iron on” for a tshirt. My parents met there over 50 years ago as my dad was leaving the horse races…if it wasn’t for the Fair my parents wouldn’t have met and I would not be here today. I LOVE the L.A. County Fair!!!!

  118. I haven’t missed a year every since my girlfriend gave me the tip in regards to the grandstand concerts and how a limited amount of free tickets are given provided you stand in line and wait. During the time I was unemployed I got in line and waited for friends and family to show up later. This has been the place where family and friends now meet each year after not seeing each other all year. Great memories and lots of fun. I spread the word about the fair and my group keeps growing every year. Can’ t wait for 2012 season.

  119. As I walked in thru the gates, my toesies were a bit sore from waiting in line to get in before the DOLLAR SPECIAL ENTRANCE FEE was cut off. Excitement on my face and a giggly smirk ,acting like a young kid. My eyes could not believe how awesome it is to be at the FAIR. LOOK!!!! BEER!!!! LOOK!!!! BBQ!!!! OMG CHILI CHEESE FRIES………. (drooling ) I AM in PARADISE!!!!!

  120. my first memory of the fair food was when i saw the huge corn dogs, and i had to have one. love the fair for their food.

  121. love their food that they have every year

  122. My memory of the fair was and always will be the Animals! I loved watching the pigs race, the cows getting milked, feeding the animals..drinking the fresh milk with a Texas donut! I go every year now and starting a tradition with my little ones who also love the animals! :o) I look forward to it every year!

  123. my favorite fair memory was going to see the model train setup under the grandstands. it’s a shame that they removed it. i still enjoy the outdoor model train exhibit as well as the full sized trains near the garden building.

  124. To be honest, I literaly remember coming to the LA county fair starting with my elementary school every year during the day looking at all the exhibits and animals, plus at the end of the day getting a free fair ticket sent home with us, that was always the best part! Then just trying to convince my parents to take me back! LOL

  125. I remember growing up going with my dad. It was a sight to see! So many different animals, fried foods, games, and the rides! Now, with a family of my own I have continued the tradition and we go every year. The look my son had when we first entered the Blue Gates was priceless. He couldn’t believe he was nose to almost nose with a goat, and the giggle when he rode his first kiddie ride. Best times I have are with my family at the LA County Fair!

  126. I remember going to the fair with my parents over 40 years ago. We didn’t have lots of money (I have six brothers and sisters) so it was a big treat for us. I remember one night leaving the fair and I was so tired and my dad carried me in his arms through the parking lot. Back then it seemed like we walked for miles. Later in life, my mom told me we did walk far because we had to catch the bus. The fair holds a special meaning for me. It was great times spent with all my family. Now, every year I take my parents to the fair. We do not get to walk around much but we have lots of fun. Thank you for the opportunity to win tickets. God bless.

  127. My earliest memories of the LA County Fair was when our elementary school would take us every year until 6th grade I remember the smell of the farm animals, the fresh milk they would give us , and the fascination with the museums and exhibits. With my family I went on my 11 birthday and we went to the carnival, we ate tacos, rode the rides and just walked around engraving what we saw. In the end we saw the firework show and before we left I rode the bull and I still have the video. Now we can’t afford going to the fair but I still have my memories which I will have forever.

  128. I have gone to the fair with my family every year since I was little. My ealriest memory is going to the petting zoo petting the goats! It is just not fall untill we go to the fair! 🙂

  129. Our earliest fair memories include watching a cow give birth, baby chicks hatch, winning a dot painting contest, riding the sky rides, seeing Chinese acrobats, receiving free food samples, getting a correct Levi jeans measurement via a radar device, dinosaur exhibit, Rhonda Fleming, fishng for pearls, outdoor shows in front of the 50’s diner, men on stilts, sushi demos, amber jewelry vendors, freebies from wheel spins, funnel cakes….!

  130. It was about 40 years ago when I was 6 years old (Just a wee lad) and I remember the model railroad was fascinating!!! I went home and tried to build my own city with hotwheels, Lionel trains, and anything I could find to fashion a city. The rides and food where also a great memory, but that Railroad has stuck with me all these years!

  131. It was about 40 years ago when I was 6 years old (Just a wee lad) and I remember the model railroad was fascinating!!! I went home and tried to build my own city with hotwheels, Lionel trains, and anything I could find to fashion a city. The rides and food where also a great memory, but that Railroad has stuck with me all these years!

  132. Well, this active on-the-go senior she remembers going to the fair on opening day in the 50’s so vividly because me & my siblings we were allowed to skip school to go to the opening day of the fair because in the past on opening day it would often conflict with the first week of school opening so happily with dad ok he drove all of us to the opening day of the fair!
    I was born lactose intolerant so my 2nd fondest memory going on opening day of the fair and the goats. In order to thrive and survive my mom had to give me goat milk to drink because this was circa formula drink for babies. So on our annual visit on opening day of the fair we never missed visiting the goats to purchase fresh-squeezed goat milk! I especially enjoyed drinking the chocolate goat milk because it was a real treat!
    I am so looking forward to attending the opening day at the fair!

  133. My first field trip was to the fair, when I was in first grade. It was great!

  134. My earliest memory of the LA County Fair was when I was a little girl in the 1960s. My parents had me try goats milk (not yummy), and I went home with a live chameleon lizard attached to my clothes with a string and a safety pin. I loved that lizard! I have been attending the Fair each year for over 40 years, and now I take my grandchildren.

  135. My favorite fair memory is riding a elephant. I was a little kid and so excited,and amazed how hairy they were. I still have my rode an elephant today sticker.

  136. I love going to the fair 🙂 my daughter asks to go every year for the food and games……


  138. My earliest memory was right after high school and I’ve always remembered the booth that sold family crest shields either in a plaque or parchment. Always wanted a family shield. That I will always remember.

  139. As a lil girl I member the fair now as a mom I member the fair as a all time favorite family get away to perfomaces for my kids to fun eating and rides and just walking around looking at everything is the best as a single mom its hard to just get away but love the doller day thank you and god bless pomona<3

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