What is the Ultimate Fair Food?

July 5, 2012

Deep-fried, on a stick, smothered in chocolate or bathed in bacon. One of these, or all of these, probably have something to do with your favorite Fair food. With so many options, how can one choose?
You know my fave – Hot Dog on a Stick. The ones you can get at the mall just aren’t the same as the those battered, golden sticks of heaven you get here at the Fair. It must be the ambiance.
Our southern friends in Texas had their say recently in a story in DFW.com, a Dallas-Forth Worth-based web site that spotlights everything happening in the area, including the State Fair of Texas. The story asked what’s the most popular festival/fair food. Some mentioned treats like funnel cake but the overwhelming majority was for Giant Turkey Legs! The respondents had some good reasons for choosing turkey legs – easy to eat while walking and you can feed two for the price of one.

So, what says you? What’s the best Fair food? Send me your answers in the comment section. And, if you can answer this question, you have a chance to win a vintage L.A. County Fair Nice Legs turkey T-shirt: what vegetable did Chicken Charlie mesh with a meat product to come up with one of the most popular fair foods on a stick?
 Send your answer to hernandez@fairplex.com. Good luck!


  1. Totally love deep-fried Oreos. And since it is just once a year that I allow myself to have them, it’s ok on the diet.

  2. Ten Pound Bun is my favorite food at the fair.

  3. My favorite was deep fried moon pie! It was only available one year but its still the best! I hope they bring it back!

  4. I gotta agree, the Maple Bacon Donuts were incredible, they tasted like breakfast. We also always try one new fried item every year. The other food we must have is the Indian Fry Bread.

  5. DEEP FRIED WATERMELON ON A STICK !!!!! They somehow manage to keep the watermelon cool ! Soooo Good !!!!

  6. Ten Pound Buns. We will wait in line for these delicious pieces of garlicky, cheesy goodness. And with so much to see and do at the Fair, we don’t wait in line for much!

  7. gotta have the cheese on a stick! plus ten pound bun & indian fry bread taco!

  8. I come for the deep fried oreos, I stay for the deep fried oreos lol

  9. Will the fair ever bring back the 2 places, Crocodile Potatoes & the Toad in the Hole pizza? Those were my favorite places of all time & they’ve been gone for the last few years now & I want them BACK!!!

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