East Meets West at the Asian Festival

September 30, 2011

Our last weekend at the Fair is also our last cultural festival. We welcome this mini Asian marketplace to our grounds this weekend. There will be great shopping (imagine if you could bring the amazing shops of Little Tokyo, China Town and Korea Town together in one place) and some fantastic entertainment. Food vendors will also offer authentic Asian cuisine.
At the Coca-Cola Stage, check out DJ Icy Ice along with Toquon tha MC and the beat boxer Musical Mammal who will wow crowds as they MC some of So Cal’s up-and-coming artists featuring America’s Best Dance Crew winner We Are Heroes and ABDC finalists Instant Noodles and Fanny Pak. American Idol finalist Andrew Garcia will sing a set before his record is released later this year. This is all happening Saturday, Oc. 1. Here’s the schedule:
1:00 – DJ Icy Ice
1:15 – We Are Heroes
1:30 – DJ Icy Ice
1:45 – Fanny Pak
2:00 – DJ Icy Ice
2:15 – Instant Noodles
2:30 – DJ Icy Ice
2:45 – Andrew Garcia
3:30 – DJ Icy Ice
3:45 – We Are Heroes
4:00 – DJ Icy Ice
4:15 – Fanny Pak
4:30 – DJ Icy Ice
4:45 – Instant Noodles

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